Monday, 27 July 2015

A Brand New Bed for a Brand New Life

I know, I know, I talk about my bed, and my bedroom, A LOT on this blog. I can't help it. I love sleep so much, and my bedroom has always been such an important space to me that I've been devoting a lot of time to getting it just right recently.

Last week, my friends at Wayfair sent me a beautiful new Girardeau bed frame which really was the perfect finishing touch to all the hard work I'd put into redesigning my room over the last year since my ex-husband and I separated. It also turned out to be a pretty significant delivery too, as it arrived the same day as my Decree Absolute and has subsequently felt like a huge symbol of my new marital status.

I've worked with Wayfair in the past, and have also made my own purchases from them. I think they're such a fantastic company - their prices are unbeatable and their customer service is second to none. 

My bed arrived two days after I'd ordered it, expertly wrapped in three packages. You might not think this is a necessary point to make but when you have to carry said packages up a flight of stairs into your new bedroom by yourself it's great to know that they will be manageable.

Dismantling my old bed was a NIGHTMARE and took hours. Seriously! The allen key holes were completely worn and I couldn't get the screws out at all. I ended up pretty much having to snap the four corners of the bed frame so that I could get it into my car (good job it was cheap, nasty and broken already, and destined for the dump anyway). It was actually pretty therapeutic getting to break up my old matrimonial bed too.

Putting the new bed together was a dream. I did it ALL. BY. MYSELF. Impressed? I was! It took forty minutes from start to finish and the instructions were a dream to follow. I am one of those geeks that like to follow the instructions to a T. I read them in their entirety before I start anything! I presumed putting a double bed together would be hell on earth and am so glad I was wrong. All the tools needed for the job were included with the frame, and the sprung wooden slats popped into place no problem. There were two height options for the base and I opted for the higher because I have a slimline memory foam mattress (and don't like low beds) plus I also wanted to leave plenty of storage space underneath.

So now I have THE most comfortable mattress in the world on THE most beautiful, traditional bed frame in the world, in the most calming and clutter free girlie, blue bedroom in the world. I'm feeling pretty darn lucky. I also appear to have adopted the sleeping-right-in-the-middle-of-the-bed-like-a-starfish-position which is AMAZING, as I could never seem to get out of the habit of sleeping on the right hand side of the last one, despite being on my own.

And on that note I'm off to catch some ZZZZZZs in my especially lovely bed.

The Girardeau bed frame is available in black or ivory, and in a standard double or king size. The black, standard double which I chose retails at £226.85. 

DISCLAIMER: I was sent my bed frame for the purpose of this review.

Giddy Up! Playing Horses with Schleich

I'm a MASSIVE Schleich fan. For those that have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, Schleich are a German company that have been making toy animals and figurines for imaginative play since the 1930s. They might not be cheap (although they are still perfectly affordable) but they last FOREVER. In actual fact, my girls play with some that I had as a child in the 80s which are still pristine, and they have been very well loved indeed over the decades!

We have all sorts of farm and zoo animals, and dinosaurs, from Schleich at home, and will often pick up a new one to add to our collection when we're at the toy shop or the garden centre. The single toys cost anything from a couple of pounds upwards and make great pocket money toys, and there are also small sets available which make really good birthday presents coming in at around the £10 mark.

Last week Daisy was sent some of the new Schleich horses and accessories to review and she was THRILLED. Firstly, horses are her favourite animals at the moment and secondly, she was lucky enough to be sent brand new breeds that she hasn't already got, as well as lots of  extra horsey paraphernalia!

With three more horses to add to their collection of eight (told you we love them!), their very first rider, a fly blanket and halter, a treat set, a saddle and bridle and a grooming set, the girls were set for hours of fun. These genuinely are Daisy's favourite toys at the moment; she loves all the tiny fiddly bits (she is massively into Lego and Sylvanian Families too) and, although Evie is a little under the recommended age (of 3) to play with them, I have no problem with her playing with the larger figures.

The girls love their Schleich toys for lots of reasons but I think the main one is because they are so realistic (they're actually hand painted). From a parent's point of view, they aren't made from cheap, nasty plastic - they're solid and pretty much indestructible!

Thank you to Schleich for sending us these lovely goodies; the stable and riding arena are now right at the top of Daisy's Christmas present list! xoxo

Thursday, 23 July 2015

New Bedding from Character World

Last week saw the release of Ant-Man in cinemas across the UK, and next week sees Cinderella coming out on DVD so now seems like the perfect time to showcase our new bedding from Character World!

On Monday I wrote about updating our front room by moving a few thing around and getting a couple of new accessories. Well we've also been hard at work doing the same in Daisy's bedroom! 

A couple of weeks ago, Character World offered us some new bedding and we decided that would be a great opportunity to have a rejig of her room, and make everything look gorgeous ahead of the summer holidays. We moved the bed, the book case and the chest of drawers (it really is amazing what such a simple shuffle around can do for a room - and the best bit is it's free!) Moving the bed away from the window to the back wall seems to have let a whole lot more natural light in, and has freed up a whole new area, perfect for playing in, in the process.

But enough about interiors, lets talk about school holidays. THEY'VE BEGUN! And what better way to kick start them with a double header movie night and sleepover with new duvet cover sets.

Daisy chose the Enchanting Princess single bedding set by Disney for herself and a Marvel Ant-Man one for when her cousins come to stay. Both sets are reversible, which means it will be super easy for Daisy to give her room a mini makeover by herself in the future if she wants to, just by turning her duvet cover over!

These single duvet and pillow case sets retail at £22.99 each and Character World products are available from all good retailers. As well as Disney and Marvel, they also specialise in Lego, Peppa Pig, Hasbro, Sanrio and Mind Candy so their new website (currently under construction) is well worth a visit. xo
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