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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Garden Games Wigwam: A Review

She may be obsessed with pink and dressing up as a princess but, believe it or not, my Daisy Moobags is actually a bit of a tom boy.

She loves nothing more than splashing about in muddy puddles, climbing trees and making dens - so when Garden Games asked us to review one of their play tents I knew we would have one uber excited little girl on our hands.

The lucky thing was allowed to choose the tent she wanted from this fabulous collection and, rather surprisingly, seeing as there was a fairy princess tent on offer, she opted for the super cool native American wigwam (which was secretly my favourite too!)

The wigwam is 1.2m tall and has a diameter of approximately 1.4m which makes it perfect for indoor use as well as outdoor. The height makes it feel spacious while the diameter means it doesn't take up much floor space. It was easy to assemble - I did it myself! - and the six wooden poles holding it together makes it feel really solid and robust. The decorative textile cover is strong and tough - perfect for your little savages to run in and out of and generally cause trouble! - and it will protect them from the elements when the weather isn't too favourable which, lets face it, is most of the time!

The wigwam is recommended for ages 1 and above and is a brilliant play tent that will keep your little people occupied for hours on end - and for many years to come.

This would make a perfect Christmas present and is currently for sale at the fabulous price of £49.99. xoxox

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  1. The teepee is cute. I am thinking about either a teepee or a kiddie tent for spring playtime. That so I can keep an eye on them while gardening.


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