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Monday, 22 October 2012

Pip's Garden Personalised Gifts: A Review

Another day, another parcel for lucky Daisy Moo!

This morning Mr Postman delivered her a beautiful, personalised t-shirt from luxury gift company Pip's Garden.

Pip's Garden sell gorgeous gifts suitable for everybody - from adorable personalised baby rompers and kid's t-shirts to fluffy bathrobes and opulent 400 thread count Egyptian cotton bed linen for grown ups - all made with real love, care and attention and from ethically sourced and high quality materials - perfect for childrens' birthdays and wedding presents alike!


Daisy was sent a pink polka dot pirate ship designed long sleeve t-shirt, personalised with 'Castaway Daisy'. It arrived beautifully wrapped in white tissue paper and tied up with rustic green raffia ribbon. The quality of the t-shirt is fantastic; it is 100% super soft cotton and thick (and warm!) and hard-wearing - and can be personalised with any wording of your choice! It is also available in unisex colours and can be short or long sleeved, or layered, and prices start at £19.50, which I think is fab.

Be sure to check Pip's Garden out next time you are hunting for that perfect pressie, and don't forget to say that Modern Mummy sent you xoxox

Thursday, 18 October 2012

#FMSphotoaday - Made You Smile Today

I've had a busy one today, hence my late entry to Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge.

My parents came over to help me and Himself with some DIY and housey stuff ---- which involved lots of mess (courtesy of the menfolk) and then lots of cleaning (courtesy of the womenfolk) but resulted in walls being lining papered, curtain rails (and curtains going up!), doors being hung and lots more boxes being unpacked.

So this image made me smile today - my front room window, cleaned and now complete with curtains and some of my pretties. Another step closer to our house being finished xoxox

Hallowe'en is Coming! Jokers' Masquerade: A Review

Du nu nunu nunununu du nu nunu nunununu BATGIRL!!

Did you know its less than two weeks til Hallowe'en ---- one of my favourite times of year! I've been blogging and tweeting for aaages now so I'm fairly certain you all know how much I love fancy dress (for myself as well as Daisy) and I get very excited at the prospect of getting (or making!) new costumes for us for different occasions. 

Our lovely friends at Jokers' Masquerade recently let Daisy choose a fancy dress costume to review for Hallowe'en. She may only be two but she knows her own mind and after browsing through all the brilliant kids options - have a look at them all here - she chose this fantastic Hallowe'en bat costume all by herself!

The costume is made up of a really soft, comfortable, fleecy black and purple jumpsuit with a hood (complete with bat ears!) and a pair of bat wings on the back. The bat wings contain wire so can be bent to your preferred shape. It's easy to step into and is pulled up over the shoulders and Daisy absolutely loved it - she ate her dinner in it, had a temper tantrum about not being allowed to sleep in it and even struck some proper poses when I got the camera out!

Although I'm a big fan of making things myself, for £13.99 you just can't go wrong with this costume - and as always (we've got lots of Jokers' Masquerade costumes in our collection, including a Disney Snow White one which we reviewed before here) Jokers' Masquerade were super efficient with our order and with delivery.

So that's madam all set for the Hallowe'en party we're off to on 31st October! Now I just need to come up with something I can make that will fit over my big fat belly! Any suggestions? xoxox

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

#FMSphotoaday - Fruit

This photo was taken yesterday. I was pretty exhausted after an early start (5am, grrrr!) and a morning full of cleaning/DIY/nesting. So at about half 3 I decided to throw caution to the wind and retire to my boudoir.... Where I proceeded to eat mandarins out of a tin and spill most of the juice down my bump.

I'm classy like that.

This is today's entry for Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge. The prompt was Fruit.

A Week of #FMSphotoaday Photographs

I know I've been quiet but I've still been getting snap-happy in my new home town.

The past week's daily prompts have all been brilliant but I have been up to my eyeballs in unpacking and DIY and struggling to find time to blog. This week I am back on schedule and will be posting daily. Promise.

So what have you missed?

