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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Juicing FAQ

My name's Katy and I'm a green juice addict.

I juice every day. Sometimes twice a day. On occasion, three times a day. And if I'm on a fast I might juice even more.

I do it for lots of different reasons. For health & wellbeing, mostly. Some days it's difficult to have your five a day, sometimes you slightly overindulge and feel the need to detoxify your body. If I'm honest, I think they are bloody delicious, and knowing I'm filling my body with vitamins and minerals and nutrients and anti-oxidants is just an added bonus.

My juicing seems to have interested quite a few of you so, due to popular demand, I decided to put together this post in order to answer some of the questions I've been asked. I hope you find it helpful - feel free to ask any others you may have. I'm going to make this a static page, viewable from the tabs at the top of my home page, so that it is always easy to find. I'll also add a directory of other juicing posts there and list any juice recipes I publish too.

Happy juicing! xoxox

Do you really need a juicer, or will a blender work just as well?
Juicing and blending are two different things - and both are great for you, for different reasons. Juicing removes the indigestable fibre from fruit and veggies, which means the nutrients and vitamins are more easily absorbed. Juicing gives your digestive system a break too and saves your energy. Basically they are a super quick shot of amazing goodness, that goes straight to your bloodstream! Smoothies still contain the fibre - which is a very important part of your diet. They are also a lot more filling (so ideal at breakfast time) and much easier to make. However I prefer juices so if you can afford it, I would recommend having both!

Which juicer do you recommend?
I have a Dualit 88305 and I love it. It works like a dream, is easy to clean and looks super stylish on my work surface. They cost around £130 and I bought mine from John Lewis. They are available online here.

How long can you store juices for before they go off?
Juices are best consumed straight away but it is possible to keep them fresh for up to 24 hours. I've been doing a bit of experimenting in this department and have found that adding lemon to your juice helps to preserve it. If you freeze it and let it defrost during the course of the day I think it tastes better too! I use Kilner jars to store my juices - fill them to the top and refridgerate/freeze. Give them a gentle shake when you're ready to drink them.

Juicing for breast feeders.... is it ok?
I would not recommend a juice fast whilst breast feeding but can't see any reason why you shouldn't include juices alongside a healthy, varied diet when you're nursing. There may be some fruits and vegetables not suitable though so I would recommend speaking to a professional on this.

What makes a great juice recipe and what is your favourite?
95% of my juices contain an apple (as a natural sweetener). Green juices are my favourite - I love anything with spinach in it! I love to experiment and have found cucumber makes a great base for refreshing juices. Herbs can also be added for extra flavour. Mint and basil are two of the best, in my opinion! It all depends on your taste buds really, and I've found that some veggies that I don't like to eat, I LOVE to juice. Take ginger for example.... I can't bear it with my sushi but I adore an inch of it to spice up my juices! I promise you that vegetable juices are a thousand times better than you'd expect too.

Further Reading

You can read all about my first ever juice fast here.
My good friend Nikki Hughes, from Wayside House, gives her take on juicing here.
Julia & Libby and Jason Vale (the Juicemaster) are three very inspirational juicers!

The Orbit Baby G2 Stroller: A Review

You might have heard me tweeting about the imminent arrival of Evie's new pushchair last month. I was VERY excited about it.

And I had every reason to be because Made for Mums, the fabulous parenting website, had asked me to review the Orbit Baby G2 on their behalf. 

YES. The Orbit Baby G2 - the Bugatti Veyron of Strollers - the celeb pram du jour - which has only recently become available in the UK. The best bit was that the amazing people at Orbit let me keep it too. Oh YEAH.

I've spent the last few weeks pounding the streets of Haslemere and Twickenham with quite possibly THE most attractive stroller I have ever seen and getting myself accustomed to it's many brilliant features and now I feel qualified to tell you all about it.

The Orbit Baby G2 is a super versatile, state of the art stroller. There's no doubt about it, this pram is seriously space age and a real show stopper - not a day has gone by without both men and women stopping me in the street to ask about it. It's main selling point is that it allows you to rotate and recline your child in one fluid movement which means they can face you, face outwards or be rotated to the side and at the same time they can be sat upright or reclined. It is suitable from birth to toddler.

