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Monday, 4 March 2013

Juicing Guest Post: UberMummy's Sore Throat Buster

Hi de hi campers!

I am very excited to announce that over the next few weeks my health food and juicing guru, the ultra glamorous Alexa from UberMummy, will be sharing some of her juicing recipes. Juicing has changed my life for the better and Alexa was one of the people that originally inspired me to give it a try!

Today's recipe is a delicious and super easy one which is perfect for getting rid of all those pesky colds and sore throats that are doing the rounds at the moment. 

Despite having just two ingredients, carrots and red peppers, this juice contains an unbelievable amount of vitamin C - which makes it the ultimate vegetable juice when you're suffering from a cough or a cold. Vitamin C is essential if you're trying to avoid or get rid of an illness as it boosts the immune system and helps the body absorb iron. When peppers are cooked, appoximately a quarter of the amount of vitamin C in them is lost so its best to eat them raw or in a juice.

Enjoy xoxox


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