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Monday, 6 August 2012

The Santuary Spa, Richmond: A Review

For my birthday this year, Daisy's Godparents very kindly bought me a gift voucher for The Sanctuary in Richmond.

I'd visited the famous Sanctuary spa in Covent Garden before but had no idea whatsoever that a branch had opened so close to my house. (Himself will tell you that this is a Very Good Thing as now that I am aware of its existence I am already planning my next visit and trying to convince him that regular beauty treatments are ESSENTIAL).

I visited the spa, which is located at the bottom of Richmond Hill, for a pregnancy pampering session last week and can honestly say I had the most wonderful experience ever.

The staff were just lovely. I was greeted at the front desk and, after filling in the usual consultation forms, was shown around the facilities before being taken to my changing room.  Because I'd booked in for a treatment that lasted longer than 50 minutes (I had opted for the Mum To Be massage which lasts 55 minutes, plus I also decided to treat myself in for a 55 minute luxury pedicure after the shock of discovering I could no longer reach my toes earlier that week), a towelling robe and slippers were given to me for the duration of my visit, and I was also given complimentary access to the Relaxation Lounge.

 The Relaxation Room, photo courtesy of The Sanctuary

I spent fifteen minutes enjoying the peace and quiet (and the magazines and fruit and juices!) of the Relaxation Lounge before being collected by my therapist and taken off for my first treatment. 

The Mum To Be massage is a pampering full body massage, specifically for expectant mamas that are inbetween 13 and 28 weeks of pregnancy, and which uses the Sanctuary's sumptuous mum-to-be products.

My therapist talked me through the treatment, which was very reassuring as I had no idea what to expect, and explained that I would lie on each side for approximately twenty minutes before being propped up for a head, neck, shoulder and (if I wanted it) bump massage. 

I was given lots of squishy pillows to make myself comfortable.... and so beginneth just under an hour of complete and utter bliss! I didn't realise just how tense I was until my back massage started - my shoulders must have dropped about six inches afterwards! - and the calf massage was unbelievable. Running around after a two year old all day has obviously taken its toll on my muscles!

Once the massage was over, my therapist left me alone for a few mins before taking me up to the pedicure room for another hour of pampering. 

The Perfectly Polished Pedicure involves a thorough exfoliation and filing before nails and cuticles are groomed and then polished with a Jessica nail colour of your choice. You even get to take the nail polish home. (I know, I'm easily pleased). You can choose whether your therapist concentrates on deep relaxation (which I did-----and which was amazeballs) or intense skin removal. The relaxing option involves a soothing leg and foot massage and a hydrating foot mask (and heated booties!) and was just divine.

Treatments over, my completely relaxed and rejuvenated body and immaculately groomed and painted pinkies were returned to the Relaxation Room, where I could have stayed all afternoon had I wanted. I allowed myself an hour in there with an ice cold glass of water and the latest edition of Vogue and it rounded off my visit perfectly. Then it was back to my changing room for a steaming hot power shower (using every Sanctuary product on offer) before settling up and heading off into the afternoon.

I had been researching spas and spa breaks for weeks before planning this day trip. Although utterly wonderful, pregnancy really does take its toll on our bodies and sometimes a little time out and a whole lot of pampering is just what the doctor ordered. I had an absolutely brilliant day at The Sanctuary, and the fact it was on my doorstep made it even better (no train or tube stresses to ruin the previous four hours worth of relaxation!). 

If you're a local expectant mama looking for a treat, The Sanctuary in Richmond most definitely gets the Modern Mummy seal of approval. Those of you that are further afield, telephone around your local spas and beauticians and see what pregnancy treatments they have on offer and book yourselves in for one (or two!). You know you deserve it! xoxox 

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