Day 10. Emotion

Day 10 was also MOVING DAY! Yes after weeks of moaning that the new house wasn't ready we finally bit the bullet and moved in. It still isn't ready but at least now we are able to prioritise and get all the essential things done before bambino arrives.

As I started to unpack bits and pieces I came across an old photo of me that was taken on the day I passed my driving test. I was eighteen (and WHAT a GEEK!) and I thought this photo summed up the emotion of such a monumental occasion perfectly. FREEDOM AT LAST!

Day 11. Something Close Up

We went blackberry picking today and I came across bushes covered in hundreds of these. What the hell are they?!


Day 12. On The Table

This photo was taken at my brother's gig last week. Me, Himself and Daisy (and a whole heap more!) went down to the pub to watch him play. On the table are our drinks....... a cheeky vino for me (well I am 37 weeks now), a ribena for madam and a pint for Himself. Good fun had by all

Day 13. Landscape

This is my most favourite landscape of all. The Embankment.... back at the Motherland (also known as Twickenham). I lived in Twickenham for 32 years and, even though I only moved away a week ago, I miss it already. This shot was taken from the bridge leading over to Eel Pie Island and you can see The Barmy Arms and St Mary's Church on the left and some boats from the Boat Yard on the right. Sigh.

Day 14. Makes You Laugh

There is one little bugger that is 100% guaranteed to make me laugh; The One And Only Daisy Moo. This is her demolishing a caramel tart (from our new local bakery The Granary in Haslemere which is AMAZING!) and pulling her latest favourite funny face. Like mother, like daughter.

Day 15. Dinnertime

The benefits of living on a building site? Not having to cook every night. We don't eat out or have takeaways very often so a fish & chip dinner was a real treat. ESPECIALLY when it arrived served up on this super-retro shell plate! LOVE!!!!

Day 16. Something You Wrote

I'm a list writer. Its something I inherited from my Mum. We both write them all the time and like nothing more than ticking things off as and when they get done or bought! Moving into a new house that is undergoing major renovations has required LOTS of lists and I have been in my element. They generally get re-written and replaced once every couple of days. This is the current one!

So there you have it.... a weeks worth of my photos for Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge. See you again tomorrow xoxox

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cotswold Outdoor & Kozi Kidz: A Review

Daisy and I like to spend as much time as possible outside, and now that we have moved to the country I plan to spend even more time enjoying the fresh air and exploring the beautiful scenery around us. I'm also a total geek mother and like to be prepared for all eventualities....... Suncream - check. Extra jumpers - check. Wellies - check. Waterproofs - check. Flask of tea - check. Tupperware crammed full of cake - check.

Cotswold Outdoor, who are my incidentally my FAVOURITE outdoor clothing specialists, have recently started stocking a new range of children's outdoor wear, Kozi Kidz, and they very kindly sent a fleece lined rainbow rain jacket out to Daisy.

The Kozi Kidz range is Swedish in design and perfect for kids that love splashing around in puddles and love bright bold colours and patterns! Obviously practicality is the most important thing when it comes to dressing our little people up for rainy weather, but if an item of clothing is as gorgeous as this it's definitely a winner!

The lined rain jacket is 100% waterproof, has a detachable hood, reflectors for increased visibility, a super cosy fleece lining and is machine washable - all that for a very reasonable £35.

Daisy loves it, I love it (I really think they should make grown up sizes!) and all her nursery friends love it too - we've had lots of comments, particularly about the eye catching rainbow stripes and also about the reflective strips, which are brilliant now that the winter nights are drawing in.

Also available in this range are both lined and unlined all in ones, extra warm padded winter jackets and fleece jumpers - check out the range of products available online at Cotswold Outdoor here

I have a shopping list as long as my arm! (Don't tell Himself) xoxox

Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Tots100 Home Makeover Competition: An Update

ratedpeople.com renovation

Last week I blogged my entry to the Tots100 Home Makeover competition. You can see my original post here.

Well now that we are actually living in the house and I am forced to use the bathroom every day I thought I'd write a little bit of an update about it and my plans to improve it.

