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Monday, 2 July 2012

Moooo! New Business Cards

I've been contemplating getting business cards for quite a while now. Although blogging is more of a hobby than a career for me, there have been plenty of opportunities where I've wanted to give someone my contact details/URL and it has been a complete pain in the backside, involving scrabbling in the bottom of my giant handbag for biros and scraps of paper. Not particularly professional to say the least. 

So last week, after a recommendation from a friend, I decided to go for it and I created these bad boys using I'm delighted with them.

I chose mini cards to hand out to people I just want to share my website with (they don't include all my contact details) and full sized business cards to hand out to people in a professional capacity.

The prices were really reasonable, the quality of the card and print is unquestionable and delivery was super fast. All in all, getting them made was a great decision methinks, and I wish I'd done it sooner now!

What do you lot think?

If anyone else is interested in getting some cards printed by Moo, drop me a line and I'll will pass on a discount code xoxox

NB This is not a sponsored post. I paid for my cards in full.


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