Thursday, 18 September 2014

Autumnal Accessories

But just because us mums constantly run around like headless chickens doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spend a little time making ourselves look and feel great right? 
With autumn and winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about wrapping up. You all know that Autumn is my favourite time of the year; it's always so much fun, what with bonfire night, Halloween and the thoughts of Christmas brewing steadily. So what little extras can you include in your new look?

Classic Timepiece
Keep track of those shorter days and make the most out of your family time with an amazing new watch. A watch should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe and I'm currently without one! The gorgeous Jaeger-LeCoultre collection at Watches of Switzerland has that timeless (pun intended) look whilst looking bang-on trend for autumn too. The classic strap will suit all your winter jumpers and it instantly dresses up any outfit. Want!

Bubbly bangles
Your woolly knits and cord trousers would love some matching accessories, wouldn’t they? Always! I’m an absolute sucker for accessories - and bangles and bracelets in particular. They can really make or break an outfit and when you’re on a limited budget, or the last t-shirt you have without grubby hand prints on it happens to be one from 1995, then they can really bring everything together. Very useful if you’re having a challenging day! 
Big chunky bangles will always give the illusion of a well put together outfit. For the rustic autumnal look, try chunky wooden bangles teamed with smaller bronzed and gold chain and cuffs. 

Feeling blue
No, I’m not suggesting the weather is getting you down. Blue was seen all over the catwalk last month and it happens to be super flattering too; perfect for hiding those lumps and bumps! 
Bright cobalt will do well to make an impact (a simple belt, bag and heeled boot combo will update your evening look) but softer blues in different textures are pretty awesome too.
For the X Factor, look towards the jewels and gemstones; turquoise, topaz and apatite look beautiful with not only neutral colours such as black and white but bold hues like red and purple too. 

Flirty Florals
Florals always seem to be included in every trend every season which is just as well because I LOVE THEM! My wardrobe is full to bursting with floral printed dresses, tops and skirts but my love affair totally extends to accessories too.

Similar to the flower crowns so popular at festivals, think casual fabric necklaces and rope bangles updated in winter hues. Burnt orange necklaces and fiery red pendants remind me of the gorgeous autumnal leaves and look really striking against a classic black outfit. 
Obviously floral always comes in many shapes and forms. Embellished chunky jewels in rainbow colours are super fun whilst small vintage chains with floral pendants ooze delicacy if you’re after something a bit more subtle.

What Autumnal accessories are on your wish list right now? xoxo

This is a collaborative post.

The Day I held a Tarantula (yes REALLY)

Yes. You heard that right.

Me. Katy Dial. The world's biggest arachophobe - who can't even look at, let alone touch, a teeny tiny house spider - held a HUGE, REAL LIFE tarantula.

This completely unexpected and out-of-the-blue experience took place a couple of weeks ago, when Daisy and I spent the day as VIPs at Paradise Wildlife Park, in Broxborne, north of London, just off the M25. 

We had a brilliant day out; the park is really easily accessible by both car and public transport, and it's packed full of family-friendly amenities. We had a lovely day seeing all the animals, running around in the wonderful play areas and watching the Karizma Kidz entertainment show. As guests of the park we were also treated to a lovely slap up lunch!

It was after said lunch that my darling daughter asked our friendly guide whether she could hold one of their tarantulas. This was NOT part of the itinerary but of course the lovely staff were happy to oblige. Daisy may be a pink princess, but she's a bare footed, mud splattered, tree climbing pink princess, and one of her all time favourite things to do is to go bug hunting. Worms, beetles, woodlice, snails - you name it, we've had one as a pet at some point.

Paradise have lots of different experiences on offer, one of which is their very popular Face Your Phobia Experience. Under the supervision of a highly experienced keeper and in a very safe environment, its the perfect chance to learn about, and handle, whichever creepy crawly it is that you're afraid of.

As our guide walked us over to the reptile house, my knees were properly buckling... And I wasn't even going to be holding one!

I'm still shocked at how brave my biggest daughter was; when they got the tarantula out she didn't flinch - she held it super carefully and smiled the whole time. I, on the other hand, thought I was going to vomit!

When she said 'your turn, Mummy' I was about to make my excuses and leave, but how could show myself up in front of my four year old?

I honestly don't know what possessed me, or what I said to the keeper, but the next thing I knew, I had a bloody great tarantula on my hand. I think my facial expression says it all!

DISCLAIMER: We were invited to Paradise Wildlife Park by; a brilliant website dedicated to promoting attractions throughout the UK and providing entrance to them at discounted rates. If you're planning a day out, definitely check their website before you go anywhere!

Introducing.... Caroline Creba

I'm a little bit in love with necklaces at the moment. I remember when I was a teenager I did a quiz in Mizz magazine to find out which part of my body was the best (!). Somehow (not entirely sure how!) the results told me my wrists and my neck - and ever since I seem to have obsessed over pendants, bangles and rings.

My latest discovery is jeweller, Caroline Creba. She is totally on my wavelength with her timeless, yet striking, designs and she loves colour and gemstones (sound like anyone you know?)

Within her three current collections there is something for every mood. I don't know about you but although my general style is pretty hippy and whimsical, sometimes I want to make a statement and wear something bold. I also chop and change (and often mix!) gold and silver! Caroline Creba has all angles covered. My absolute favourite is the Nadira collection - super delicate and feminine pieces that are equally beautiful on their own as they are layered with others (something I'm particularly fond of doing at the moment!).

I'm completely head over heels with this 18ct gold plated mother of pearl pendant. Aside of the fact it's so very beautiful, I chose it firstly because pearl is my birthstone, but secondly because it reminded me of an amazing, one of a kind, sea glass pendant I had (and lost) a few years ago. I was devastated when it went missing and so thrilled to find this! It's so pretty and delicate on it's own, but looks gorgeous worn with other pendants too xoxo
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