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Thursday, 16 April 2020

Taking Care of Your Car During Lockdown

We're currently in the middle of incredibly difficult and uncertain times. Staying at home as much as possible is so very important right now, but you if you need to use your car to get basic necessities it's also very important to be extra vigilant and take care of your car. 

Looking at your check lights
There are few important checks you need to look at for the safety and health of your vehicle. The most important thing you should monitor is whether all your lights are working properly. These lights obviously include your headlights, brake lights and indicators but also include those on your dashboard, such as your engine oil check light.

Monitor your tyre pressure and tread depth
Another essential check to make is the air pressure in your tyres. Under inflated tyres might cause your tyres to flatten on your journey, leaving you stranded on the road so it's important to ensure your tyres are well balanced before you set off. Another important note you should keep in mind is to monitor the tread depth of the tyres. These are used to keep your tyres protected from any kind of harmful material damaging their outer layer. Keep in mind that the tread depth of your tyres should be 1.6 mm according to vehicle laws in the UK. If you are looking to order tyres online you should visit DAT Tyres today! (01462894772).

Check your Wiper Blades 
Lastly you need to check your wiper blades as they keep your windscreen clear in time of unexpected rainfall which, let's face it, we have plenty of in the UK! Wiper blades need to be clean in order to do their job properly, and damaged blades can cause chips and scratches on your windscreen.

All these car care stay home checks will help you monitor the safety of the car before you use it for essential journeys.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Why vinyl flooring is great for busy families

Keeping on top of everything in a busy household isn’t easy for anyone. Juggling work, children, pets, shopping and everything else modern life has to through at you can be hard. This can often mean things around the house get left until weekends or even holiday time when all you want to do is relax.

Flooring is something which is often forgotten about when you move into a house, or if you’ve lived in the same home for a while. Only when it really needs replacing or needs a deep clean does it receive a lot of attention. This is understandable with everything else going on in our lives. There are some flooring options though which make it easy to manage alongside everyday busy lives. One of the best options available is vinyl flooring. In this post, we’re going to highlight some of the benefits of vinyl tile flooring and why it’s great for busy families.

It's quick and easy to clean 
Cleaning the floors at home can be a huge task. With carpets, for example, while they not only require regular vacuuming but to clean them thoroughly, you need a carpet cleaning machine. Renting one of these machines and then spending multiple days cleaning the carpets around your home is not a fun way to spend any time away from work, especially when you already have other things to do with your family.

Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is far easier to clean. After a simple brush, it can be cleaned quickly and easily without renting any specialist machinery. For a busy family, this is useful, especially for areas of your home which are close to the outside. Entrance hallways at your front door or in from the garden can often get muddy with people’s shoes bringing in dirt from outside. With vinyl, it’s much easier to keep these areas clean than with other flooring options.

It's durable so won’t need to be replaced 
Along with cleaning, the other main issue with flooring at home is how long it will last and look its best. With people moving around your home every day, including kids and maybe pets, your flooring can take a real beating, particularly in high traffic areas. Vinyl flooring is produced by joining combining layers, including strong protective coatings on top. This makes vinyl flooring highly durable and a perfect choice for high traffic areas.

This is also useful when dealing with accidents. As we all know with children, it’s easy for them to drop some food or a drink. With certain types of flooring such as carpet or hardwood, this can leave stains which are very difficult to get out. Vinyl, on the other hand, is water and stain resistant, making it an excellent choice for rooms like the kitchen.

It looks great in lots of different rooms 
While the kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to have luxury vinyl flooring installed in, the range of design options available means it can be installed throughout the home. Because of the water resistant nature of the flooring, bathrooms are also a really popular room for vinyl. Not only because of their durability, but vinyl flooring is excellent when paired with underfloor heating. In bathrooms, underfloor heating is popular as it helps to evenly heat the room which most people use first thing in the morning.

As mentioned, vinyl comes in a variety of styles such as wood and stone, which allows you to get creative with it around your home. Along with the range of finishes, there is a wide variety of laying patterns to create different designs based on your taste. Traditional flooring styles such as parquet are great, and if you’re looking for a classic flooring finish in your bedroom, this can work really well. 

Vinyl is a great option for busy families, along with the benefits listed above, it is quick to install and can work with a variety of interior design styles. Family homes are always going to be busy places with lots going on, people coming and going, and your floor needs to be able to stand up to heavy daily use. Vinyl not only provides you with durability and style but a comfortable floor that is easy to clean and maintain. Some other flooring options won’t last as long and will require far more work to keep looking their best.

What to remember when choosing a new family sofa

Choosing a new sofa can be challenging when you consider the vast range of options available. When you have a family to think about, it can become even more difficult. There are certain things you have to consider and need to keep in mind while you're looking around. To help with this, we have teamed up with Robinson of England, who produce stunning handmade Chesterfield sofas and chairs. They’re going to share some of their top tips for families choosing a new sofa.

Research is always worthwhile 
When making any decision which is going to involve spending a significant sum of money, like large pieces of furniture such as a sofa, it’s vital to do as much research as possible. The more time you spend looking at the options available, the more informed you’re going to be about what’s out there and also what styles you like. Not only is it important that you choose a practical sofa, and we’ll talk more about this later, but you really want to find a sofa your family loves. The more time you can spend looking at the options available, the better the chances of finding something you love. 

Furthermore, with more research, you’ll get a better idea of prices and which styles you can and can’t afford. Obviously, when you have a family, there are a huge number of financial commitments, so it’s important to stick to your budget. However, with research, you can often find good deals on with different retailers and brands which may allow you to get the sofa you didn’t think you could afford! 

Go and see it in person if you can
While the current Coronavirus pandemic has forced most shops to close temporarily, they will reopen when this is all over. If you’re starting to think about a new family sofa now, spend this time to look at what’s available online. By doing this, you’ll build up an idea of what you want. When the furniture shops do reopen, it’s really worth going and seeing the sofas in person before you make any decision to buy one.

When looking at a sofa in person, you’ll notice a lot more things that you just wouldn’t see looking at it online. You also get to see the physical dimensions rather than just imagining it, or using a tape measure to give you a rough idea at home. Most importantly, you’ll be able to see how it feels to sit on and how comfortable the cushions are. This is the one area where buying furniture online is really problematic compared to shopping in stores.

Make sure the frame is good 
Buying a sofa for your family means you need to think about the other people who will be using it. For most of us, this means our kids. Going to look at a sofa in person will allow you to get a sense of how well it has been put together, and critically, how strong the frame is. We all know that kids love to jump around and play on the furniture and a sofa can take a lot of punishment from young kids and general family life. A good frame should ensure you’re able to enjoy your sofa for years without any issues.

Ask your kids opinion 
For all the research you as parents have done when choosing a new sofa, it is nice to get your kids view. As with any piece of furniture, the whole family will be using it should be something they, hopefully, all like. Your kids may also surprise you and point out a problem with a sofa that you hadn’t noticed or make a suggestion that changes what kind of sofa you’re looking for. Obviously, as adults, the final decision will come down to you but trying to find something the whole family likes can be a fun activity.

Think about the material 
Potentially the most important aspect of choosing a new family sofa is getting the material choice right. While leather may be your personal preference, for a busy family who may also have pets, it can be difficult to keep clean. For this reason, fabric may be the better option, particularly cushions which have loose covers. This allows you to remove them and get them cleaned if needed.

We hope the points raised above provide some help when choosing a new sofa for your family. While it can seem daunting with the range of sofa options available, you can discuss it as a family and hopefully find something you all like and can enjoy having in your home.
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