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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Return of the Rain

After a blissful 5 days of summer (!) the miserable rain is back with a vengeance - and it's set to stay with us for the foreseeable future too. Now I'm not normally one to complain about the weather; I'm happy to make the most out of whatever we're given. When it's wet outside I will just put on my Hunters and a rain mac and get out there and embrace it. But tantalising us with a teeny tiny bit of summer sun, and then snatching it away again, is just plain cruel! 

It's horribly grey in London today, so we are going to spend the afternoon snuggled on the sofa watching a film, drinking tea and eating chocolate biscuits. It may be horrible outside but it's the perfect day to wrap ourselves up in our beautiful new hand crocheted blanket from Emma Bear Forever and stay indoors in the cosy and warm.

Justine from Emma Bear Forever is a fellow blogger as well as being a super talented crafty clever cloggs. She crochets the most wonderful blankets, as well as sewing bunting, knitting flower garlands and making all sorts of other gorgeous stuff. We commissioned a huuuuge rainbow blanket just for days like these and it is definitely my favourite hand-made purchase to date!

Not only is the blanket of the most exceptional quality, it was packaged beautifully.....  I almost didn't want to undo the ribbon it was tied up in!

The Emma Bear Forever blog can be found here. Make sure you pop over, Justine is just the loveliest and most inspirational lady. If you are interested in making a purchase from the shop, it can be found on Facebook here xoxox



  1. this blanket is divine... scrumptious! we got a similar stripy beautiful crocheted blanket from - their stuff is lovely! i will check out Emma Bear Forever. B

  2. I love love love this blanket. I need to learn how to crochet!


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