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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hallowe'en is Coming! Jokers' Masquerade: A Review

Du nu nunu nunununu du nu nunu nunununu BATGIRL!!

Did you know its less than two weeks til Hallowe'en ---- one of my favourite times of year! I've been blogging and tweeting for aaages now so I'm fairly certain you all know how much I love fancy dress (for myself as well as Daisy) and I get very excited at the prospect of getting (or making!) new costumes for us for different occasions. 

Our lovely friends at Jokers' Masquerade recently let Daisy choose a fancy dress costume to review for Hallowe'en. She may only be two but she knows her own mind and after browsing through all the brilliant kids options - have a look at them all here - she chose this fantastic Hallowe'en bat costume all by herself!

The costume is made up of a really soft, comfortable, fleecy black and purple jumpsuit with a hood (complete with bat ears!) and a pair of bat wings on the back. The bat wings contain wire so can be bent to your preferred shape. It's easy to step into and is pulled up over the shoulders and Daisy absolutely loved it - she ate her dinner in it, had a temper tantrum about not being allowed to sleep in it and even struck some proper poses when I got the camera out!

Although I'm a big fan of making things myself, for £13.99 you just can't go wrong with this costume - and as always (we've got lots of Jokers' Masquerade costumes in our collection, including a Disney Snow White one which we reviewed before here) Jokers' Masquerade were super efficient with our order and with delivery.

So that's madam all set for the Hallowe'en party we're off to on 31st October! Now I just need to come up with something I can make that will fit over my big fat belly! Any suggestions? xoxox

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