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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Jubilee Gardens, Twickenham





(and it only took 32 years!)

Yesterday Daisy and I visited the new Jubilee Gardens on Twickenham Riverside for the first time since its official opening on 23 June.

We went armed with a picnic and some factor 50 and got there a little before midday.

The gardens have been developed after many, many years of arguments deliberation about what to do with the old site of the Twickenham swimming baths. 32 years in fact. The location, set above road level and overlooking the River Thames, is beautiful (hence the many, many years of deliberation about what to do with it) and now consists of a cafe, a playground, a lovely lawn bordered by lots of plants and loads of deckchairs (I do love deckchairs).

Being the school holidays the park was packed, which was really lovely to see. Lots of mamas and their offspring enjoying the summer sunshine and finally enjoying what has been a sorely neglected, derelict piece of land for over three decades.

The cafe and children's play area are the same ones as have been on the site for the last year (still no swings in the park, grrrrrrr) but  it is brilliant to finally have the land regenerated and creating a public garden for the community to share was a great idea.

Its the ideal place for a family morning out, and a spot of lunch break sunbathing on the deckchairs for the hard working people of Twickenham town centre! Plus the iconic Twickenham Ice Cream Van is parked but a 30 second walk away. What could be more perfect?

Its only fault? The severe lack of shade..... not good when you are of pasty complexion like myself or, more importantly, you are trying to protect the skin of your small people in 30 degree heat like I was yesterday. Rows of trees have been planted on the raised patio overlooking the embankment which, I would imagine, will provide shade in the years to come once they are better established. But in the meantime we had to join the other parents and picnic on the concrete in the shade the cafe.... not the most comfortable, and very limited space!

That aside, thank goodness Richmond council and the residents of Twickenham have finally stopped their bickering and done something with this prime spot. Make sure you get out and enjoy it xoxox 

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  1. So has the old swimming pool been knocked down? I used to love looking through the cracks of the boarding to look at it. Glad they turned it into gardens and not flats, though (like Richmond swimming pool!)


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