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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Summer Holidays

Ahhh January. The month where everyone is skint after getting paid early in December, everyone is miserable after the festivities of Christmas and everyone is freezing because of the bitterly cold weather. It's the time of year when I always find myself starting to daydream about summer. You know. That season when the sun is {normally} out, and its a few degrees warmer. Sometimes you can even get away with going out without a cardigan on and EVERYTHING!

This year I'm looking forward to Summer even more than ever. Daisy is at nursery now and I really miss her during term time. I'm so excited about having her at home for six whole weeks! Plus, of course, Evie's arrival means we will be holidaying as a family of four for the first time and I really can't wait. 

Although it's lovely to get away somewhere exotic and hot once in a while, this year we are thinking about staying in the UK. I much prefer exploring our own isles, and when there are children involved its a hell of a lot easier - and cheaper too.

We're spoilt for choice here in England. There are so many cheap UK breaks available to us. Self catering cottages, holiday camps, hotels, B&Bs - all depending on what sort of holiday you are after. 

Pre-children, when holidaying in Britain, we would always try and find somewhere a little bit unusual and off the beaten track. Somewhere where we could get out and about and explore the local pubs area.

Now Daisy and Evie are on the scene we're looking for something a teeny tiny bit different. Spontaneity is a thing of the past as getting ready to go out with two children is a military operation ~ and spending whole evenings in a pub isn't even at the bottom of our To Do List. We have been thinking, for the first time ever, how nice it would be to go somewhere especially for families, where everything you need is provided for you or available on your doorstep. 

Take Butlins for example. The famous red coats and holiday camps are a national institution! (They've been around since 1936, you know!) I've never been to one before but we are seriously considering it this year. They have everything you need on their resorts but you can still venture out on little adventures to local attractions if you fancy it and they have different accommodation options available depending on whether you want to be waited on hand and foot in a hotel, look after yourselves in one of their apartments, or if you just want a room to sleep in as a base for exploring the local area. I like the fact they are on the coast, they have pools etc on site (including indoor ones which are pretty handy considering the unpredictable British weather) and entertainment for the littlies too. Plus they are a bit retro which I secretly quite like!

So what do you think about holidaying as a family? Do you still like foreign trips or do you prefer to stay closer to home when you have the kiddies in tow? And have you ever been to Butlins before? I'd love to know your thoughts! xoxox
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  1. Never been to Butlins but heard good things about it and holiday camps and similar are so much more manageable with little ones. We like the sun too much and have used Club Med (a foreign similar idea) for many years - suits people of all ages. Wherever you go have a great time.

  2. Wahhh i LOVED butlins as a kid (and still do- went back for the day about 4 years back when I was 18!)- its such fun when you are little, a "themepark" (funfair) and huuuuuuge swimming pool with a million (probably about 4) flumes! haha! Would totally recommend, esp with little ones! we also did haven holidays quite a few times abroad and have stayed on a holiday park type thing in a self catered lodge with a communal pool right on the beach at croyde bay which was fab!
    More recently have been to centre parcs which I know is popular but super expensive, if it was up to me and with pre school age kids I would definitely choose butlins every time! Centre parcs is a great holiday with the 10/11 year olds as there are great activities for older kids too!
    wherever you go hope you have fun and let us know how it goes :) x

  3. It is almost summer this is a good way to start your day!


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