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Monday, 24 October 2016

Daily Outfit ♥ My Little Birds

I say this every season but the AW16 Little Bird collection really is the best yet. Matryoshka dolls! Velvet! Victorian collars! I would wear all of it myself if they went up to age 36 ;)

My absolute favourite pieces from this collection are their new yellow woolly bobble hats (you KNOW how I feel about bobble hats..... the girls and I wear them pretty much every day from October to April), the green blazer (which is made from 100% cotton but looks and feels like beautiful, soft velvet and has elasticated rainbow cuffs which keep the draughts out as well as being mighty stylish) and the Russian dolls skirt which is perfection, from the fine cord material to the contrasting floral lining, to the pretty little dolls themselves!).

The girls' wardrobes are about 70% Little Bird; it's the combination of the colours, the quality of materials and workmanship, and the price tags that make me love this brand so much! Little Bird clothes just seem to last forever; the skirts and trousers all have elasticated waistbands / adjustors so they grow with your child, and the dresses can be worn over and over (and turned into tunics if they get a little short). The colours don't fade and the materials don't seem to wear. Evie has worn all Daisy's hand-me-downs and these are now being worn by my friend's little girl.

I'm a big fan of layering when the weather turns chilly (especially at this time of year when the days can start freezing cold but end up super mild!) so I invest in summer items that can be worn into the winter months and then buy what I need in winter; long sleeved t-shirts to wear underneath summer blouses, and cardigans to go on top when they're needed. I don't really believe in 'seasons' when it comes to clothes - apart from it being a good excuse to go shopping!

Which brings me nicely back on to the subject of our latest Little Bird haul!

Daisy's blouse and skirt outfit will be perfect right through til spring; as will Evie's lightweight dress - I'll just add the chunky knits and tights over the next few months and swap them for thinner layers and socks/bare legs for SS17. Both girls had the white Fairisle cardigan last winter and loved it so I chose to get the blue version for Daisy this year (Evie has her hand-me-down) and I just couldn't resist that jacket, those hats or those shoes!

Evie wears: Floral collar dress, £11-£13 // Green blazer, £20-£22*
Daisy wears: Ditsy floral blouse, £10-£12 //Russian doll skirt, £14-£16 // Fairisle cardigan, £13-£15
Both wear:  Woolly hats, £10-£12* // Leather T-bar shoes, £28
All c/o Little Bird by Jools at Mothercare

*There's 25% off all outer wear online at the moment, so you can grab these for a bargain 
if you're quick!

And THOSE SHOES! They are totally worthy of a photo of their very own. Just look at them! I'm so pleased that Mothercare decided to re-release their original T-bar design in genuine leather. They are just beautiful, and so well made - and at £28 a pair I think they're a real steal!


Playing Farms with Schleich

I don't need to tell you all how much we love the toy company Schleich in our house. I used to play with their model animals when I was a child and the girls inherited some of my collection when they were little. Over the years we have added to it on a regular basis, and that's one of the things I like most about Schleich - there is something for everyone and every pocket, from a £2.99 pocket money figurine to a £100 farm, perfect for a special birthday or Christmas present.

And that's exactly what I'm going to be talking about today; the large Schleich farm, which we were very kindly sent to review last month.

We already have a large collection of farm animals, which the girls have always been more than happy to play with on their own, but I am a fan of tidiness and order and my first thoughts once the farm arrived were 'oooh this will be great to keep all the animals in' ;) Of course, this would also make the perfect starter kit too, as you can add to it over time (it comes with a farmer, a couple of animals and accessories already).

The first thing I'd say is that the farm requires a fair bit of assembly before it can be played with. I usually avoid buying the girls large toys that I have put together myself, after the almost disaster that was Daisy's second birthday, when I bought her a wooden play kitchen and had to call my Dad to come round and help me build it at 10pm the night before! I panicked a bit when I opened the Schleich box, but I needn't have; the instructions were really easy to follow, and it only took me around 45 minutes to put together (and that was with the distraction of Gilmore Girls on in the background so it probably would have taken about half an hour had I given it my full attention).

In actual fact it was pretty easy to put together considering the amount of pieces (some very tiny!) included in the box - but they are all thick plastic and very well made, as you would expect from Schleich, and the finished product is well worth it!

The farm is huge! It has sliding doors, opening windows and a fully functioning rope winch, and the detail is really incredible. The girls love the window boxes full of flowers and the external fencing which they have also detached to play with separately. The roof is removable too which makes play much easier, and can then be used as a separate building (which is very handy when you have to share with your sister!).

This really is a lovely and very well made toy farm - well worth its £99.99 price tag. It;s available from all good toy shops; you can view the full spec on the Schleich website here.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Vintage Shopping, Eating Way Too Much + a Special Preview of #DreamWorksTrolls!

Last weekend, the girls and I found ourselves on the early train (hence Evie's mildly grumpy face above, HA!) up to London town for an advanced screening of the awesome new DreamWorks film, Trolls.

We were DESPERATE to see it - the girls first got wind of it's UK release in the summer holidays - so we were more than happy to sacrifice a lazy Sunday morning to get a sneak preview before it opens in cinemas on 21st October; well, Daisy and I were at least ;)

Trolls is an absolutely brilliant animated musical comedy, filled with adventure (and THE BEST soundtrack I've heard in a long time) where two trolls, Poppy and Branch, go on an epic quest to save Troll Town from the evil Bergens.

It has an incredible cast of both British and American actors, including Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, James Cordon, Russell Brand, Gwen Stefani and, my girl crush, the legendary Zooey Deschanel and is perfect for the whole family (thanks to that soundtrack, and the fact it's one of those brilliant films with jokes suitable for all different ages and sense of humours).

I'm not going to give away anymore of the storyline but I will tell you that I laughed out loud, I cried, and I found myself tapping my feet to most of the songs - and so did the kids. If you go and see one film this half term, please make sure this is it.

It. Is. Brilliant.

We left the screening armed with balloons and stickers and activity sheets, which have well and truly started off the girls' obsession with all things Trolls (there are wigs and hug watches and all sorts on their Christmas lists already). There were tears when this balloon made its way up into the atmosphere while we were walking around Covent Garden, I can tell you!

I'll leave you with a few photos of our adventures in the West End later that day. We vintage shopped, we ate (lunch and dinner in two different restaurants - Wagamamas and then The Diner on the Strand - because that's how we roll), as visited our beloved Transport Museum. London really is an amazing place and now we've moved out to the sticks I definitely make the most of, and appreciate, the time we spend there so much more!

The girls' personalities summed up in one photo!
Instagram Kids
Some of the most amazing vintage frocks I have ever seen.....
.... and knitwear....
....and blouses....
ps I have to say how lovely it was to bump into one of my blogging faves, Carolynne from Mummy Endeavours, and her twins at the screening! I need to hang out with this lady more!

Trolls genuinely is THE BEST animated movie I've seen - and it's out in cinemas across the UK on 21st October. The girls and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. In case you haven't seen it yet -  or if you fancy watching it again - here's the official trailer!

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