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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Have Yourself a Modern Mummy Christmas: A Photo Post

I can't believe Christmas is over for another year! It went so fast (too fast!) but was definitely our best yet!

This year was all about:

Meeting Rudolph

Finding our perfect Christmas tree....
...which dropped all its needles within three weeks and was replaced with this little beauty (can you spot it?!!)

Making gingerbread houses...

Watching Christmas movies...

Eating mince pies....

And drinking hot chocolate!
Spending heaps of time with friends and family x

Leaving notes and treats for Father Christmas...
And getting THE BEST Christmas presents in return!

Cooking Christmas dinner for everyone...

And sitting down together to eat, drink and be merry.
Wearing Christmas jumpers...
....and Angel costumes....

Christmas Eve pyjamas...

And matching Christmas Day dresses!

Even Percy the dog had a Christmas Day outfit!

Then of course there was the wine....
.... lots of wine ....
Lots and lots of wine!

I hope you all had wonderful Christmases too - and here's wishing you a happy and healthy 2014 xoxo

Friday, 20 December 2013

January #NYNYStyleProject

It's here!

The very first list of prompts for our New Year New You Style Challenge!

Are you stuck in a style rut and fed up of wearing the same things day in, day out? Do you need a bit of inspiration and motivation? Then look no further. Below is a list of daily prompts for you to take into account when planning your daily wardrobe or beauty regime throughout January! 

Keen to take part? It's easy! Interpret the daily prompt and incorporate it into your style. How simple is that! Next up, take a photo and share it - it's a fantastic way to encourage and inspire others - and don't forget to use the hashtag #NYNYStyleProject so that everyone can see your images. If you're sharing via a blog then feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments below.

We are SO excited to be launching this feature and hope you all enjoy it. In the meantime, I'm signing off for the festive period -  have a fabulous Christmas and we'll see you in the New Year! 

Katy + Alice xoxo

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Last Minute Stocking Filler Ideas

Come on, own up. Who's as unorganised as me and has yet to start finish their Christmas shopping? I'm normally one of those smug people that has all their presents bought and wrapped before the end of November but this year has been different. The girls have been keeping me well and truly on my toes and work has been crazy busy plus we're babysitter-less out in Haslemere and shopping with littlies in tow is NO FUN. (Those are my excuses and I'm sticking to them).

But hands up who's heard of this amazing little thing called The Internet? You can email people and read newspapers and GO SHOPPING on it, all from the comfort of your own sofa. It's positively genius!

With a week to go until Christmas Day, I've put together a list of five pressies suitable for different members of the family, all available at from Internet Gift Store - a one stop Christmas (or any other) present shop, that sells quite literally EVERYTHING you could ever possibly need (and stuff you don't need but quite fancy too). 

For the man in your life.

I actually laughed out loud when I saw this. A Man Tin. For the unidentifiable bits of crap men leave dotted all over the house and refuse to throw away. (Please don't tell me mine is the only one that does this?!!)
For the mother in law.

Smellies. Standard. Yankee candles? Mega daughter-in-law brownie points. How about a super Christmassy scent like Red Apple Wreath? Or for something a little fresher, one of my favourites is Clean Cotton.

For the kid that has everything.

Everybody knows one and they are an utter pain in the butt to buy for. How about a character lunch bag? It will make going back to school in January a whole heap better! 

For your BFF.

What about these Orla Kiely herb pots. YES! ORLA KIELY HERB POTS!!!! How awesome would they look filled with green goodness on your window sill? I love them! Which leads me nicely onto.....

For yourself (hell you deserve a treat after all that shopping!).

As a huge campervan fan, this is just brilliant. I can't afford the real thing but this will make a bearable substitute for now.

Merry Christmas everyone - and good luck to anyone about to embark on some last minute shopping. May the force be with you! xoxo

This post has been written in association with Internet Gift Store.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

NEWSFLASH: New Winter Boots!

Do you remember my beloved Kurt Geiger knee highs? They featured in many a Daily Outfit post over the years. They were made from the softest black leather, had a conveniently low kitten heel (perfect for nights out dancing and/or running around after small people during the day) and big chunky gold buttons up the sides; they lasted me almost a decade thanks to numerous new soles, heels and zips. The day I realised they really were done for (two huge holes in the leather that couldn't be stitched or patched up) I actually cried a little bit. As far as I was concerned, they were irreplaceable. I'd never seen a pair even remotely similar.