The designers of the Orbit Baby G2 really were thinking of the parents when they designed this stroller - it has a wealth of innovative features, many of which are workable one handed which is bloody amazing as we all know how tricky it can be dealing with a pushchair when you have a babe in arms and other little people running riot too. It also has a vast collection of accessories (some at additional cost) - my favourites being the sidekick stroller board for older siblings and the removable Cargo Pod changing bag.

I can't deny that I love pretty much everything about it, but here are some of the best bits for me.

The smart hub 360 degree swivel is easy to use and so handy when you frequent coffee shops and restaurants as you can park the stroller in a small gap alongside your table and rotate your little one so that he or she is still facing everyone.

L - parent facing with a chunky five month old well supported in the stroller seat
R - front facing with a very tall and slim three and a half year old in it

The stroller is lightweight and compact. It's super easy to collapse - you genuinely can do it one handed - and it folds down small enough to fit in the tiniest of car boots. The pram itself is also very slimline - it's easy to get through doors even with the sidekick attached - but at the same time is a very decent size and keeps a newborn baby well supported as well as fitting a 3 year old in with room to spare.

It is a pleasure to push and very easy to manouvre - even one handed and with a 3 year old on the sidekick.

The extendable handlebars allow people of different heights to push the stroller comfortably and can be altered dependent on your footwear.

It has a key tray and coffee holder.for the parents and a snack tray for the passenger!

The Sidekick is, without any shadow of a doubt, the best invention ever. Having a buggy board to the side of the pram as opposed to inbetween you and the main body of the pushchair makes such a difference. It means you can walk normally and not have to worry about bashing your ankles, or accidentally stepping on your older child! Another pro of having it to the side is that you can have two fitted at a time (one on either side) and they attach to the wheels which enables them to move up and down kerbs when crossing the road really easily. They also come with a handle that fits onto the side of the stroller for little sidekick  riders to hold onto.

All upholstery is removable for easy cleaning which is a big selling point for me as I like to keep my strollers immaculate.

Spacious panniers are available (at an extra cost) which are very useful and deceptively large.

The under pram bag/storage that forms part of the Orbit Baby is genius. It holds a lot more than you'd expect and has an over the shoulder strap so you just have to slide it out and pop the strap over your shoulder for easy transportation.

It is compatible with a Maxi Cosi car seat with adapters (available separately) that still enable the seat to swivel 360 degrees.

The UV sunshade with Paparazzi Shield extension is great for protection from the sun or when baby is asleep.

Although it's lightweight, this stroller is very sturdy. Even weighed down with shopping bags it doesn't tip up!

The only (teeny tiny) fault I can find is that the under stroller storage requires organisation. Although the bag has ample room for your rain cover, bottles, changing accessories and a few other bits, it's not a basket you can easily sling your shopping into. However the stroller does have two separate handles on which you can hang shopping bags plus panniers are available to purchase at extra cost.

This stroller is the ultimate head turner. It's just perfect for sociable, gadget loving Mums and Dads and it is stylish, comfortable for both parent and child, and well worth it's price tag.

The Orbit Baby G2 Newborn set is available for £940 from John Lewis and includes the pushchair frame, bassinette, car seat adaptors suitable for Maxi Cosi Pebble and Cabriofix infant carriers and small and large weather packs (one for the bassinette, one for the pushchair). You have to buy a colour pack separately to complete the pushchair which costs £59.95.

The Sidekick is also available at John Lewis for £119.95, as are the panniers, available in a set of two for £119.95.


Monday, 29 April 2013

WANTED: Reader's Bumps!

My most popular posts to date have been my maternity style ones, and I enjoyed writing them lots too. There's nothing more beautiful than a growing bump and I think it's very important to take the time to look after yourself and feel good about yourself during pregnancy. With that in mind I'm going to continue to write on this topic to keep you all (and myself) happy! 

But one feature I'd love to carry on with - and can't due to my lack of bump! - is my Daily Outfits posts. It's all well and good checking out pregnant celebrities but sometimes it's nice to see what real mamas are wearing! It's easy to fall into a style rut when preggers and my Daily Outfit posts were a chance to offer inspiration and showcase maternity fashion on a real bump.... and this is where you lot come in!

Modern Mummy needs YOU!

