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Monday, 25 July 2011

Totsdance, Twickenham: A Review

When I gave up work to be a stay at home mum, I decided that I wanted to start doing a regular activity with Daisy. Something fun that we could both take part in. So for the last eight weeks we have been going to Totsdance; a dance class for 18 month - 4 year olds which is held at Twickenham Methodist Chuch Hall.

Last Monday was the last session of the term and we really missed it today. It's brilliant. Truly.

I chose a dance class for Daisy because she is full of energy and I thought it might be a good way to wear her out fun for her. I didn't just want a chance to spend some quality time with her; I also wanted her to socialise with other children her age.

It's not a strict, prim and proper dance class - it's fun and very relaxed. There are no tutus or tights. The music is contemporary (and loud!) and makes you the children want to move. In our class there was an equal mix of girls and boys. All in all I think its a fantastic introduction to dance.

The sessions last a little over half an hour, which is the perfect length of time to keep a toddler amused. They start with a warm up - a few dance routines that remain the same each week - and then each week has a different theme with different music and play equipment. Adults join in OF COURSE and I have to admit it's a bloody good work out if you're brave enough to give it your all!

The classes are great as they not only teach children to enjoy music and dancing; they also teach them how to listen and respond to instructions, and share and play with other children - skills they will need when they go to nursery and school.

Totsdance is held on a Monday morning at 10.00am and costs £60 a term (12 sessions) with a half term break in the middle. Classes are also held in Cobham, Hersham and Walton and are available for older children and adults too.

For more information take a look at their website here, or contact the lovely Sarah Dekker on 07966 502557 if you are interested in the Twickenham Totsdance classes specifically.

We are all signed up for the Autumn term.... hopefully see some of you there! xoxox

This is not a sponsored post, and no freebies/monetary payment were received in exchange for writing this post. These are my honest views on a course I paid for in full, really enjoyed and would thoroughly recommend.

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