Well I'm fairly sure you'll appreciate just how excited I was when I discovered these amazing Reiker boots this afternoon. I NEVER thought this day would come! Apart from the lack of kitten heel (and I have to admit I did kind of wish the KGs were flat towards the end of their life) they're virtually identical. They're fully lined with super warm lambs wool and have a hard wearing durable sole too, so totally perfect for winter.

They're available from Shoetique, priced at £77.00 (bargain!) and there is FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY on all orders over £40 at the moment. If you're in urgent need of a pair of party shoes for the festive season the seriously look no further; there are hundreds of fabulous brands to choose from and you've got up until 4pm on 23rd December to order! Happy shopping.xoxo

This post has been written in association with Shoetique.

M&S Matching Fashionistas Challenge

Last week M&S invited me to take part in their Matching Fashionistas Challenge. This involved me picking dresses for myself and the girls from one of their key trends for Autumn/Winter. It's a hard life!

AW13 is all about heritage, winter whites, very berry and dark drama - and I decided to go with the latter, having gone all wistful and daydreamy thinking about classic tailoring, vintage touches and luxurious fabrics. For myself I chose a French inspired striped pleated bodice dress, and for the girls, matching dark grey sequin embellished dresses.

Striped Pleated Bodice Dress £39.50

I love M&S - and I love dressing the girls in matching clothes - so getting in on the act myself was excellent fun. I thought the joint combination of black, white and grey worked very well together, was very smart and fitted into the dark drama trend perfectly.

Cotton Rich Sequin Embellished Dresses £16-£18 (dependent on size)

I teamed my dress with black tights, black Chelsea boots and bright red lipstick - and the girls wore their dresses with pastel pink tights (that came with the dress as part of a set) and their favourite party shoes!

These dresses are just perfect for the Christmas party season - they are comfortable, affordable, well made (they are M&S after all), glamorous and they are all are machine washable to boot, which is a godsend when being worn by/around kids!

We were given these dresses free of charge in exchange for this post.

Poundland Christmas Review

Back in October, Poundland challenged us to have a Hallowe'en party on a £20 budget. We had a blast browsing all the goodies and frivolously filling up our shopping basket - and then we had an awesome party to boot!

This month we were given another £20 voucher to spend, but this time on Christmas products. We were encouraged to interpret this in whichever way we wanted, which was quite lucky as I have already got festive decorations and crockery coming out of my ears and feared the husband might divorce me if I brought home any more.

In store there was HEAPS to choose from - decorations, tablewares, sweets - but I chose to go down the unconventional route and spend my vouchers on wrapping paper, gift tags, sellotape, food storage and baking trays!

Sounds a bit daft but Christmas, to me, is all about gluttony and over indulgence. The new trays were bought specifically for heating up canapes on Christmas Eve and we always have a whole lot of leftovers which I like to box up and eat after Christmas Day! 

The gift wrap was SUCH a bargain - either three 3m rolls for £1 or a 10m roll for £1 and the quality is fantastic for the price. I also stocked up on essential sellotape (5 rolls for £1) and thirty gift tags.

Lastly I bought some chocolates as stocking fillers - Poundland is fabulous for branded food and sweet treats, as I discovered at Hallowe'en. 

All in all I left the store with four bulging bags, feeling decidedly pleased with myself for being sensible and buying stuff that will be used again and again. Christmas is such an expensive time of year as it is, it's brilliant that there are stores like Poundland that enable us to keep the costs down! xoxo

Monday, 16 December 2013

Clarks Childrens Shoes

Good old Clarks. They've been around for FOREVER haven't they? I remember my Mum getting my shoes from there as a child and now, thirty years later, it's the first place I go when looking for shoes for my girls too.

Earlier in the month we were asked to visit a store and review our shopping experience. We didn't need persuading - as regular customers it was a treat to be able to splash out on some new shoes! We headed off to the Westfield Stratford branch to get a pair of party shoes for Daisy and some winter boots for Evie.

 I'd never been to the Westfield store before and it was gorgeous - open, airy, well lit and very modern. Once inside, we were greeted by friendly staff which was lovely. I told the shop assistant that offered to help us what it was we were looking for and we were directed over to the children's section.

