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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

What's In Your Fridge?

I've been tagged in the FRIDGE MEME by Emma at Mummy Musings.

Here's a photo of the contents of my fridge!

Despite my fridge looking rather full, this this was actually taken the day before my weekly shop day. Which also happened to be the day before my Royal Wedding Tea Party. Hence the very naughty party foods, hehehehehe.

So, what have we got.....

In the door I keep my moisturisers (as you do!) and our Mr Bump ice pack for medical emergencies involving my little Miss. I also have a couple of oranges and lemons for Pimms; blue top and green top milk, a few cooking sauces, all my open condiments (mayo, ketchup, salad cream, brown sauce etc). There is also a mini Heinz tomato sauce on the top shop that has been there for about a year. Its too cute to use!

In the main body of the fridge, the top shelf is for dairy - butter, cheese, yoghurts. In this photo you can also see a few rogue jellies for my Royal dessert (jelly and ice cream - NOM!).

The second shelf is mainly taken up with a bloody great box of chicken breasts from the meat market (Himself makes a monthly pilgrimage to Smithfields in the middle of the night) awaiting bagging up and freezing. There's also milk back up and MORE JELLY!

The third shelf is 'open jars'. Pickled onions, pickles, jams, capers, relishes etc. Plus a bottle of ginger beer and soda water (for mixing with whisky and wine; not that I'm an alco or anything). Veggie overflow also gets stuffed here. That's a bag of peppers you can see.

The bottom shelf, above the drawers, is normally for fruit and juices. On this particular day you can spy some grapefruit juice, a bag of apples, grapes, strawberries and pears. And four pork pies and a tupperware pot of ready cooked cocktail sausages. Obviously. Makes sense, non?

The drawers are divided up into cooking veg and salad veg. I used to be a Personal Assistant, can you tell? The left one has carrots, a swede, mushrooms, courgettes, sweet potatoes and parsnips. The right one has a twin pack of little gems, a cucumber, tomatoes (on the vine - I'm one of those idiot Brits that pays extra for a little bit of twig that doesn't even get eaten), spring onions, radishes and a bag of washed and ready to eat rocket.

Ta dah!

I'm not tagging anyone in this Meme as I think it has done the rounds already! But feel free to leave me a link to your blog if you've done it---- I'm a nosey bugger and would love to see what everyone else has in their fridges! x

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