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Monday, 4 April 2011

The Pottery Cafe---- A Special Mother's Day Review

As a special treat this Mother's Day, Daisy and I spent the morning at The Pottery Cafe in Richmond.

The Pottery Cafe is brilliant. Not only can you go there and paint your own EMMA BRIDGEWATER crockery, they also sell delicious coffee and cake and have a fab card and gift shop too.

I've been there quite a few times to paint pottery over the past couple of years - the first time was for my best friend's hen do, where us hens spent an afternoon drinking champagne and decorating pottery for the wedding crockery set (which we then gave the bride and groom as a present). More recently I took Daisy along to have her baby footprints painted.

As an avid Emma Bridgewater collector that has recently started accumulating teapots, I thought a two cup teapot decorated by my own little monkey would be the best Mother's Day present ever.

On arrival I was given a free cup of tea and slice of carrot cake for being a Mum. That pretty much made my day! We were then shown what to do and where everything was and Daisy was given a pinny to wear (CUTE!) before being left to our own devices.

Armed with a palette of primary colours and a paint brush, Daisy set to work on her masterpiece.

Then one of the lovely ladies from the Pottery Cafe helped Daisy do her hand prints. She was very excited at having her hands painted and proceeded to spend the rest of the morning painting them herself!

Once Daisy had worked her magic, she had a cookie whilst I finished the teapot off (painting the tip of the lid and the base and the spout navy blue to match her hand prints).

We handed the teapot over for glazing and firing and it will be ready to collect at the weekend.... pop back next week for its grand unveiling on the Modern Mummy blog!

The girls at the Pottery Cafe are so polite and welcoming and knowledgeable. Most importantly they all seem very passionate about what they do. I would recommend paying the studio a visit wholeheartedly, either with your friends or with your kids. Or if you haven't got the time (or the patience) to paint a piece of pottery then definitely head to the gift shop. It sells some gorgeous toys and cards - and best of all it has a wide selection of Emma Bridgewater too.

Click here for the contact details for the Richmond Studio. There is also a studio in Fulham and one on the Isle of Wight.

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