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Monday, 2 April 2012

Easter ... by Hotel Chocolat

NO ONE does Easter like Hotel Chocolat does Easter. 

Forget mini eggs and crappy old mugs filled with jelly beans and overpriced, character branded eggs that taste like chocolate gone off, what EVERYONE needs is something special from my favourite chocolatier.

How does a Rocky Road to Caramel EXTRA THICK CHOCOLATE Easter egg sound.....? I'm not even going to try and sound cool and calm and collected about it, THIS IS 150% THE MOST AMAZING EASTER EGG I HAVE EVER EATEN. Daisy liked it too.

Beautifully wrapped in shiny gold foil and packaged in a huge box decorated with a satin bow; this is the perfect Easter egg for any chocoholic - especially one that has abstained from the stuff for Lent. If Daisy's over excited face hasn't persuaded you to buy this, perhaps one of these two photographs will:

 Just LOOK! That is no ordinary chocolate egg. That is 40% milk chocolate studded with crispy puffed rice, cookies and extra chunks of chocolate. The other half of the shell is milk chocolate coated with caramel chocolate. It melts in your mouth. Honestly, I am salivating just remembering the taste.

 Of course it says 'extra thick' on the label but how thick were you expecting it to be? How about an entire centimetre?! Oh yes! And you won't find a shabby plastic bag with 6 chocolate buttons inside THIS egg - how does a selection of solid Easter bunnies and chicks, milk chocolate ganaches, liquid caramels and pralines with cookies (amongst others) suit you?

This Easter gift is just divine (as is everything Hotel Chocolat creates). I know I would much prefer just one of these (priced at £26.00) over a few regular Easter eggs any day.

Last orders are 5pm on Thursday (5th April) - so get in there quick! xoxox

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  1. Georgie Charles2 April 2012 at 21:17

    OH EM GEEEEEE! My Easter weekend will not be complete without this xxx


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