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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Week of #FMSphotoaday Photographs

I know I've been quiet but I've still been getting snap-happy in my new home town.

The past week's daily prompts have all been brilliant but I have been up to my eyeballs in unpacking and DIY and struggling to find time to blog. This week I am back on schedule and will be posting daily. Promise.

So what have you missed?

Day 10. Emotion

Day 10 was also MOVING DAY! Yes after weeks of moaning that the new house wasn't ready we finally bit the bullet and moved in. It still isn't ready but at least now we are able to prioritise and get all the essential things done before bambino arrives.

As I started to unpack bits and pieces I came across an old photo of me that was taken on the day I passed my driving test. I was eighteen (and WHAT a GEEK!) and I thought this photo summed up the emotion of such a monumental occasion perfectly. FREEDOM AT LAST!

Day 11. Something Close Up

We went blackberry picking today and I came across bushes covered in hundreds of these. What the hell are they?!


Day 12. On The Table

This photo was taken at my brother's gig last week. Me, Himself and Daisy (and a whole heap more!) went down to the pub to watch him play. On the table are our drinks....... a cheeky vino for me (well I am 37 weeks now), a ribena for madam and a pint for Himself. Good fun had by all

Day 13. Landscape

This is my most favourite landscape of all. The Embankment.... back at the Motherland (also known as Twickenham). I lived in Twickenham for 32 years and, even though I only moved away a week ago, I miss it already. This shot was taken from the bridge leading over to Eel Pie Island and you can see The Barmy Arms and St Mary's Church on the left and some boats from the Boat Yard on the right. Sigh.

Day 14. Makes You Laugh

There is one little bugger that is 100% guaranteed to make me laugh; The One And Only Daisy Moo. This is her demolishing a caramel tart (from our new local bakery The Granary in Haslemere which is AMAZING!) and pulling her latest favourite funny face. Like mother, like daughter.

Day 15. Dinnertime

The benefits of living on a building site? Not having to cook every night. We don't eat out or have takeaways very often so a fish & chip dinner was a real treat. ESPECIALLY when it arrived served up on this super-retro shell plate! LOVE!!!!

Day 16. Something You Wrote

I'm a list writer. Its something I inherited from my Mum. We both write them all the time and like nothing more than ticking things off as and when they get done or bought! Moving into a new house that is undergoing major renovations has required LOTS of lists and I have been in my element. They generally get re-written and replaced once every couple of days. This is the current one!

So there you have it.... a weeks worth of my photos for Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge. See you again tomorrow xoxox

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