We'd had Evie's feet measured for her very first shoes at our local Clarks shop just a week before so knew the size she needed for her boots but Daisy needed a go on the measuring machine which is always very exciting! Although not related to this particular visit, I've got to say how special Clarks make the momentous event that is buying a child's first pair of shoes. Aside from the wonderful customer service in general, they take a photograph and give you a certificate too which I think is just lovely!

Back in Westfield, it was time for us to pick out some shoes.  I had already promised Daisy that she could choose her party shoes entirely by herself and, after telling the shop assistant this, he then proceeded to treat her like a grown up and help her look at the entire collection which she LOVED. She knew what she wanted - shiny shoes with lights in the heel, and chose a rather lovely pair of TrixiSweet T-bar shoes in patent berry leather. They were £32.00.

I actually bought Evie the same pair of boots that Daisy had two winters ago, and which are still immaculate but a little too big to hand down just yet. We opted for a new pair of Snugglefuns which were £38.00 - zip up brown suede boots with a furry trim which are utterly gorgeous! Turns out it's quite difficult to take a photo of a 13 month old actually standing still wearing boots.....

The sales assistant checked that the shoes fit both girls perfectly by feeling the toes, checking the tightness of the straps on Daisy's pair and making them skip, hop and jump around the shop.

We've always had fantastic experiences shopping at Clarks, which is why we keep going back. Our visit to Westfield was no different; staff were well trained, attentive and polite and we walked away very happy with our purchases indeed.

DISCLAIMER: We were given vouchers towards our purchase but all thoughts and comments are my own.


The Aerobed: A Review

Living in a cottage is utterly lovely - but it's a complete nightmare when you want to have friends or family to stay. 

There's no denying it; our house is TINY. The downstairs consists of a sitting room, kitchen and bathroom. There's no hallway (the front door opens straight into the sitting room) but the two main rooms are divided by a staircase which then leads upstairs to two double bedrooms (one of which is a particularly small double) and a box room.

With no spare bedroom, it has been impossible to have people to stay - we just couldn't accommodate them. We have contemplated buying a sofa bed but with a relatively new regular sofa we couldn't justify the expense.

But then we were sent a Comfort Classic Raised Double Aerobed to review and everything changed! 

Aerobeds are super high tech air beds, designed to make life easy. They rapidly inflate at the touch of a button & deflate in seconds, ready to be rolled into their own little bag and stashed away for next time.

Ours has proved to be truly brilliant and is PERFECT for our little house. In the last month it has been used for family that have come to stay, for kids sleepovers and we have even taken it on a road trip with us and used it at a friends house. We love it for so many reasons but mainly because:

1. It packs away into a minuscule bag, despite being a double bed. (We are severely lacking in the storage department in our house too). Not only can it be stored at the bottom of the wardrobe/on the shelf of an airing cupboard, it's also super easy to transport if you are visiting friends.

2. It has a detachable electric pump and inflates entirely by itself, no huffing and puffing or repetitive foot stamping required, and in less than three minutes too. It then deflates even quicker, with a patented quick release deflation valve which is utter GENIUS! You don't need to roll around on top of it to force the air out of it - just release the valve and leave it, then come back to it and roll it up before putting it away.

3. It fits regular sized bedding which is super handy, makes the bed look exactly like a normal bed and feel extra cosy.

4. It is as comfortable as a regular bed (in fact I think I would go so far as to say it's actually MORE comfortable than my own bed). It's raised off the floor so is the same height as a normal bed and is super sturdy and supportive. The guests we've had stay in it have also all commented on what a good night's sleep they've had and I can vouch for that too.

5. It doesn't deflate even a millimetre overnight. With other air beds, I've regularly woken up in a wrinkly, deflated heap of plastic on the floor but not a chance with this one. We've used it four times over the last month and can confirm that it stays fully inflated every time, even after having three over enthusiastic kids jumping all over it.

As proof of just how easy Aerobeds are to use, have yourself a wee watch of this video:

It's so nice to be able to have people to stay with us after so long! If you're lacking in space and have visitors coming to stay during the festive season, I would wholeheartedly recommend getting an Aerobed - some stockists are still able to deliver in time for Christmas too.

