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Monday, 23 April 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

My daughter is a chatterbox. No need to crack the 'like mother, like daughter' jokes..... I realise I'm probably to blame.

At nearly two and a half, her knowledge of the English language (and Japanese thanks to one of her lovely Godmothers - but thats another blog post altogether) never ceases to amaze me. She comes out with new words and phrases every day, has begun to correct her own grammar, has started getting to grips with talking about the past, present and future (although anything in the past is 'yesterday' and anything in the future is 'tomorrow') and she even tells me off if I get something wrong.

As she has started learning the 'proper' words for things she couldn't say when she was younger, I have been reminiscing about how she used to say certain things. Flipflops were 'fumphties', yoghurts were 'ha-has' and raisins were 'ra-ras'......
She has also come out with some classic new sentences this past week including: 'Grandad Jim is an IDOWAT [idiot] - he thought my tights were a hat!' and 'Charlie isn't a HER, he's a HIM. I'M a HER!' *stamps feet* .

And her memory is outstanding. She has mastered a nursery rhyme a night over the last fortnight. Listening to her recite 'Sing a Song of Sixpence' is amazing!

I just can't get enough of our conversations. Especially the ones at bedtime when we talk about our day and what we're going to get up to tomorrow. Usually instigated by me, tonight I was asked 'Soooooo! What did we get up to today, Mummy?' as I tucked her in.

Of course now is the time for me to watch what I say in front of her (ahem) and to think about the television she watches and iPhone apps she plays with. After playing one game for a while, she started to develop a slight American accent whilst talking about certain fruits ('HUNNY DOOOOOOOO' anyone?!).

I'm already looking forward to my morning call of 'MUMMY! Is it daytime? Do you want a cup of tea? Can I have a cup of tea?? Mummy!!!!!' What are your toddlers saying at the moment?




Monday, 16 April 2012

Introducing..... The Weeride!

And so beginneth my new healthy lifestyle! Now that Spring has well and truly sprung, my beloved Pashley Princess has come out of hibernation and we have finally chosen and purchased a bike seat for Daisy.

I opted for the Weeride Kangaroo Deluxe, a front mounted seat, and I knew I had made the right decision from the word go.

Firstly, being front mounted, I loved the idea that I would be able to see Daisy at all times, it just felt so much safer than having her behind me. What I didn't even think about was that being so close to each other also means we can chat whilst we're cycling which is just fabulous! Daisy gets a brilliant view (instead of staring at my back!) and the seat is so comfy that on the way home from our ride this morning she even dozed off!

I am informed that it was super easy to fix (er.... no I didn't do it myself!!!) It feels so secure, and doesn't make the bike wobbly at all. (I was a bit worried about weight distribution with a rear bike seat as I have heard that they are hard to get used to). I have had to change my cycling style a bit (having the seat in front means I need to pedal as if I'm a bit bow legged) but it's not uncomfortable in the slightest.

The customer service I received from Weeride/SeatsforKids was just fabulous. I spoke to a real person from the word go, and had hundreds of daft questions answered (mainly to do with whether or not this type of seat would work on my particular bike). All questions were dealt with straight away and when I placed my order, I received the seat by 24hr courier which was brilliant as we all know I get a teeny tiny bit impatient when I'm excited about something arriving in the post (normally Emma Bridgewater).

I have had so many people ask me about the seat in the two rides out we've had so far; it really is a show stopper! Daisy absolutely loves it - I just wish I had bought one sooner! (although this particular model is for children up to the age of 5/18kgs so we will still get plenty of use out of it).

If you're interested in a Weeride for yourself, check out their website here. They are also on Twitter and Facebook. I can't recommend them highly enough.


Monday, 2 April 2012

Easter ... by Hotel Chocolat

NO ONE does Easter like Hotel Chocolat does Easter. 

Forget mini eggs and crappy old mugs filled with jelly beans and overpriced, character branded eggs that taste like chocolate gone off, what EVERYONE needs is something special from my favourite chocolatier.

How does a Rocky Road to Caramel EXTRA THICK CHOCOLATE Easter egg sound.....? I'm not even going to try and sound cool and calm and collected about it, THIS IS 150% THE MOST AMAZING EASTER EGG I HAVE EVER EATEN. Daisy liked it too.

Beautifully wrapped in shiny gold foil and packaged in a huge box decorated with a satin bow; this is the perfect Easter egg for any chocoholic - especially one that has abstained from the stuff for Lent. If Daisy's over excited face hasn't persuaded you to buy this, perhaps one of these two photographs will:

 Just LOOK! That is no ordinary chocolate egg. That is 40% milk chocolate studded with crispy puffed rice, cookies and extra chunks of chocolate. The other half of the shell is milk chocolate coated with caramel chocolate. It melts in your mouth. Honestly, I am salivating just remembering the taste.

 Of course it says 'extra thick' on the label but how thick were you expecting it to be? How about an entire centimetre?! Oh yes! And you won't find a shabby plastic bag with 6 chocolate buttons inside THIS egg - how does a selection of solid Easter bunnies and chicks, milk chocolate ganaches, liquid caramels and pralines with cookies (amongst others) suit you?

This Easter gift is just divine (as is everything Hotel Chocolat creates). I know I would much prefer just one of these (priced at £26.00) over a few regular Easter eggs any day.

Last orders are 5pm on Thursday (5th April) - so get in there quick! xoxox
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