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Friday, 11 May 2012

The Ultimate Lazy Comfort Dinner

Some days just aren't meant to be spent slaving over a hot stove. When you're knackered, when you're out til late and are starving and need to make something quick, when its miserable outside and you want something really comforting or when you've been poorly and your appetite comes back and you fancy something simple.

Tonight was one of those nights. I was (still am!) shattered after the grand total of one hour's sleep in the last thirty six hours so when my poorly girlie requested STICKY BEANS & CHEESE ON TOAST for dinner, who was I to say no?

This isn't just ANY old beans and cheese on toast, this is sticky beans and grilled cheese on buttery toasted tiger bread. And it is truly amazeballs.

The sticky beans make all the difference. I hate sloppy, saucy beans. I have to cook mine up for at least fifteen minutes so all the juice evaporates and the beans go all mushy. And that's exactly how they need to be for this meal. They need to be firm so that they stay on the toast. A bit like the tomato base of bruscetta. Only much less classy.

So slice and toast your tiger bread (or other bread of your choice), grate your cheese (extra mature cheddar works well) and smother the toast in butter - all while your beans are overcooking. Then pile the beans onto the toast, sprinkle over the cheese and whack back under the grill.

Effortless. But so tasty. Enjoy xoxox

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  1. I need to cook my beans until they are mushy and gloopy too! xx


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