They start at just £129.99 for a basic, single bed, although there is currently a sale on with up to 50% off selected models. The Comfort Classic Raised Double retails at £139.99, or £159.99 for a king size.



Style Project: New Year, New You

Photo courtesy of Claudia Rose Carter

Earlier this year, I made a pact with myself to make an effort with my appearance every single day. 

At the time I had a six month old baby (and a three year old), I was sleep deprived, I was still carrying extra baby weight, my roots desperately needed doing. It was one of the coldest winters on record and I found myself spending most of my time hiding away indoors wearing hoodies, maternity leggings and UGGs and generally feeling horrible. I'd stopped wearing make up, I'd stopped washing my hair every day, I'd just lost the motivation to get up, get ready and get out there. 

I needed a makeover. Urgently. 

What I really wanted to do was run away to a juicing retreat for a fortnight (somewhere hot, obvs) so I could detoxify my body, get a tan and catch up on some much needed sleep, before flying back to London, jumping in a taxi to Harvey Nics and buying myself an entirely new designer wardrobe (after ceremoniously burning all the slummy mummy pieces of course). Sadly though, my SAHM (ie non-existent) salary meant I could afford neither, so instead I spent a couple of days feeling very sorry for myself indeed.

Then it suddenly hit me that I, and I alone, had the power to change things. There was no point being so self-indulgent and doing nothing. I could either stay in the (non) style rut I found myself in forevermore, or I could turn it all around and start to make an effort again. I opted for the latter.

I went through my whole wardrobe and gave away the things I wouldn't wear again. I kept a few basics and some of my favourites (even if they were a little tight!) and planned to slowly invest in new items, piece by piece, as and when my finances would allow it.

And that's exactly how I spent my 2013. Building up my new wardrobe, building up my confidence. Learning to love my new mama's body and discovering the styles that suit it. Rediscovering the contents of my make up bag and my love of beauty products, and making sure I got a little bit of me-time every week. Teaching myself to make worthwhile purchases instead of stupid, frivolous ones I'd regret, and finding new labels and products and ways of shopping that fit into my budget and my lifestyle.

These days, when it comes to clothes, the things that are important to me are practicality, comfort and affordability - but that doesn't mean I'm prepared to compromise style. I have a different body shape, a not-so-healthy bank balance and a lifestyle that means I'm on my feet for 95% of the day so yes, I've had to change the way I look at fashion, but I'm not prepared to give it all up forever and succumb to the stereotype of frumpy mum.

My resolution for 2014 is to try and encourage others to do the same. It might sound a bit shallow but it's amazing how different I feel about everything when I'm wearing mascara and have brushed my hair! I'm not talking about spanking a small fortune on designer clothes, I'm not talking about wearing ballgowns to do the school run - I'm talking about making small changes each and every day that will boost your self confidence and make you feel happy.

And so, after collaborating with Alice from An Essex Wife, the New Year New You Style Project was born - a daily prompt to encourage you to make a little effort which will, in turn, make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. It will work a little bit like this.....

Every month we will release a list of daily prompts which you should try and incorporate into your style on that day. By style we mean clothes, accessories and beauty. The prompt could be a colour, a pattern, a texture, a country, a product, anything. Its up to you how you interpret it. We could say 'Great Britain' and you might want to wear a Great British brand, or something red, white or blue. We could say 'sparkle' and you might want to wear a pair of sequined skinny trousers - or a glittery top coat on your nail varnish. We could say 'tan' and you might fancy treating yourself to a St Tropez - or you might have a pair of tan knee high boots at the back of the wardrobe you've needed an excuse to wear for ages. The change can be as big or as little as you feel comfortable with.

This isn't a linky, this isn't only open to other bloggers. Its for anyone out there that wants a little inspiration when it comes to style.

You don't have to take part every single day, you don't have to spend a fortune on new clothes and accessories.... The aim is to encourage you to take a look at what you've got, get together with your friends, raid each others wardrobes and bathroom cabinets, step out of your comfort zone and up the day-to-day glamour - whenever you feel like you need it.

You can take part on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest by taking a photograph and uploading it using the hashtag #NYNYstyleproject - and by searching that hashtag you can see other people's interpretations of the daily prompt and gain a whole lot of new ideas for your own style.