It's pretty hideous. I don't mean to sound like a diva but it's not the sort of place you want to spend lots of time (and I am a big time bubble bath LOVER and WALLOWER). I have bleached the whole room from ceiling to floor four times so I know its spotless but it still feels grubby and horrible. I've added a few 'homely' touches - plants, Daisy's bath toys etc - but it definitely doesn't feel like home.

This bad boy needs a makeover URGENTLY. And I have been daydreaming about it pretty much constantly since we moved in. My scrap book has become devoted to bathrooms and I have been scouring the internet for the bits and pieces I am after to make it perfect.

If we can't afford an entirely new bathroom suite then we definitely need a new sink, new taps, A NEW TOILET SEAT! An over the bath shower would be nice (I am STRUGGLING to wash my hair in the bath BIG TIME), plus new wall and floor tiles go without saying. Our boiler is also huge and has hundreds of pipes escaping out of it which are ugly (and keep attracting spiders, yuck) so I would like to box those in if poss.

Here are a few extracts from my scrap book to give you an idea of what  I'm visualising, pretties-wise....

Mismatched girlie tiles, a pretty cotton shower curtain, lots of plants, a chequered floor. Ornate mirrors and clever (and beautiful!) storage. I thought the space was tiny and unworkable before we moved in but in actual fact its pretty cosy and definitely does the job.

GOD I hope I win!!!!

Anyone else entering? What room in your house would you like to makeover? xoxox

Morning Sickness and Sea-Band Mama!: A Review

Morning sickness sucks. Fact.

It affects 80% of pregnant women and is caused by THOSE BLOODY HORMONES. How long it lasts depends on the person; it is usually one of the first symptoms you experience when preggers so normally kicks off at around six weeks - and tends to improve around weeks twelve to sixteen, although sometimes it is a total bitch and sticks around for a lot longer. It can also affect you at any time of day, despite its name.

I had it easy with Daisy.... it only lasted from weeks 6-11, hit me at around lunchtime every day and was controllable by eating (! - four and a half stone weight gain anyone?!). If I gobbled up a bowl of cheesy mash or pasta or a couple of slices of buttery toast my stomach settled and I felt grand.

I was quite shocked this time round when I discovered that eating ANYTHING made me feel a million times worse and I lost almost a stone in my first trimester. I asked around and tried virtually every old wives tale going to cure myself - ginger biscuits (ick), a plain biscuit or cracker before getting out of bed, drinking flat lemonade or full fat coke, sipping ice cold water, peppermint - so either brushing your teeth, chewing gum/sucking mints or drinking minty tea, sea/travel sickness bands (more on that later) and sniffing fresh lemon. Some helped a bit, some didn't at all.

At around week 18 I started feeling a bit better, sickness wise, but indigestion and heartburn kicked in and has yet to go away! At 32 weeks pregnant, my queasiness came back with a vengeance.

But I think I've found a cure. Seriously. This may be a sponsored post but I speak the truth.

Sea-Band Mama!

The lovely people at SBM recently sent me a selection of samples to try and I can honestly say they all work.

First up, the sea bands.

These are worn on your wrists and work by using acupressure to relieve symptoms. There is a small plastic stud on the band which stimulates a pressure point on your wrist. I must confess that I've never used acupuncture/pressure to treat any ailments in the past and I was very surprised to find out that it actually works - and quickly too. They are available either direct from the Sea-Band Mama! website, or from Lloyd's Pharmacy and other independent health food stores and pharmacies and are priced at £8.15 a pair.

I was also sent an oil rollette which was probably my favourite product. It is made from a combination of ginger, lime and spearmint which invigorates your sense of smell and, I am informed, 'triggers a reaction in the brain which blocks feeling of nausea'. Rolled onto your temples, wrists or chests and inhaled, this small handbag sized remedy is perfect for the early days of pregnancy as it is so discreet. £4.99 for 10ml.

