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Monday, 23 April 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

My daughter is a chatterbox. No need to crack the 'like mother, like daughter' jokes..... I realise I'm probably to blame.

At nearly two and a half, her knowledge of the English language (and Japanese thanks to one of her lovely Godmothers - but thats another blog post altogether) never ceases to amaze me. She comes out with new words and phrases every day, has begun to correct her own grammar, has started getting to grips with talking about the past, present and future (although anything in the past is 'yesterday' and anything in the future is 'tomorrow') and she even tells me off if I get something wrong.

As she has started learning the 'proper' words for things she couldn't say when she was younger, I have been reminiscing about how she used to say certain things. Flipflops were 'fumphties', yoghurts were 'ha-has' and raisins were 'ra-ras'......
She has also come out with some classic new sentences this past week including: 'Grandad Jim is an IDOWAT [idiot] - he thought my tights were a hat!' and 'Charlie isn't a HER, he's a HIM. I'M a HER!' *stamps feet* .

And her memory is outstanding. She has mastered a nursery rhyme a night over the last fortnight. Listening to her recite 'Sing a Song of Sixpence' is amazing!

I just can't get enough of our conversations. Especially the ones at bedtime when we talk about our day and what we're going to get up to tomorrow. Usually instigated by me, tonight I was asked 'Soooooo! What did we get up to today, Mummy?' as I tucked her in.

Of course now is the time for me to watch what I say in front of her (ahem) and to think about the television she watches and iPhone apps she plays with. After playing one game for a while, she started to develop a slight American accent whilst talking about certain fruits ('HUNNY DOOOOOOOO' anyone?!).

I'm already looking forward to my morning call of 'MUMMY! Is it daytime? Do you want a cup of tea? Can I have a cup of tea?? Mummy!!!!!' What are your toddlers saying at the moment?





  1. Aileen Gallahue24 April 2012 at 07:32

    Mostly NO. But this morning we were also treated to a 5am rendition of Winkle, Winkle, lickle star!

  2. And I quote...""Because of all your meanness, I'm having a terrible life. Now can I play on the X-Box?" Oliver, 5yrs.

    I blame the parents.

  3. Ah, how lovely! Bob is only saying a few words yet but I can't wait until we can have proper conversations! Lovely to find your blog!


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