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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Modern Mummy Loves.... A New Weekly Feature

One of the things I want to start on Modern Mummy is a weekly round up post, where I write about the things I've seen and done during the course of my week.

Quite a few bloggers do this already and these are my favourite posts to read! Its hard to keep up with what everyone has been doing when you read lots of blogs, especially if you're having a busy week in The Real World. I'm also hoping that by putting everything together in one post it will free up more time for me to do my freelance writing and to post other stuff on here, like recipes, and join in with blog hops like The Gallery.

Although I've changed my review policy recently, I still want to tell you about the brilliant things I've bought or come across and I still love to find out about new gadgets and read other mum's product reviews too.

So starting from next Friday my plan is to publish this new weekly post where I tell you about any places we've visited, what great ideas we've come across and talk about our plans for the weekend and the week ahead. It'll be a bit like a diary entry but one I definitely don't mind you reading!

To accompany the post there's going to be a linky. I thought it would be nice (and handy!) to have everybody's weekly round ups and reviews all in one place. If you want to take part then fill your boots! Linkys are a great way of meeting new people and discovering new blogs, and hopefully this one will help you find out about new places to visit and new products on the market too.  Just leave the URL to your own weekly round up post or your favourite product review in the linky and when you've got half an hour, make yourself a cuppa and come back and see what everyone else has been up to.

I've even got a grab badge that you are most welcome to pinch and put on your post to show your readers that you're taking part. Help yourself to the HTML below*:

  photo modernmummyloves.jpg

*Check ME out! This is the first bit of HTML I wrote ALL BY MYSELF! Clever, non?
So what do you think? Fancy taking part? I'd love your feedback - please leave me a comment with your thoughts and let me know whether you're interested in joining in!



  1. Lovely idea for a linky, I'll have to remember to join in x

    1. Thanks, I'm being selfish as it's mostly for my benefit ;) I'll tweet you a reminder next week once the linky is live! x

  2. Sounds like a great idea! Lots of links in one post is always good. Leads to lots of reading, preferrably with a nice coffee in one hand and a cake in the other.

    At the risk of appearing like a hellspawn spammer - would you post about films? And their suitability for children? Because I happen to run a website that reviews films to help parents in that very task. If you are interested we can be found at http:\\ I'd love to see if we can join in with this - although being somewhat tech stupid I don't quite understand what I would need to do. Can you explain? Feel free to email me at



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