Finally I was sent some ginger lozenges, fortified with folic acid. Now these worked a treat - but at £3.99 for a packet of 24 (and 10 lozenges required daily to make up the correct amount of folic acid recommended by the Department of Health) worked out as the most expensive remedy. I wouldn't suggest taking these as a pregnancy supplement but the ginger sweet aspect definitely helped with the sickness symptoms and indigestion without tasting too gingery/spicy.

The other thing I have found to help is diet coke, salt & vinegar crisps and putting your feet up whilst watching crap telly. Hope those of you that are feeling poorly are on the mend soon xoxox


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

#FMSphotoaday - Red

Day 9 of the Photo Challenge and the prompt today was Red.

This photo sums up today quite well; not only have I been plagued by traffic and red lights whilst attempting to get around and get things done, but the grey clouds in the background also fit my decidedly grumpy mood! Notice how I am still in Whitton / Twickenham and not at the new house....! Grrrr.

Hopefully I will be more cheerful for 'Emotion' tomorrow! 

Bad mood aside, I am loving everyone else's takes on Fat Mum Slim's prompts and am really glad I joined in xoxox

Monday, 8 October 2012

#FMSphotoaday - Angle

Another day in the Photo A Day Challenge and another fab prompt from Fat Mum Slim. This time it is Angle.

This photograph is of the new staircase being built at my parents house. Yes I know, I can't escape from building work at the moment! I love the roughness of it - lots of angular straight lines forming a perfect curve.

See you tomorrow xoxox

Sunday, 7 October 2012

#FMSphotoaday - Light

One of the reasons I love autumn so much is because of the light. There is something magical about autumn sunshine.

This photo is my entry for Fat Mum Slim's October Photo A Day Challenge. Today's prompt was Light. xoxox

#FMSphotoaday - I'm Thankful For...

I think a lot of people will be taking photos of their family for this prompt from Fat Mum Slim. It is I'm Thankful For.

I am so thankful for my family. Daisy is the most amazing daughter and she never fails to make me smile. She is so well behaved (ahem, most of the time) and bright and is going to be a brilliant big sister. I am also very lucky to have such a kind and funny and clever man (I don't normally use those words to describe him.... IT'S THOSE HORMONES AGAIN!) 

We have spent most of the last two months pretty much living apart, while he has worked night and day turning a damp, old, empty shell of a house into a home for us all. It's been hard but we are very nearly there now.

What are you thankful for?

This is quite a momentous post as this the first photo of Himself I have ever published on Modern Mummy (in an attempt to keep him anonymous!). He's a bit of a hottie, eh? xoxox


#FMSphotoaday - Shadow

I love autumn; the crisp cool air and the bright sunshine is a beautiful contrast and the trees in the woods create some gorgeous stripey shadows over the leaves.

This photo was taken in the park close to our [old] house for the Fat Mum Slim October Photo A Day Challenge. The prompt was Shadow.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

#FMSphotoaday - What You Read

Today is day four of Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge and the prompt is What You Read.

I adore books and used to read A LOT. I would get through two or three novels a week on my commute to and from work.

Since Daisy's arrival I have accumulated a huge bedside reading pile but have only managed to get through two or three books IN THREE YEARS! It's quite shocking saying that out loud.

These days I read blogs, interior design and lifestyle magazines and children's books..... Lots of childrens books! 

Right now I am pouring over the November issue of Country Homes & Interiors. I love this magazine, it has given me heaps of inspiration for doing up my own house xoxox


Win a £2,500 Home Makeover with Tots100 and Ratedpeople.com

Tots100 have joined forces with RatedPeople.com this month and have launched a fabulous competition where a prize made up of £2,500 worth of tools, materials and expert tradesman advice is up for grabs.

To enter this competition, you merely need to tell Tots100 which room you'd like to makeover and how you would go about it!

You may or may not know (HA!) that Himself and I bought a derelict cottage this year. I know I've been banging on about it and whinging about how long the works have taken and how dreadful the move has been and I'M SORRY! (It's the hormones, honest!) 

