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Monday, 27 August 2012

Magpie Monday: Vintage Minnie

Despite having never watched a Disney cartoon, my daughter is Minnie Mouse obsessed. Neither me nor Himself can work out where the infatuation came from, but a cuddly Minnie toy she was given recently has become The Toy That Will One Day Have To Be Surgically Removed In Order To Go In The Washing Machine and I'm dreading the day already.

This week her lovely Godmother gave her a gooorrrgeous vintage (1985!) Minnie Mouse swimming costume to add to the collection of paraphernalia she is steadily accumulating. How bloody cool is it?!

Vintage Tesco, no less, and Made in the UK. We both love it! Thank you, Laura

We are off to the Antiques Fair at Kempton Race Course in Sunbury tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have lots of brilliant things to show you next week.... so long as I can smuggle them into the house without Himself seeing....

Linking up to Magpie Monday over at Me and My Shadow xoxox

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  1. Oh my goodness!! Clothing made in the United Kingdom!! :0) Super cute Minnie fan you have there x

  2. That is gorgeous!!

    There's something more charming about vintage Disney than the current stuff don't cha think? Sorry, I didn't post MagpieMonday this week, but please link up next Monday x


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