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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How to make home made play dough

This may look like a brain but in actual fact it is HOME MADE PLAY DOUGH! (Note to self.... use more pink food colouring next time).

Following my mama's recipe, Daisy and I made some of this brilliant, non-toxic (edible even, if you like that sort of thing... bleeuuurrrggghhh) stuff and the whole procedure of mixing, cooking and playing actually kept madam occupied for most of the day. It may have been sunny today but this would make a perfect rainy day activity. The ingredients are mostly all store cupboard basics too which is handy (except, perhaps, for cream of tartar - put it on your shopping list now and get some next time you're in the supermarket!). This recipe makes a relatively large amount of play dough!

What you need:
A saucepan and wooden spoon

2x cups of flour
2x cups of water
1x cup of salt
2x tbsp vegetable oil
1x tbsp cream of tartar
Food colouring as required

What to do:
Mix all the ingredients together in a saucepan.
Once combined, stir over a low heat for about 5 minutes (until it forms a dough)
Leave to cool and play, play, play!

If kept in a tupperware pot/tied up in a plastic bag, this stuff lasts aaaages. It really is fab - as well as being cheap and easy to make!

Enjoy xoxox


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