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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Child Free Morning: How Do You Spend Yours?

I had an unexpected child free morning today which was a bit exciting!

When Daisy was small, I would always spend my baby free time going to places with loads of stairs and really skinny doorways so that I could make the most of not having a buggy with me. Daisy was perfectly well behaved in those days. She would sit in the pushchair and read a book or drink some juice or play with a toy. The shops wares didn't interest her.

These days (we are buggy free now) I like to treat myself by doing things like drinking an entire cup of tea without having to take a small person to the toilet, or visiting shops that sell expensive, breakable stuff. Daisy is like a magpie and is drawn to pretty, shiny things (a bit like moi). As much as I adore my little shopping companion (she has an opinion on everything, which I LOVE), its just such a treat to spend an hour or two doing something for me, and not having to worry about her running off, or touching things she shouldn't.

So this morning I went to Sunbury Antiques Market. The ULTIMATE child un-friendly shopping/browsing destination! Those of you that live nearby HAVE to go one day. Without your kids of course. It's held twice a month at Kempton Racecourse and consists of 700+ stalls selling everything from antique jewellery and chandeliers worth thousands of pounds to gorgeous shabby chic stuff (which I can never quite justify buying but which always inspires me to recreate things back at home) to absolute bargains like the beautiful old coloured glass that is sold on my favourite stall, which the stall holder finds at landfill sites across the country.

After sitting out in the fresh air and enjoying a bacon sarnie and a whole cup of tea I wandered round the market in its entirety and picked up a couple of bits for the kitchen. A vintage 1940s enamel bread bin and an old ginger beer bottle to add to my collection of glass & pottery bottles!

Now I'm back home and business has resumed as normal. The living room looks like a bomb has hit it, despite being immaculate when I left a few hours ago, and we are about to start making chocolate flapjacks (so the kitchen will look like a bomb site in an hour or so too).

As much as I love a teeny tiny bit of free time, it's nice to be back home with my little whirlwind.

How do you like to spend your baby free time? xoxox


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