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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Make Christmas Decorations with the Kids

So the school holidays are nearly upon us and soon we are all going to have to come up with things to keep the kids entertained. Nothing could be simpler than these super-cute Christmas tree decorations.

All you need is:

3x lolly sticks
Green paper
Goggly eyes, sequins and/or pom poms (you can buy big mixed bags of these in *ahem* Poundland)
Ribbon/curling ribbon/string

To make them you just need to glue the three lolly sticks into a triangle shape with the two top corners overlapping to look like antlers.
Cut holly leaf shapes out of the green paper and stick on one corner with berries made from sequins or pom poms.
Stick goggly eyes and another pom pom on to make the reindeer face.
Add a length of ribbon at the top to enable the decoration to be hung from the Christmas tree.

Ta dah!!

How adorable are they?!

This really is an extra easy craft project that even pre-schoolers will be able to do with the supervision of adults/older children. Have fun making them! xoxox


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