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Friday, 21 December 2012

Make Your Own Christmas Cards with the Kids

Nothing quite says 'Merry Christmas' like a homemade card and Daisy and I spent a morning last week making some for our friends and family.

I'm a bit of a geek and love to collect bits and pieces to use in crafting sessions (we have no less than eight drawers full of stuff saved up at the moment!). It's a crime to throw anything away when it comes to crafting; almost everything has a use! From toilet rolls to pieces of ribbon and scraps of material and old birthday cards - if you're keen to get crafting with your small people I would whole heartedly recommend keeping a drawer full of odds and ends to get out on a rainy day. 

To make our cards we used (clockwise from top): coloured pens and pencils, glitter, sellotape, snowflake stamps and punchers, old Christmas tags, sweet wrappers, normal A4 computer paper, card and envelopes (of course!), felt, wool, ribbons, PVA glue and pipe cleaners

The snowflake puncher and stamp both came from Hobbycraft (there are lots of different sizes available here) as did the pre-folded cards and envelopes, the pipe cleaners, the wool and the felt. The glitter and glue came from good old Poundland (its fabulous for cheap and cheerful crafty stuff) and the sweet wrappers, ribbons and old Christmas tags were things we had lying around.

Making Christmas cards is so much fun ~ its a great way to spend a few hours with the kids, especially if you have a bit of festive music playing in the background and lots of mince pies to keep your energy levels up!

We made a COMPLETE MESS but had awesome fun in the process!

And the finished products didn't turn out too bad either!

Top left: This card was made by sticking a square of felt onto the card, covering the felt with glue and sticking a star shaped tag onto it and then sprinkling glitter all over it. The excess glitter was shaken off (and saved to reuse! ~ never waste anything when crafting!!) and the star was peeled off. Voila!

Top right: This was Daisy's creation. Glue was squeezed onto the card in a zig zag shape (you could do ANYTHING) and all different colours of glitter were sprinkled over it to leave a rainbow zig zag effect. The sweet wrappers and wool were added later.

Bottom left: A purple sweet wrapper was glued onto the card and glitter added as a border. The snowflake shapes were the off-cuts of the card on the bottom right.

Bottom right: A square of felt was stuck to the card (again, this could have been a sweet wrapper or a piece of coloured paper) and wool used to make a border. Glitter was also added to the border. Then snowflake shapes from the puncher were glued on.

This is our entry to's Christmas Card Craft Off competition. If you've been getting crafty this Christmas you can enter the competition here - they have categories for both adult and child entries.

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  1. It's actually so nice to send homemade cards, next year we are doing this too. A fiend of mine has been making hers with her daughter for years and they get better every year!


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