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Monday, 8 November 2010

Happy Chocolate Swirly Whirly Birthday, Daisy Moo!

Last Thursday was Daisy's first birthday! (This is the reason behind my very uncharacteristic blogging silence in case any of you wondered - you might not think that a first birthday requires much organisation but you would be surprised!!). I can't believe my little monkey is ONE now, how grown up is that!

The Other Half and I decided quite a while ago that we would only have a small party for family and Daisy's Godparents. With her birthday on Mischief Night we opted for a winter BBQ and fireworks and the celebrations kicked off at 6pm once it had got dark.

We had jacket potatoes with meaty and veggie chilli, BBQed hot dogs and Chocolate Swirly Whirly Birthday Cake. The Other Half put on a brilliant fireworks display, which Daisy and I watched from the safety of the living room and Daisy was unbelievably spoilt by all the family (her bedroom currently looks like a toy shop and her wardrobe is better than mine!!).

Daisy, the Other Half and I all had such a lovely evening, I can't believe what a difference a year makes. The past year really has been the best year ever ever ever x x x x

A few people have asked me for my recipe for Chocolate Swirly Whirly Cake so here it is: 

Chocolate Swirly Whirly Cake


For the sponges:
12oz self raising flour
pinch of salt
12oz butter, softened
12oz caster sugar
6x eggs
tsp vanilla essence
cocoa powder (I recommend Cadbury's drinking chocolate!)

For the icing:
16oz icing sugar
6oz butter, softened
4 tsp milk
cocoa powder
hot water

To decorate:
Whatever sweets you like
Silver Spoon designer icing

1. Preheat oven to Gas Mark 4 (180c).
2. Grease 4x 8 inch cake tins - make sure you do them really really well, all around the sides and the base, don't worry about the amount of butter you are using!
3. Using a large bowl, mix together the flour, salt, butter, eggs and caster sugar. Whisk on a low speed (or beat by hand) until there are no lumps. Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract.
4. Separate about a fifth of the mixture into another, smaller, bowl and add the cocoa powder to it (as much or as little as you like - I use about a third of a container which is about 3oz or 75g)
5. Pour the remaining plain sponge mix into the greased tins in equal amounts. Then spoon some of the chocolate mixture on top of the sponge mix and use a fork to swirl it all around to give a marbled effect.
6. Place into the oven for 25minutes*, or until the cakes are slightly coming away from the sides of the cake tins and a skewer inserted into the middle of the cakes comes out clean. Turn out onto a wire rack and leave to cool.
7. Whilst the cakes are cooling prepare the buttercream icing. Use a wooden spoon to cream together the icing sugar butter and 1tsp of the milk in a bowl. Add more milk as necessary to make the icing a light smooth consistency.
8. Mix some cocoa powder with hot water (like for like amounts) and leave to cool. Then add to the icing.
9. Once the sponges have properly cooled use the buttercream icing to stick all four sponges together, then also coat the cake with a relatively thick amount (depending on how heavy the sweets you are going to use are).
10. Decorate with your choice of sweets and, if you like, ice your message onto the top.

Enjoy!!!! x

*If your oven is small (like mine) you might have to make the sponges in two batches.

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