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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Evie's Birth Story

My little Evie Pie is almost a month old now! She has fitted in with our family so perfectly that it feels as if she's been here forever and we are all so completely and utterly head over heels in love with her

One of my very first blog posts on Modern Mummy was Daisy's birth story (you can read it here) so I thought I would write Evie's while it's still fresh in my mind. It was not dissimilar to my labour with Daisy (both involved inductions and super fast second stages) but this time round it was SERIOUSLY HARD WORK. Menfolk, stop reading now!


After a very quick labour with Daisy (1hr 39mins from start to finish!) I spent a lot of my pregnancy with Evie worrying about the same thing happening again when I was on my own or just with Daisy. Our move to the country didn't help matters as it meant Himself's work and both of our families would be over forty miles away should I need them - and I had The Fear that I would end up giving birth at home with Daisy as a midwife before anyone could get to me!

Oh how wrong I was!

I was admitted to hospital at 38+6 - firstly because my little monkey hadn't been moving as much as normal, secondly because I was REALLY suffering with my SPD and needed to rest up and also due to the midwives at the DAU thinking I might have excessive amniotic fluid. I was given two options - to have a scan to check my fluid levels and return to the DAU for monitoring every other day until bambino arrived, or to be induced.

I chose the latter because I thought that having a planned labour would stop me panicking about me being on my own and I went home to get my hospital bag and to pack Daisy off to Granny & Grandads expecting to be induced later that afternoon and sent home with a brand new baby the following morning. Hahahahahaha.

I went back to the hospital and got comfy on my bed in the ante-natal ward but because the labour ward was jam packed and there were no rooms available was told I would be given my first prostin pessary the following morning. (They didn't want me going into labour and not having anywhere to go!).

So the following morning I was examined (cervix closed and unfavourable, grrr), monitored for an hour and then given the first prostin. Note my use of the word 'first'. Oh yes. There were many, many more!

Needless to say, the first pessary had no effect whatsoever. Twelve hours later, as I prepared to spend my second night in hospital, I was examined (still no change) and my induction was attempted for a second time.

Those of you that have had babies before will know that 'examinations' aren't particularly pleasant. Neither are sweeps or stretches. (Men if you are still reading this when I specifically told you not to, you are going to have to google those terms to find out more). Those of you that have been induced before will know that the prostin drug/hormone/whatever it is (I've heard something horrible involving the words 'pig' and 'semen' and am too scared to research further) leaves your bits and pieces feeling completely and utterly bruised - as they are effectively attempting to dissolve your cervix.

The following three days (and nights - yes thats right, I was in hospital for FOUR NIGHTS before I went into labour) left me feeling completely and utterly violated. I had no less than FOUR pessaries and all the internals that come with them!

The second pessary left me with period and back pains and had me bouncing on the birthing ball.

The third pessary (on Hallowe'en night) had me full on contracting every four minutes (I was up to 70% on the TOCO machine) - then I took some codeine to take the edge off it, fell asleep and woke up feeling spritely and with no contractions whatsoever.

The FOURTH pessary had me wailing on the ante natal ward, the midwives trying to get me a room on the labour ward (which was fully booked again) and ended up involving a shot of pethidine which was quite possibly the most amazing thing EVER after three nights on a communal ward with women panting and groaning and mooing and snoring and generally keeping me up and with me feeling particularly emotional about not having seen my beloved Daisy Moo for so long. But it knocked me out and again the contractions stopped.

So the plan changed. 

The following morning (early, early - before the other pregnant women of Guildford could go into labour and fill up all the delivery rooms yet again) I would be taken to the delivery ward, have my waters broken and stay there until my little bugger made her grand entrance into the world. I almost didn't believe it would happen.

So at dawns crack the next day, woken by the panting and groaning and mooing of the women on the beds around me, I had a shower, washed my hair and EVERYTHING and returned to my bed to find a midwife waiting to take me to the labour ward!

My cervix was favourable this time and my waters were broken. Ouch! I was told to walk around to get things going so Himself and I went up and down the stairs, grabbed a Costa, came back - and still nothing.

Next up - The Synto Drip. 

And we were off!

The synto is increased gradually and being the hard nut that I am I managed to get up to level 16 of 20 before being declared in full blown labour. The gas and air came out, the TOCO readings were off the scale, I suddenly felt the need to push - and within 1hr 30mins little Evie Eskimo was born! Her official labour time beat her big sister's by 9minutes!

After 4 long days and nights of early labour, an hour of BLOODY PAINFUL contractions and thirty minutes of pushing, my 8lb chunky monkey, Evie Joan Bluebell, was delivered straight onto my tummy and started feeding straight away.

My parents brought Daisy to meet her teeny, tiny baby sister, then Himself took them all home and I spent the night just looking at my gorgeous, chubby new daughter (as you do!) before being discharged the following day. It was hard work but she was sooooo worth the wait!

And now we are all home and settling into life as a family of four!





  1. Sob! How lovely. Well done to you my darling, you are a super momma xxx

  2. Awwww, congratulations to you all. I loved reading your story, although it sounded blooming hard work. Give her a tickle from me x


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