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Monday, 17 September 2012

Hospital Bag Check List!

So I've been a bit pre-occupied with housey stuff over the past month and I'm feeling totally unprepared baby-wise! I'm 32 weeks pregnant now (how did that happen?!?!?!!) so yesterday I decided to pack my hospital bag.

I totally overpacked when I was pregnant with Daisy. Its very easy to get carried away with all the different bits and pieces that all the baby books and pregnancy websites tell you you need. 

This is my personal list of what I think is essential and what I will be taking to the hospital with me. Of course everyone is different so I would totally recommend reading as many check lists as you can and thinking carefully about what is most important to you before you start to pack. To help you I have included a list of links to other websites and blogs checklists at the bottom of this page - make sure you take a look and see what other people consider important as they may be important to you too!

My bag (a large gold holdall from Accessorize)

- Hospital notes & birth plan
- Two nighties (one to give birth in and a second, clean one in case I have to stay overnight afterwards)

- Slippers (or flip flops - shoes that are easy to put on in case you are pacing the ward!)

- Dressing gown (although hospitals are normally roasting hot, it's still nice to be able to cover up if you have visitors and even thin cotton dressing gowns are cosy if it does get a bit nippy).

- Cheap, big, black, comfy knickers (I've packed 8 pairs of bikini briefs which I got from Primark  for £2.50 per pack of 4 - much cheaper than the disposable knickers on the market and MUCH more comfortable. The bigger the better. Be prepared to want to wear this style for the rest of your life!)
- Sanitary/maternity towels (I found that night-time sanitary towels with wings were better than actual maternity towels)

- Breast pads (Whether or not you breast feed, your milk will still come in and your boobs will leak! I used the Tommee Tippee ones with Daisy and found them to be brilliant - absorbant but discreet)
- Make-up bag/wash kit. This almost deserves an entire list of its own. I have packed lots of travel sized miniatures of all my usual toiletries - shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, make up wipes, moisturiser, toothpaste etc (they are on offer, 3 for 2 at Boots at the moment) plus a hairband (to tie my hair back during labour), a hair brush for afterwards and lipbalm as all that gas and air will really dry your lips out. Contact lenses/glasses are essential! Plus a make up bag so you can tart yourself for those all important first family portraits!

- Phone charger (and/or camera charger if you are taking one).

- Maternity/nursing bra

- Socks (to keep your tootsies warm on the ward and to wear home)
- Comfy clothes to go home in---- I'll pack this lot later in case I want to wear them before, but am planning to take a pair of Jack Wills trackie bums, a vest top, hoodie and Uggs. JW tracksuit bottoms are great as they are tie up and can be tightened to fit, depending on how much your tummy shrinks post birth. You may find that maternity clothes are a bit big and it is most likely that you won't fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes for a wee while.

Baby's bag (sage green spotty changing bag from Cath Kidston)

- Three babygros and vests

- Hat (we all lose body heat from our heads and newborns need to be kept toasty and warm like they were in the womb)

- Blanket(s) - hospitals usually provide one for inside the crib but it's nice to take your own, plus you will need it for the journey home.
- Snow suit (only necessary for winter babies!)

- Muslins (I've packed three)

- Nappies (Newborns get through so many, so I've packed 16. Himself can always bring more if needed)

- Wipes (or cotton wool balls if you prefer)

Other (bits for labour/Himself)

- Lots of change for the car park. We all know hospital car parks are a total rip off. Most maternity wards sell 24hr car park passes at a cheaper rate for menfolk whose partners are in labour but you may need longer than this (eeeekkk!) and then of course post labour visits are charged at the normal (extortionate) rate.

- Drinks & snacks for both of you. I would recommend freezing cartons of juice and bottles of water so that they stay cool during labour. I also took a bottle of squash in for afterwards. Lucozade also comes highly recommended. Flapjacks and oaty biscuits are great for slow release energy and chocolate is nice for a sugary treat! You could also pack a little treat for after labour - a mini bottle of champagne and some pate and melba toast perhaps! I will be taking a ginormous slab of Norbury Blue with me......

- Car seat for taking baby home.

- Bendy straws (so drinking is easier if you're flat on your back in labour! Bottles of drinks with sports caps are also good)

- Water spray/spritzer or battery operated fan - really good for labour, I used an Evian mister and it was amazing!

- iPod and dock/speakers - with a pre-prepared playlist! You may laugh but I loved having my favourite songs playing while I was giving birth.

A few tips 

- Ask for samples of your favourite beauty products to go in your wash bag/make up bag. I recently bought a new bottle of perfume and a new mascara and was given trial sizes of both when I asked. 

- Make a list of things you might want/need your other half to do while you're in hospital i.e. a list of people you want him to contact after the birth, a list of where things he might need are around the house or chores that might need doing if you are kept in longer than you are expecting.

- Don't over pack - just make sure your partner knows where things are kept should you need extras e.g. baby clothes, your contact lenses. He can also nip out and get you books or magazines if you are going to be kept in hospital longer than you originally expected, although you probably won't want them when you have a gorgeous newborn to stare at all day and night!

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  1. It is indeed good to be always ready/prepared. Girls/Boys scout is what you call it. Over packing is not good of course. Just bring those things that you will need most.


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