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Monday, 11 March 2013

Splash Along Mermaid: A Review

We love bathtime in our house. In fact we love our entire evening ritual. Dinner... bath... PJs... warm milk... story time and BED!

Bathtime is a last chance for Daisy and Evie to play, which is why our bathroom is as full of toys as their bedrooms (and the rest of the house, come to think of it). We have everything from boats and fishing nets, to cups and squirters as well as foam letters and bath crayons and of course a few obligatory rubber ducks!

When we were approached by Munchkin to review their Splash Along Mermaid, Daisy was very excited. We've always found that most bath toys are aimed at boys so to have a girlie pink mermaid amongst the tuggers and crocodiles was a dream come true for my girlie girl.

The Splash Along Mermaid comes in two designs (sold separately) and is aimed at children aged 18m plus. Daisy is three and a half and loved it so I can definitely see this toy lasting a long time! 

Each mermaid comes with a little squirter friend (either a dolphin or a Starfish) and is made from soft rubber in a shape which is easy for little hands to hold on to. The magic happens when you pull her crown..... her tail splashes and she swims underwater!

The Munchkin Splash Along Mermaid is OFFICIALLY Daisy's favourite bathtime toy now and she is even saving up her pocket money to buy the other design!


DISCLAIMER: We were sent a splash around mermaid in exchange for this review.

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