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Friday, 15 July 2011

The Emma Bridgewater Collector's Day

I've just got back from Stoke. My first ever trip. Spending five hours at the Emma Bridgewater factory was well worth the eight hours of driving it took to get there and back. Seriously.

My friend and I set off from a grey and chilly London at 5am this morning. Yes you read that right. 5AM THIS MORNING! The things I'll do for pretty pottery and a bit of cake.

After three hours in the car and a quick pitstop at Starbucks in Beaconsfield en route (GRANDE, SKINNY, SUGAR FREE HAZELNUT CAPPU WITH AN EXTRA SHOT PLEASE!) we parked up and registered at the factory.

Our day went a little something like this:

8.30am: Registration
9.00am: Shopping - Part 1
9.30am: Bacon butties and tea
10.00am: The Factory Tour
11.30am: Shopping - Part 2
1.00pm: Lunch and talk by Matthew Rice
2.00pm: Shopping - Part 3
2.30pm: Off home

There was also the Queen of Tarts tart making competition, the Beautiful Bantams Show, quilt making and a raffle, which of course I didn't win because I never win anything ever.

It was A C E to be able to meet up with lots of my collector friends, buy some gorgeous samples (no studio specials for me unfortunately; Himself would not have been impressed) and have a factory tour to discover how the pottery is made. We also had a delicious breakfast and lunch, lots of cups of tea and a very sneaky peak at some new, upcoming designs. The highlight of my day was when I met Matthew Rice! *drooooool* *big cheesy grin* The poor man couldn't get away once I'd started talking at him.

Soooo..... let's get down to the important stuff! I bought (drum roll please!) a six pint Black Toast jug, a polka 'Good Dog' bowl for Percival, two egg cups (one a special - polka chicks, and the other egg & feather), a starry skies cereal bowl, a polka sugar bowl, a Royal Wedding mug, a new 'Retro' tea towel (which I'm going to frame and hang in the kitchen) and a copy of the EB Bible by Steven Jenkins which Matthew Rice signed for me!

New designs include casserole dishes, mixing bowls and salt cellars and there will also be new shapes in the popular Sampler pattern. There is also a second mince pie plate design doing the rounds and a new polka design, featuring the polka pattern inside items block coloured in pastel blues, greens and yellows.

I honestly had such a fantastic day; all the staff at the Factory were fabulous, the food was delicious, Matthew Rice's talk was hilarious. I already can't wait to go back next year!

Here are a few photos from the day.... xoxox



  1. Top banana to see you there. It was my first ever Collector's Day too, and I loved it. Am so jealous you got to meet Matthew. He was on his way in, as I was on my way out.xx

  2. Oh I an so jealous!! What a fantastic day though and I need that Mince pie plate on my life ;) xxx


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