January's prompts will be released just before Christmas. If one of your resolutions is to start looking after yourself and you fancy injecting a bit of glamour into your life then we really hope you'll join in xoxo

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Photobox Photo Books: A Review

Just before the wedding we were given the opportunity to review a photo book from Photobox. It was perfect timing as it meant we could have all our wedding photographs printed off after the big day, which was something we were planning to do anyway.

We opted for the A4 lay flat photobook with a hard cover (prices start at £39.99 for 26 pages) and set about creating our masterpiece.

First of all you have to upload your photographs onto the site. This is super easy and doesn't require you to download any software onto your computer like some other sites do. With Photobox you have two options - you can either let them create your book for you (in which case, make sure your photos are in the order you'd like them to be when they're printed) or you can design each individual page layout yourself.

We opted for the latter and I must confess it was VERY time consuming, however it was the only way to make sure our book was perfect as the former allocated photo positions and sizes on a totally random basis. It took me three evenings (about six and a half hours all in all) to create our book (which was 46 pages in total) but it was totally worth it!

It arrived 7 days later and Himself and I, and both of our families, were really impressed with the quality. The pages were printed in a matt finish (my choice) which made it look extra professional and onto extra thick paper too.

My only negative comments? The writing on the spine is the other way to every other book on my bookshelf. It's not the end of the world but drives my inner obsessive compulsive mad! Also there is a Photobox logo on the back of the book which, on going back to the site, I realised you could pay an additional £5.50 to have removed. This wasn't very clear on the site (in fact I didn't notice the option at all, first time round) and I would have preferred my photo book to have been produced without it.

The price of this book amounted to £59.79 (excluding delivery) which I thought was quite expensive, however the quality of print really is outstanding and it's definitely worth paying the extra for something as special as wedding photographs. It's worth noting though, that Photobox are forever putting on special offers on various products. I think if I were to order anything else from them I would wait for there to be a discount on it. 

DISCLAIMER: We were given credit to produce this photo book by Photobox in exchange for this review. All thoughts and comments are my own.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Burt's Bees

Christmas is a totally hectic time of year. All that present shopping and wrapping, eating delicious food, boozing, driving up and down the country visiting friends and family and general late night shenanigans can really take its toll on you!

When the girls and I were sent a wee pampering hamper from Burt's Bees last week we were all more than a little bit excited. We LOVE Burt's Bees and have used it lots over the last few years. Firm favourites of ours are the Baby Bee Multipurpose Ointment (it's like Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream for babies!) and the various lip balms they have (I won't use any other brand).

In our parcel was:

Baby Bee Multipurpose Ointment (YAY!)
Baby Bee Bubble Bath
Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash
Intense Hydration face mask
No less than four lip balms (I was very excited to try the ultra moisturising treatment)
Sensitive facial wipes
Peppermint foot lotion

The Baby Bee stuff is all absolutely divine, there's no denying it. Sensitive skin and eczema run in our family so I'm very careful about choosing products that don't contain parabens, phthalates or sulphates. Burt's Bees only use entirely natural ingredients like buttermilk, beeswax and coconut oil (don't get me started on how wonderful coconut oil is for EVERYTHING) and the fragrances are 100% natural too (yum!).

The grown up range is exactly the same and utterly luxurious to boot. None of the products caused my sensitive skin to flare up, and I'm most definitely addicted to the intense hydration face mask now - it left my face super soft and smooth. I'm going to blog about this separately as I'm so in love with it.

Another thing I love about Burt's Bees as a brand is their commitment to sustainability. Not only do they use ethically sourced, entirely natural (and eco-friendly) ingredients, they also use recycled and recyclable packaging which is very important to me.

SO. If you're looking for a lovely pampering gift for a new baby or a new mum (they do some wonderful Mama Bee products, which I used whilst preggers with Evie - the Belly Butter is a maternity must have), or you have some stocking fillers to buy this Christmas then TA DAH! Look no further.

We heart Burt's Bees! xoxo


Country Living: Wellies Essential

The other day I blogged about my living room, and how we had opted for wooden and tiled floors throughout the ground floor of our house. We decided to go without carpets because when you live in the country and spend most of your time outdoors you encounter a lot of mud and this mud gets traipsed through your house A LOT.