Because it had been empty for so long it has been a mammoth job making it habitable again, requiring damp proofing, re-wiring and re-plumbing, as well as some structural work and then re-plastering and decorating! It's been a stressful few months I can tell you, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel (thank GOD as I'm 35 weeks pregnant now!) and it looks as if we will be moving in this weekend *crosses fingers*

Every room has had a makeover except the bathroom which, being tucked away at the back of the house, we thought we could leave for the time being and save up some money to spend on it.

Ahhhh, our 'new' bathroom. It's a funny one! Very, VERY cramped and a strange L-shape, and kitted out in the finest enamel bathroom suite and tiles from the 1960s!

I would LOVE to give this room a makeover sooner rather than later. Not that I am impatient or anything.....! But it's old and tired and definitely not ideal as it is, and it looks so out of place next to the rest of the house.

It's pretty grubby at the mo (grubby in the old and dated sense, not dirty - I have bleached the room to within an inch of its life!) so I have been day dreaming about something brand new, and clean and simple. As much as I love my bubble baths, getting out of the bath unaided with a belly this big is proving rather tricky so an over-the-bath shower wouldn't go amiss.

I have visions of a traditional, vintage theme, with mis-matched tiles and wood panelling. Because the room is so small, I have been trying to come up with some fab space saving ideas, like towel rails around the sink with storage underneath, old fashioned medicine cabinets and more over the bath storage.

I just adore this image from Country Living magazine. Have a look at some more inspiring pictures on my Dream Home board on Pinterest!

 Vintage rose bathroom

So this is my entry to the competition! If you want more info on how to enter, check out the Tots100 website here.

Good luck to everyone xoxox 

Ratedpeople.com renovation

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

#FMSphotoaday - This Happened Today

Today was quite a momentous day in the Modern Mummy household; Daisy Moo started nursery!

She started nursery in Haslemere...... and we are still in Twickenham....... so it involved an 80 mile round trip...... But she absolutely loved it so it was totally worth it.

This morning was just a settling in session so I stayed with her. She ran straight in and didn't look back. During the hour we were there she played with play dough, she painted a picture, she played in the home corner - and she enjoyed every minute. There were actually tears when the time came for us to go home!

This is my third entry for Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge, and the prompt was This Happened Today.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

#FMSphotoaday - Lunchtime

Carrying on with Fat Mum Slim's October Photo A Day Challenge, today's prompt is lunchtime

Now I know I've wanted to move out of London for a long, long time...... Buying a cottage in the sticks is a dream come true. But one thing I am REALLY going to miss is sushi. I don't care if I sound like a pretentious, middle class, townie twat, sushi is my favourite food EVER. It's going to be an 80 mile round trip for me to get to my favourite Japanese restaurant (or a 35 mile round trip to get to our new 'local' one which we have yet to try and might not even be any good!)

So for lunch today Daisy and I treated ourselves to a selection of maki rolls, california rolls and edamame beans. A kind of 'last supper' I suppose. We even had Lucky Sticks for pudding. I totally overindulged and am currently resembling a beached whale on my parents sofa. But MY GOD it was worth it. 

I think I'm going to have to take a sushi making course..... xoxox

Monday, 1 October 2012

#FMSphotoaday - Where You Stood

This month I've decided to take part in Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge.

I thought it would give me a good excuse to get out and about and explore my new home town once we've moved into the new house!

Today's prompt is Where You Stood.

This week Daisy and I are staying with my parents while Himself carries out the last of the building work at the cottage. It's lovely for us to get to spend some time together before we move away, and I'm getting to put my feet up a bit too which is BLOODY BRILLIANT as I've not had much time to relax over the past month. (There will be no more whingy tweets I promise!)

My first photo is of me (complete with humongous 35 week bump!) standing in my parents garden. Today was a beautiful, crisp Autumn day. We had torrential rain last night (it was amazing listening to it beating down on the velux windows of our temporary bedroom!) so everything seemed really bright and fresh this morning. Leaves have started to fall and winter is definitely on its way as I could see my breath when I stepped outside to take this photo. Time to get the chunky knits and Uggs out......  I love this time of year xoxox

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