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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Magpie Monday: Victorian Plate Rack

Yes I know it's Tuesday - but I'm nearly 34 weeks pregnant, are you really going to argue and risk feeling the wrath of a fat, hormonal woman?!

This morning my alarm went off at 5.45am (that was the first time I've had to set an alarm in nearly three years!). It was still dark and very, very cold. But I didn't mind as it meant I got to wear my new bobble hat for the first time this Autumn. Hurray!

The reason for my waking so early was to head off to one of my favourite places, Sunbury Antiques Fair at Kempton Racecourse, on a mission to buy a plate rack for the new kitchen. The transformation is nearly complete and I have a whoooooole other post to write about it in the not too distant future..... keep your eyes peeled!

Kempton is such a great market to shop at; I often go for a post-breakfast browse - but for the best bits you really do have to get there at the crack of dawn.

I was having a rather unsuccessful shop this morning (it's always the way when you've actually got permission to spend money and won't have to smuggle things into the house without the other half noticing). I had just started the trek back to the car park when I spotted this beauty. It's bloody filthy but made of lovely chunky wood and a gorgeous shape - and it holds no less than twenty Emma Bridgewater plates (ten each of the 8.5inchers and the 10.5inchers) - AND eight mugs!

The best bit was that I haggled the seller down a LOT - unheard of when you're shopping as soon as the market opens.

My mission for today is to give it a good scrub and see whether I want to dip it, re-paint it or leave it as it is..... and if I decide to leave it or re-paint it then tomorrow Himself can mount it on the wall, eeeeeeeeeeee!!

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  1. Ohhh that's gorgeous.

    Well done on the haggling - I'm rubbish at it.

    Have you decided on whether you're going to paint or not?


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