Due to the excessive amounts of mud and, lets face it, the excessive amount of rain we get here in England, a good old pair of wellington boots are essential footwear in the sticks. No one gives you a funny look if you're power walking up the high street or browsing the aisles in Waitrose whilst wearing them. Everyone has a pair. I have two! 

I love my trusty Hunters. They're almost ten years old now and have protected my feet on many a walk along windswept beaches and down muddy country lanes. I have recently added a gorgeous polka dot pair from Joules to the collection and these are my day-to-day pair that I wear when I'm doing the school run in the rain.

Last year's freezing cold winter and the extra rainy spring of earlier this year didn't bother me in the slightest. I had my wellies.... Mud and puddles were no match for me! Welly socks kept my feet warm, chunky grips on the soles stopped me slipping in the snow and ice, and the fact my boots were knee high meant my legs and feet were kept perfectly dry. I wore them daily.

The girls also have their wellies and, like me, got a lot of wear out of them last year - but what I really want to get them this year is a couple of pairs of kids muck boots (available online from Jellyegg). Muck boots are a modern take on old fashioned wellies - 100% waterproof, of course, but also lightweight and flexible and only ankle height so easy for children to slip on and off quickly. The thing I like most about them is that they are insulated so keep little feet super cosy, plus the uppers are made from a stretch nylon that fits the legs closely to keep the warmth in and the cold and wet out! (That's my only problem with wellies for kids - they tend to be loose around the calf which lets the cold air in - and when there are deep puddles to splash in they can fill up with water).

We all wear our boots so regularly that they're a part of our style now. I love a floral tea dress, chunky knit cardigan and wellies - and these muck boots would look adorable on the girls with some stripy tights, a cotton shirt and a denim pinafore! Swooooon! 

{FYI The husband is still a total townie and so far has refused to embrace any kind of practical footwear whatsoever, opting instead to stick to his suede desert boots and canvas trainers no matter what the weather. Duh.}

This post has been written in association with Jellyegg.

Home Sweet Home: Finishing the Living Room

Since we moved into Autumn Cottage a year ago it has been a work in progress. When we bought it, it had been empty for months and it needed stripping back to the brickwork before being re-wired, re-plumbed and re-plastered. It has taken a LONG TIME and we still haven't finished entirely.

But slowly and surely we have been decorating each room; putting our stamp on them and turning this house into our very own home. My favourite room is definitely the sitting room - and this looks set to be the next room to be ticked off our list as 'finished' too which will be amazing!

Ta dah!

I wanted this room to have a country country cottage feel, so my clever husband built shelves and cupboards into the alcoves either side of the fireplace, which I then covered with vintage style cotton curtains, and we bought ourselves a wood burner with our wedding money too. All in all it's super cosy and I'm really proud of what we have achieved.

The final touches are being made at the moment and that really is the fun part. I've been busy sourcing the perfect soft furnishings and homewares; those finishing touches that really make the room! A new lampshade, some cushions, some new photo frames (we have wedding photos to put up after all!). There are lots of housey things on my Christmas list this year! But there's one thing this room is still lacking, and that's a rug.

We opted for wooden floors in this room as our front door opens straight into it and, living in the country, we didn't fancy the idea of bringing muddy pram wheels onto carpet regularly. At least with wood it can be swept and mopped easily and can't be stained. But this is the first time I haven't had carpet in a living room and I have to admit it makes the room feel a bit chilly. It's nice to have something soft to stand on when you get up from the sofa in the winter and your feet are bare!

So I've been browsing the internet. I think it's pretty obvious that I'm a fan of traditional rugs; something old fashioned to complement the style of the room. Saying that, I love modern, neutral colours - and the sage green that I chose for the curtains is a particular favourite of mine.

I'm a big fan of this grey grid rug. It's actually classed as modern but I deinitely think it has a traditional feel to it.

I also love this chicago green floral rug although I fear the cream background isn't ideal when there are two small people running around and squashing raisins into it.

The mink colour of this balmoral rug would be much more practical in a family home and it's luxurious and shaggy too so would feel lovely underfoot.

Now I just need to make up my mind about which one to get and write my letter to Father Christmas! Can you believe there's less than two weeks to go?! xoxo

This post has been written in association with Carpetright.
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