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Monday, 6 August 2012

Magpie Monday: Greens & Blues

I've been meaning to get involved with Lizzie from Me & My Shadow's Magpie Monday linky for ages. I'm a biiiiig lover of vintage and am always visiting car boot sales, antiques fairs and charity shops and trying to bag a bargain. The only thing I enjoy as much as getting a bargain myself, is reading about things that others have found. I also find it fascinating to hear what appeals to other people and love to read up on others' upcycling and restyling projects!

Today's BRILLIANT charity shop haul finally gave me the boot up the backside to write and link up a blog post, before sitting down with a cup of tea and a packet of Fox's Velvety Caramel & Honeycombe Creams (my biscuits du jour) and reading about the treasures that have been discovered by other bloggers.

Over the weekend, I spotted an intricately decorated plate in the window of a charity shop on my local high street. It was painted in different shades of green (my favourite colour). And only THREE POUNDS! Typically it was very late on Saturday afternoon and the shop was shut, and not due to reopen until today, so I had to keep my fingers crossed that it was still there by the time I managed to get back to buy it.

Luckily for me it was still there this morning, so it was purchased for display on my beloved dresser (which now contains an eclectic mix of vintage - and new - pottery). Turns out it is Greek and handmade and painted, two essential qualities for me when buying pottery (I'll have none of that machine made, mass produced rubbish thank YOU!) 

Whilst in there I also found a gorgeous TG Green mixing bowl (for £4.50!!!! I've been watching them disappear on eBay for about six times that price!) and a piece of turqoise glass to add to my ever growing coloured glass collection.

The kettle has boiled and the Foxes are calling me.... I'm off to link up at Me & My Shadow. Fingers crossed I find some more vintage loveliness during the course of this week and can join in again next Monday xoxox

Me and My Shadow


  1. Ahh, you and me are going to get on like a house on fire!!

    I have that mixing bowl but with a blue interior, but I love the jade colour of yours.

    You have a new blog follower!! Thanks for linking up x

  2. Lovely finds - I especially like the mixing bowl.

  3. I'm a big fan of green things too :-) That plate is lovely, so glad it was still there for you when you got back to the shop!


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