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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Chessington World of Adventures

Daisy and I have just come back from Chessington World of Adventures! It was a bit of an impromptu day out; I thought madam deserved a treat after an early morning dash to A&E yesterday (my poorly Moo had a fall and needed her eyebrow glued! Awful, awful, awful) plus we've had a week of staying at home and attempting to house train Percival.

I found a bargain Mother & Toddler entry voucher here - £13.50 for both (normal price for adults is £37.20 and it's £27.00 for children over 1m tall but under 12 years of age) - which gave us access to the zoo, sea world and all the rides (yes there were a few that we could go on! ---- more on that later!)

The zoo wasn't massive (no lions or tigers or bears - oh my!) but it did have monkeys, birds, ostriches, zebras, meercats and a few others. The best bit was the monkey walkthrough - where you could walk amongst lots of gorgeous yellow squirrel monkeys! Daisy loved it and was fascinated by one mummy monkey that was giving her baby monkey a piggy back!

There was also a petting 'zoo' - with pigs, goats, chickens and guinea pigs. My fearless child went straight up to them all and said hello! The chickens were her favourites.

The sea life centre was also good, albeit a bit retro - with a sea tunnel and a touching tank where you could touch some of the fishes. Daisy loved the Nemo fish and some bright yellow ones - they also had sharks and pirahnas and sting rays.

After a bite to eat we had a wander around the rides and attempted a go on The Bubbleworks. It didn't go down too well! The carousel afterwards cheered her up a bit, and a cake helped too.

The day was definitely worth paying £13.50 for, although my honest opinion was that the park and sea life centre were both rather dated. I think if I'd paid full price for a family of five I would have left a bit disappointed.

Here are a few photos of our day xoxox



  1. Fab Pics!! looks like a lovely day xxx

  2. Ahh good to know there's a special mother and toddler rate- painful to see how much tickets cost now- I remember going when a teen and it cost a tenner!


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