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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Modern Mummy Loves.....

I've not done a Modern Mummy Loves.... post in aaaaaaaaages. I'm mega happy and loving lots at the moment. Here's a few of the things that are putting a smile on my face.

1. Porridge.

I don't care if its summer, porridge is just awesome. I made my own summer version this morning---- I added a whole grated apple, a whole grated pear and some finely chopped banana. I'm looking forward to breakfast tomorrow so I can have the same again!

2. Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter.

 Holy mother of God. This stuff is amazing. Only costs £2.50 and cures sore baby bums within an hour AND---- even BETTER---- if you use it on your face it makes your skin positively glow. My best beauty buy ever.

3. Bubble Baths.

We all love bathtime in this house. Daisy is a big fan of splashing about and flooding the bathroom with water. I prefer to wallow in a s-c-o-r-c-h-i-o, super deep, delicious smelling bubble filled bath, and stay in there until the water is cold and my skin is all wrinkly. L O V E.

4. Miles Kane.

I bought his album 'Colour of The Trap' a month or so ago but never got round to listening to it. I have had it on repeat this last week; it is freaking awesome. I fancy him a little bit too. Have yourselves a wee listen of his current single 'Rearrange' (and perve over him too if you so desire) xoxox


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