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Friday, 4 November 2011

A Daisy Moo Birthday Special!

Yes it's Friday, and not just any Friday, but my gorgeous Daisy Moo's second birthday! I can hardly believe that this time two years ago I was in labour and my life was about to change forever, and now it feels as if my little baby is all grown up!

I'm sorry I didn't post a recipe last week, but I was everso slightly pre-occupied with Daisy's birthday party. I'm afraid this week is going to be a bit of a cop out too and instead of posting a new recipe I am going to link back to Daisy's Chocolate Swirly Whirly Birthday Cake recipe from last year. This recipe still has the highest number of page views out of any of my blog posts so if you haven't seen it already I hope you like it!

I've re-made the same cake this year as it was such a success, only instead of quadruple deckering it and smothering it in chocolate and sweets, I carved a large square sponge into the shape of Peppa Pig's head and iced it! What do you think?

I'm off to take Daisy horse riding for the first time (!) and for a lovely girlie birthday lunch. Have a great weekend everybody xoxox

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  1. what a fab cake! my little one is hugely into Peppa (running close to Upsy Daisy but I think Peppa is an easier shape so I may come back to this post in Jan for her Birthday! )


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