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Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Best Maternity Jeans Ever

This is a post I have been 'researching' for the last few months. Jeans are a staple in EVERYONE's wardrobe. Just because you're pregnant, there is no reason for you to wave goodbye to your denim BFFs and spend nine months in leggings and baggy t-shirts. If anything, its the time to treat yourself to a super hot new pair of jeans that will make you feel happy, confident and comfortable while your waistband is expanding.

I've tried and tested so many different high street brands in order to put this post together. (aren't I good to you!!!) H&M, New Look, Gap, Dotty P's, Next, JojoMamanBebe, ASOS, TopShop. Lots of them had their good points - the price of the H&M ones were fantastic, for instance, plus they - and the TopShop ones - came in lots of different, fashionable, styles and colours. But they weren't particularly well made and I definitely wouldn't recommend either for all-day-every-day wear. Others, like the Gap ones, were particularly hardwearing and some, such as those from Next, came in different leg-measurements which was great.

There are lots of things to look out for when choosing your perfect pair of maternity jeans. Colour and style are obviously two things you will take into account. But the most important thing is COMFORT. Think how often you wear your non-maternity jeans. Think about the different styles you like to wear and the different occasions you like to wear them. There are also different maternity styles to take into account. Some terms you might come across when shopping are:

- Over the bump. This means a fully elasticated waistband that fits over your bump and is my particular favourite as I find they give you a nice smooth silhouette.
- Under the bump. These types of jeans have a smaller elasticated waistband that fits under your bump and offers an element of support.
- Usual fly/button front. In maternity wear this usually relates to regular fly/button jeans that contain adjustable straps hidden inside the waistband.
- Side panels. Instead of a full elasticated waistband, some jeans contain side panels only, usually hidden in the pockets.

One brand that I reviewed stood out above all of the others - for all of the reasons I mentioned above. And that brand is Boden.

Boden maternity jeans offer you everything. They are reasonably priced, extremely durable, available in different colours, styles, leg lengths and come with a multitude of different maternity waistbands. 

My particular favourites are the maternity skinny jeans in vintage blue.

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With an over the bump panel that can be doubled over to rest under the bump too, these jeans really will see you through the whole of your pregnancy. They look equally gorgeous with a pair of converse and a stripey tee as with sky scraper heels and a ruched boob tube. And £59 is, in my opinion, a totally reasonable price to pay for jeans that are this well made, fit this well and will last you such a long time. (Over the bump jeans are also great for the first few weeks after pregnancy while your uterus contracts, and are especially comfortable if you have had a c-section).

Other styles available by Boden include straight leg (I have a pair in black which I wear for 'smart') and cropped leg and they also sell cords (which I don't have but LUUUUURRRRVE). 

I would definitely recommend trying Boden when on a hunt for YOUR perfect maternity jeans.



  1. Definitely they are the best ever one could get

  2. According to my opinion when you select your maternity clothes you should consider that it should be comfortable enough to wear for a long time without any inconveniency. The fabric should be soft and maintain body temperature.

  3. Mama Jeanius maternity jeans are pretty good too. The UK's only maternity jeans specialists.

  4. I found these to be great for post pregnancy, they are not maternity jeans but are the best I found and a good price


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