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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Amoralia: A Review

Right now I'm at that really awkward post baby stage where I don't fit into my maternity clothes any more, but I'm still too big for my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. A lot of things *kind of* fit but there are lumpy bits on display that I don't really want the world to see thank you very much.

I've found myself feeling a bit torn - do I carry on wearing my maternity stuff and spend my days hoisting my jeans up and getting asked when I'm due? Do I squish myself into my old stuff and feel revolting and uncomfortable? Or do I shell out for a new wardrobe in this inbetween size that I find myself in? I'm getting married in September and am looking to shift my baby weight (and a bit more!) by then - so if I opt for the latter will it hinder my weight loss?

I'm sure lots of new mamas find themselves in this predicament and, you will be pleased to hear, I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER!


It's fairly obvious that when you're pregnant - and once you've had a baby - your body shape changes. You acquire new curves - and gorgeous ones at that! Your body needs support but at the same you want to show off your amazing new figure and blossoming bump. I really struggled to find pretty maternity underwear and wish I'd discovered Amoralia sooner. They create maternity and nursing underwear that are both beautiful and supportive. Who could ask for more?

I was sent a Second Skin Nursing Camisole to review and it couldn't have arrived at a better time. I had a gorgeous floaty, floral Whistles dress that I wanted to wear but the combination of the thin cotton material and my lumps and bumps just weren't working. The cami was a perfect extra layer - it covered all my podgy bits and created a smooth silhouette underneath my dress.

Despite being a nursing cami, this would also be perfect for pregnancy as it has a ruched tummy and 6 hook & eye settings on the bra. This adjustability means that the top can grow with you from baby bump to new mum tum. The bra is supportive but is cut a little lower than most, enabling you to show off your new cleavage, and has plastic nursing clips that you can easily open one handed. Last but by no means least it is made of luxuriously silky, machine washable fabric (bet you never thought you'd hear those words together in a sentence!)

If you fancy treating yourself to something new, and need some help fitting into old clothes during your post baby 'inbetween' stage, then one of these camis really will be money well spent. They retail at £39.00 and are available online here.


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