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Monday, 23 January 2012

Meal Planning Monday - w/c 23 January 2012

I'm a new reader of Mrs M's blog, and the feature I like the most about it is Meal Planning Monday.

This week I thought I would add my tuppence worth to Mrs M's linky, with a list of what will be eaten in the Modern Mummy household over the coming seven days.

I plan to make a habit out of this and am going to add a little twist to my entries -sharing relevant budgeting advice and tips to my plan.

Budgeting is something I have to do these days. In ye days of olde I would happily stroll round the supermarket (yes, I'm one of those freaks that actually enjoys doing the weekly shop!) throwing whatever took my fancy into the trolley and ending up with a bill of well over £100 every week. These days I have to look after my pennies a hell of a lot more and so meal planning and list writing has become the norm.

I am not a budget shopper - I still like my brands and my treats - but by being organised, making lists, sticking to them and paying attention to best before dates I have managed to halve my weekly food bill - and I very rarely have food waste these days. You can't knock that.

So without further ado, here is our lunch and dinner menu for this week.....

Lunch- Cheese and spring onions on toast with homemade tomato and basil soup (from frozen)
Dinner- Sausage and bean casserole (click here for recipe) with home made crusty bread

Lunch- Open ham salad sandwiches (leftover crusty bread), mini baby bels, homemade potato salad
Dinner- Thai green curry with rice (recipe to follow)

Lunch- Grilled halloumi pittas, sugar snap peas
Dinner- Pasta with bolognese sauce (click here for recipe)

Lunch- As Tuesday
Dinner- Bangers, mash (incl carrot & swede), peas & broccoli and onion gravy

Lunch- Jacket potatoes with tuna, mayo, peppers and onions
Dinner- Chilli con carne

Lunch- As Monday - with fresh homemade cream of root vegetable soup (recipe to follow)
Dinner- Omelettes (using up any leftover veg from the week)

Lunch- Lazy roast chicken, with roast potatoes and parsnips, yorkshire puds, carrots and peas
Dinner- Cheese and tomato on toast

I spent a very reasonable £44 in Tesco this week. That included breakfast and snacks (which tend to be the same every week - cereal or eggs for breakfast and an overflowing fruit bowl and yoghurts for snacking on), 7x lunches and 7x dinners. I also bulk bought some cat food on special offer and got washing powder and fabric conditioner.

Here are my two budgeting tips for this week.

1. Pay attention to the special offers.
A lot of special offers aren't particularly special (take the £1.55 each or 2 for £3 offer Tesco do on milk; is it really worth saving 10p if you're going to pour the second bottle of milk down the sink?) If you pay attention though you really can get some bargains. I found a buy-one-get-TWO-free deal on toothpaste and baked beans this week, Pogg's cat food (usually £6 a bag) was two for £8, and Persil non-bio was virtually half price (£7.15 down to £4).

2. Freeze
I buy fresh and home freeze. Frozen bread is perfect for toast, and some meat can be bought in the larger and more economical family packs, divided up into portion sizes and frozen for use at a later date. Also, don't be afraid of the butcher's counter in your local supermarket. I find it actually works out cheaper to buy single chicken breasts rather than the larger packs and I often get my sausages from there too as we don't eat them very often. Batch cooking and freezing is another money - and time! - saver. In particular I like to freeze homemade pasta sauces and soups; they are both so easy and cheap to make and they are the 'ready meals' you are most likely to be tempted by on lazy days when you want comfort food but can't be arsed to cook from scratch.

Head over to At Home with Mrs M for more meal planning inspiration.xoxox


  1. Love it !
    I am going to be trying the Sausage and bean casserole !

  2. Very tasty and some great budgeting tips. I'm not a budget shopper either, I like my food too much but find that planning does cut a lot of waste and saves money. Thanks for joining in and linking up.


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