Seeing as I'm no longer in the family way I'm looking for contributors (either regular ones or one offs) to share their fashion tips with other pregnant Modern Mummy readers. You do not have to be a blogger to take part! All you need to do is email me a photograph of your maternity outfit (your face doesn't need to feature so you can retain total anonymity if you'd prefer), together with details of where your clothes are from (if recent purchases) and/or a  fashion tip or comment on your maternity style. If you *are* a blogger then your blog will be fully credited of course, and there may well be the opportunity to review maternity clothes as well. This goes for non-bloggers too.

Interested? I hope so! Please drop me an email to katyearley17 (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like to take part. xoxox

Spring has Sprung! Kids' Jackets Special


Yes, after the longest winter in my living memory (obviously that's not really that long because I'm only 24 *cough*) the sun has finally decided to make an appearance. That, together with the fact it is nearly May, has led me to make the decision to put all our winter coats, gloves, scarves, and woolly hats away.

Which means it's time to invest in some cute Spring jackets for the girls! 

I've been wandering around the shops and having a good browse online - and here is a collection of my favourites.

Ticking Blazer from Boden.

How adorable is this?! 
Available in ages 2 years to 10 years, priced from £30-£35

H&M Denim Jacket.
Every kid needs a denim jacket in their wardrobe and this one is a total bargain at just £14.99.
Available in sizes 1.5 years to 8 years.

Gap Parka.

This neon flamingo pink parka is lightweight and perfect for cool Summer evenings.
Available for girls aged 6 months to 5 years, priced at £24.95.

River Island Utility Parka.

Still on the parka theme, this limited edition utility parka from River Island Kids is effortlessly cool, with 3/4 length sleeves and a drawstring waistband! 
Available for girls aged 3 to 12 years, priced at £30.

Stella McCartney Eastwood Bomber Jacket.

And last, but by no means least, if you've got a bit of cash to splash then why not treat your little person to one of these cute jackets from Stella McCartney (seen modelled here by the gorgeous Knox Jolie-Pitt ~ photo courtesy of People).
Available for kids aged 4 - 12 and priced at £120.00

Friday, 26 April 2013

Modern Mummy Loves....

This week I have been:

Saying hello to Evie Pie's first two teeth! Experimenting with green juice ice lollies {recipes coming soon!} Playing with the girls in the garden and enjoying the sunshine Having lots of picnics for dinner ♥ Exploring Haslemere on our Micro Scooters ♥ Rearranging Daisy's room to make space for some new toys ♥ Selling the girls' old baby clothes & toys at a Nearly New SaleDaydreaming about redecorating our bathroom ♥ Pinning frantically on my Wedding Board as the big day gets closer!  

Of course I've also been constantly on the look out for hot new products too ~ and here are my finds of the week:


This is the best iPhone app I've come across in a long time. Daisy is forever watching videos on YouTube on my phone and we've had a couple of instances where she's started off watching an episode of Ben & Holly and ended up watching some new music video that I'd rather she didn't, thanks to the YouTube recommendation engine. 

This app is tailored to play only the videos that us parents find suitable for our sproglets. By signing in to your regular YouTube account you can create a special playlist of videos you are happy for them to watch and then leave them to it, safe in the knowledge they won't be able to see anything you haven't pre-approved.

The app is super easy to navigate around and a password is required in order to change any settings so you really are in charge.

The app is available from the iTunes store (here) for just £1.49.
Check out the LilTube website here for more information, and find them on Twitter here too.

This app works with iPhones and iPod touches running on iOS5+.

OXO Tots

The lovely people at OXO Tots sent us some products from their baby & toddler range this week which was perfect timing as we've just started weaning Evie. We have already amassed quite a collection of OXO products as we also used them when weaning Daisy and over the past couple of years they have proved to be really hard wearing as we are still using them now! The thing I love most about OXO is that their products are really attractive - they are all a super modern design and are made using bright and bold colours.

We were sent the OXO Tot Sippy Cup Set, a Flippy Snack Cup and a set of bowls, all in raspberry, which was an instant hit with Daisy. My favourite of the three items has to be the cup - which grows with your child and is suitable from 6 months plus.

