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Saturday, 23 July 2016

School's Out! Celebrating the end of term at Thaikhun, Guildford

The girls and I always like to kick off the holidays in style and yesterday was no different. We waved goodbye to one school year and celebrated the start of six weeks (and three days.... but who's counting!) all at home together by visiting a brand new restaurant in Guildford called Thaikhun with a couple of friends. It's directly opposite YO! Sushi on Friary Street (and you all know how often we visit YO!) so we've been watching it's development over the past couple of months and were really, really keen to try it out.

We booked our table for 5pm, which is a little later than I normally like to eat with the kiddos, but we had some last minute Camp Bestival shopping to crack on with beforehand which we thought would work up a healthy appetite ;) When we arrived the first thing I noticed was the A-MAZING decor. Distressed wood, peeling paint, exposed brickwork, industrial pipes and lights, neon accessories, lots and lots of knick-knacks squeezed into every available space on every available surface, a bar in an old train carriage (as you do)..... I could not have loved it more.

The restaurant is also HUGE, with a bright and airy space when you first enter, a slightly darker and cosier central part and then a big, bustling area at the back that overlooks the kitchen. I really liked this, and thought that each area would be perfect for different occasions, or at different times of day.

We were greeted by a lovely waitress who took us to our table (in the bright and airy entrance as I'd requested so that I could take photos), gave us our menus and kids colouring bits and nipped off with our drinks order straight away.

The whole feel of the restaurant was very relaxed and informal; the staff were friendly and genuine and really chatty and the smells coming from the kitchen were amazing so we couldn't wait to start eating!

We were there to try the new kids menu which launched this month. Thaikhun wanted to break the mould of standard boring and 'beige' kids food and so have introduced a mix and match concept to their menu so that children can experiment with new flavours (all served separately so as not to ruin their meal!).

They have also teamed up with National Geographic Kids Magazine, so little diners get to take away a mini magazine filled with activities and fun facts about Thailand - and can have an educational as well as delicious dining experience!

The kids food was great - three courses plus a complimentary drink costs just £5.95 which is the best priced meal out there - and dishes ranged from plain meat and rice to more adventurous, slightly-spicy curries, plus the kitchen were more than happy to serve things in a particular way for fuss pots! The girls had crunchy vegetable sticks to start (the only option) and then Daisy had rice and breaded chicken, Evie had noodles and grilled chicken with Thai green curry sauce on the side and their friend had the pad thai with a side of fried tofu from the adults menu.

Moving on, let's talk about the grown up's food - which was IMMENSE.

I got to sample the tod man khao pod and ka nom jeeb to start (that's sweetcorn cakes and veggie dumplings to you and me) and then for the main course I had pad kee mao (spicy seafood noodles with king prawns, mussels and squid, which was so so so so so good) and my friend had sukiyaki noodles (a veggie option made with red bean curd).

The kids got mini milks for pudding as part of their three course menu but luckily for them their grown ups were so stuffed from dinner that they were willing to share ;)

The banana fritters and Thai bounty (chocolate fondant) went down a treat with everyone!

And I'll tell you what else went down well..... the beer! At the end of a busy week, after a long old half term, the two ice cold Singha beers I had were very well received indeed.*

*Evie did not drink any beer, despite appearances!

We had an absolutely incredible meal and I think we've actually found our new favourite restaurant in Guildford. I literally CAN'T WAIT to go back and try some more dishes!

Our food and drinks were complimentary in exchange for this honest review. All words and images are my own.


Thursday, 21 July 2016

One Year Divorced + Channelling my inner Land Girl with The Imperial War Museum

This time last year, my Decree Absolute had just landed on my doormat - so to celebrate my first anniversary of getting divorced I came over all GIRL POWER while getting dressed this morning and decided to embrace my inner Land Girl.

I actually got these accessories with Goodwood Revival in mind but as I've never worn a headscarf before I couldn't resist giving it a practice run. There was no chance of me saving the sunnies til September either; these are my absolute current faves (of many, many pairs - I have a sunglasses problem) and I've worn them pretty much constantly since their first outing to Secret Cinema's screening of Dirty Dancing on Sunday, where I dressed up as a prim early 60s holiday maker at Kellermans ;)

But yes, today was all about those vintage Land Girl vibes, and this is what I wore....

Breton tee // Dungarees both bought in the Fat Face sale and now out of stock 
Vintage tortoiseshell glasses, £10 // Polka dot fabric head scarf, £8 both c/o The Imperial War Museums Shop

If you're looking for fashion and home accessories with a vintage feel, or quirky retro gifts for someone special, the Imperial War Museum shop is BRILLIANT. I'm totally in love with this lace hat, and just look at this Duxford Eagles enamel mug and this travel sewing kit! The best bit is that they're online too, so you don't need to go out of your way to visit one of the museums if there isn't one close by and they are constantly adding new items so it's worth checking back regularly to see what's on offer. Happy shopping! xo

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

When the Tooth Fairy forgets to visit

Last night I committed the WORST.PARENT.FAIL.EVER. I forgot to carry out tooth fairy duties.

Daisy came stumbling in to my room this morning looking devastated, with the baby tooth that had fallen out yesterday in her hand. 'She didn't come!' she cried. (And I mean she actually cried).

'HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?!' I thought, as I realised the seriousness of the situation. A look of sheer panic must have spread across my face as my little angel child said 'Nevermind, Mummy, maybe she'll come tonight' with the saddest expression you've ever seen.

I was going to hell.

I knew I shouldn't have stayed up binge watching Gilmore Girls last night. Or had that third glass of wine.

I had to think fast.

I told Daisy to go and get into my bed while I put the tooth back into the pocket of her tooth fairy pillow. In actual fact I put a shiny £2 coin in (£2!!!!! ...... guilt money), put the pillow back in her room and kept the tooth myself.

And then I did something I've not done since I used to work in wealth management in the West End, pre-children. I told five lies before 7am.

Lie no.1:
But it's still NIGHT TIME! She can't have got to us yet!

Lie no.2:
It's summertime, it's stays light late at night and get light early in the morning - HONESTLY! It's still NIGHT TIME!

Lie no.3:
She'll still be doing her rounds, I bet we're last on the list - this is your seventh tooth to fall out after all, she probably does all the first teeth first.

Lie no.4:
Oh no no no, it's not really 6.45am - that clock is broken!

Lie no.5:
[Told after Daisy lay down in my bed for about two and a half minutes with her eyes closed] WAKE UP! It's MORNING! You've been asleep for ages!

Somehow I got away with it. But bloody hell that was close!

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