Thursday, 8 November 2012

Look What We Made!

She's here!!

Introducing Little Miss Evie, already nicknamed Evie Eskimo, who arrived on Saturday at 4.42pm, weighing a lovely chubby 8lbs! She is absolutely scrumptious and we all adore her ♥ 

Daisy has been the BEST big sister EVER; she is so excited to have a little baby sister to look after - and she was born the day before her third birthday too! What a present!

Here are a few photos of our littlest lady and our big little lady!

I am completely and utterly head over heels in love!


  1. OH MY OVARIES...they are beautiful. You lucky mama! x

  2. COngratulations, she is beautiful and I adore the last pic

  3. Oh my actual word they're beautiful :)

  4. I'm hung over (red wine, then port and then mulled cider) and slightly hormonal, but Daisy is giving me a little lump in my throat. She is sooooo pretty. I love her little face, it's just so expressive xxxx


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