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Friday, 10 August 2012

Being a Domestic Goddess: The One Minute Rule

Pregnancy and nesting go hand in hand right?, not necessarily!

If you're anything like me, your first trimester will be spent sleeping - and housework will be the last thing on your mind. Yes, even me, me with the nickname 'Katy Scrubber' due to my OCD tendencies when it comes to cleanliness. Being pregnant with Daisy brought about a complete change in my personality and I became *ahem* a bit lazy - up until the last few weeks when I suddenly started panic nesting. This pregnancy seems to be going the same way. 

Dusting the picture rails and on top of the wardrobes is at the bottom of my list of priorities right now. My SPD and general tiredness means that if I get ten minutes to myself, I would rather spend them with a cup of tea and my feet up. Can you blame me?

Well here is a domestic goddess tip that DOES seem to be working for me. THE ONE MINUTE RULE. And it doesn't just apply to those of us that are In The Club either.

You've had a busy day/afternoon/morning/week, you're exhausted, you've got dozens of things to do around the house but you just can't be bothered. Well if something needs doing that will take less than sixty seconds then DO IT. Stuff like putting shoes away, making a phonecall, wiping round the bathroom sink, putting the clean dishes that are on the draining board away. Anything you that needs doing that you can do in less than a minute, DO. It is amazing how much actually gets done! This has actually revolutionised my life this past week.

No more 'oh I'll do that later'. Do it now. Even if you just do one thing an hour, thats about sixteen little jobs you can get done in a day. You'll feel heaps better, you domestic goddess you! xoxox

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  1. wow! That tips is something i hear for a first time but will surely try. Actually, it sounds so logical. Thanks!


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