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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Cotswold Outdoor and LittleLife: A Review

Daisy's a lucky bugger.

Last week Cotswold Outdoor sent her a brilliant LittleLife Animal Wheelie Duffle suitcase to take on holiday when we head to the coast next month. We are big fans of LittleLife in the Modern Mummy household. Daisy had a butterfly toddler day sack when she first started walking and we loved it so much we went on to buy lots of them for friends and family too!

The wheelie duffle is a perfect size for a two year old (it's actually designed for 3 to 7 year olds but there are no small parts to worry about so I am happy for Daisy to use it). Despite being small (35cm x 25cm x 42cm) it actually has a capacity of 20litres... which means it carries a lot! The child-size extending handle is simple for small people to use and the wheels manoeuvre easily and are made of rubber - which don't hurt if they run over your toes! It is made of nylon so is hard-wearing and wipe clean and is available in either a ladybird or turtle design. I can imagine getting years of use out of this suitcase so it really is a bargain at only £40.00 from Cotswold Outdoor. 

In true Daisy style (she is impatient, like her mother) she just couldn't wait until our holiday to use it for the first time so we packed her off to Granny and Grandad's for a night. There was plenty of room for Pinky and Mummy Bear (*ahem* guess which one is which - and would you believe that Mummy Bear used to be mine and is almost 30 years old!). She wheeled the suitcase the whole 500m herself and was very proud when we arrived. I'm sure the grandparents thought she was planning to stay for a week!

 Daisy is wearing a gorgeous strawberry dress from Mini Boden

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