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Friday, 3 February 2012

Spicy Mushroom & Chickpea Hash

Yesterday I came up with my own recipe for mushroom & chickpea burgers. Kind of. Those of you that read my Meal Planning Monday posts will know that I was supposed to make lentil burgers this week, however my douchebag self forgot the lentils whilst shopping and I had to improvise!

So my burgers failed miserably (they didn't bind, probably due to the lack of eggs) but I did produce an IMMENSE hash.... a hash SO GOOD I will definitely be making it again. This recipe feeds four people and makes a lovely, hearty, healthy meal.

What you need.
Frying pan
Wooden spoon
Knife & chopping board
Mixing bowl

400g tin of chickpeas
4x portobello mushrooms
Breadcrumbs (made from 3 slices of bread - no crusts)
4x spring onions and one small red onion
2x cloves of garlic
A dash of lemon juice
Olive oil

What to do.
First up, make your breadcrumbs. I don't have a food processor so made mine by hand. If your bread is fresh then leave it out for an hour or so to dry out a bit, before chopping vigourously to create crumbs. It doesn't matter if they're bigger than the breadcrumbs you can buy in the shop! You can even do this a day in advance if you want to. Set aside.
Also drain your tin of chickpeas, decant into the mixing bowl and crush using a fork. This only needs to be done very roughly. Set these aside too.
Finely chop the onions, mushrooms and garlic and fry in a teaspoon of olive oil until soft. Transfer to the mixing bowl with the chickpeas. Mix together with the fork, add the lemon juice, spices and breadcrumbs.
Fry in another teaspoon of oil until golden brown.

Serve with whatever you fancy! We had jacket potatoes and salad with ours.

Enjoy xoxox


  1. These look delicious! Am going to make them tomorrow...xx

  2. I love this kind of simple food, thank you for sharing; I now know what we're having for dinner tonight:-)


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