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Friday, 11 May 2012

Poorly Toddler & Zombie Mama

Look at that face! Doesn't my little monkey look poorly? Ahem! 

This photo was taken at 4am. After madam had spent half an hour on the loo with a 'fizzy bum' (her choice of words) and talked at me non-stop about her first ballet lesson which was earlier in the day - and just before I had to change bedsheets for a second time as a result of unexpected projectile vomiting.

Yes this little ratbag kept me up for all but one hour of the WHOLE NIGHT. Bearing in mind I've been sleeping for 10+hrs every night since I got preggers, you can imagine how knackered and grumpy I am. It has even driven me to drink CAFFEINE today (something I've not done for the last three months). I would go so far as to describe myself as being OFF MY FACE after drinking my single shot Starbucks cappu. Not a pretty sight.

Inbetween bouts of sickness and diarrhoea, Daisy is pretty much fine. We even had a tantrum about not going to the dance shop for her new ballet outfit earlier (which included foot stamping and lots of whining) and when I asked her if she fancied anything to eat she replied 'mini baby bel, chicken tikka and tiger bread'..... which she is now demolishing. But we are staying indoors, wearing comfy clothes and watching DVDs because, despite putting a brave face on, she really is under the weather.

Every now and again I get a quiet 'Mama.... Cuddle me. I poorly' and I melt a little and wish I could make it all better. Its horrible when our little people have a bug and don't understand why.

Hopefully it's just a 24hr thing and after a good night's sleep tonight she'll be right as rain. In the meantime I just need to persuade her to take a little afternoon nap so that I can have one too. I have had my 200mg of caffeine allowance today and the word ZOMBIE springs to mind.

Hope the rest of you are all ok and you have lovely weekends. Looks as if the sun is going to be making an appearance in London so make sure you all get out and about and enjoy it xoxox


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