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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Buying, Selling & Wearing Second Hand Maternity Clothes

 A lovely parcel of maternity goodies sent to me from 
my good friend x

There are two parts to my blog post today:

(1) Buying and wearing second hand clothes
(2) Splashing out on, and re-selling, your own clothes

First of all, buying second hand clothes. DO IT! Don't be stuck up about it. Think of it as buying 'vintage' if you'd rather.... Us mamas are only pregnant for nine months at a time (and only in maternity gear for about four or five of those months!). If any of your friends offer you their old maternity clothes, accept them, or if you see something you like the look of on eBay, buy it. Chances are they will only have been worn a handful of times and will be in excellent condition. 

Which brings us onto spending money on expensive maternity wear! If you have a wedding or party to go to and can't see the point in splashing out on a beautiful dress that will make you feel a million dollars, think again. First of all, there is NOTHING worse than feeling hideous, fat and frumpy at a do where all your friends and family are glammed to the max. I've been there and never again! But more importantly, you will be shocked at the re-sale value of maternity clothes - especially those from popular designers such as Seraphine and Isabella Oliver. You can very often make almost all of your money back on them should you decide to re-sell them in the future. I bought myself a beautiful IO wrap dress (similar to this one) when I was pregnant with Daisy, wore it twice and then sold it for 75% of its original value on eBay a year later, so I will never feel bad about treating myself to something beautiful ever again.

So go ahead and spend your cash on a hot mama outfit from your favourite store, safe in the knowledge that you can re-sell it one day if you want to, and make yourself feel better for being frivolous by grabbing yourself a bargain from a second hand clothes shop or eBay.

Happy shopping and happy eBaying! xoxox 


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  1. Here here - though I admit I didnt buy many maternity clothes, I was so surprised at how well they sold on eBay- even a M&P swimming costume I almost sold for as much as the original retail price.


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