The 200ml sippy cup is a perfect first cup for babies transitioning from bottles - and beyond. Its soft, non-slip handles are removeable for when baby's grasp develops and, when the time is right, the sippy cup lid can be replaced with the training cup lid, which has an insert with perforations around the perimeter to control the flow of liquid when it is tilted and minimises spillages. Last but by no means least the training cup converts into a regular cup!

The snack cup is a genius idea. It is so handy for snacking on the go as the flaps stop your nibbles from falling out if the cup is dropped (or thrown!). It also has a handle which makes it easy for littlies to hold. We are already fans of the OXO bowl set as we have them in green and orange! The smaller size is ideal for taking out and about with you and the larger we use for storing leftovers in the fridge at home.

All three get a big thumbs up from us.


This is my Mama find of the week and I am GOBSMACKED that I've not heard of it until now. If you are a beauty junkie like me and just LOVE treating yourself and trying new products then this is most definitely for you.

Birchbox is a luxury monthly subscription service which is perfect for the time strapped Modern Mummy. At just £10.00 plus P&P per month, it allows you to discover new brands and beauty products by delivering a beautifully wrapped and presented giftbox to your door.

Birchbox already has a dedicated following in the U.S. and with a curated selection of beauty and lifestyle treats, including makeup, skincare, haircare and lifestyle extras from brands such as Fresh, KMS, Tea Pigs, Laura Mercier, Kiehl's, Benefit, Stila and Yves Saint Laurent, it's easy to see why! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my finds of the week! What products have you discovered or reviewed recently? Why not link up below so that others can read all about them!

Linkys are a great way of discovering new blogs and making new friends and hopefully this one will introduce people to new products available on the market too. You can link up as many posts as you'd like - help yourself to the Modern Mummy Loves badge and join in! xoxox

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Tots100 Bathroom Makeover Competition with Bathshop321

This morning I found out that Tots100 have teamed up with Bathshop321 to offer one blogger the chance to win a complete bathroom suite and £500 cash to put towards its installation or to spend on finishing touches! EEEEEEEEEP! 

It goes without saying that I'm entering - my poor followers on Twitter know all too well just how desperate I am to give our bathroom a makeover. I moan about it a LOT {sorry}. In fact this weekend just gone I was tweeting for low-cost ideas to spruce it up a bit as Himself and I have put back its redecoration yet again as we save for our wedding later this year. At the moment it looks as if its going to be 2014 at the earliest before we get a chance to make our mark on it!

We've spent a small fortune renovating our cottage and sadly the money ran out before our poor little bathroom got a look in. It's right at the back of the house, on the ground floor and is L-shaped and very tiny. It is covered in revolting retro tiles which have been in situ since 1963 (I know this for a fact). The plaster has blown in places, the paint is peeling and it basically needs ripping out entirely, to be taken back to brickwork and started again from scratch. Which will cost a lot of money I think. Boo hiss.

So. Here is said bathroom.

Standing in the doorway, you have the sink directly in front of you and the toilet to the left of it. The bath is on the right hand side and extends a little way behind the door, and the boiler is on the left hand side. There's no denying it's miniscule - and I don't think much can be done to change it's layout. If it's easy to move the waste pipe from the toilet I would like to swap its position over with the sink as it is very close to the boiler at the moment and lots of our visitors have managed to bump their heads on it!

When the time comes for this room to be decorated I know exactly how I'd like it to look. I have been dreaming about it since before we moved in last year! I even have a scrap book full to bursting of pictures I've found and ideas I've come up with.

I have visions of lots of white - a clean, simple, traditional white bathroom suite with white tiled walls and floor. I love green and pinks together and would like flashes of colour here and there so I'd fill it with plants and hang old fashioned mirrors and framed vintage flower prints on the walls. 

Because the room is so small, I will have to come up with some clever (and pretty!) space saving ideas (I'm thinking a shelf above the door, storage under the sink and a large mirrored medicine cabinet).

I used to think the space was tiny and unworkable before we moved in and started filling it with our things and using it, but in actual fact its pretty cosy and definitely does the job. I'd just love it to be a beautiful cottage bathroom that matches the rest of the house. The bathroom is my sanctuary and I love nothing more than wallowing in a bath full of bubbles once the littlies have gone to bed each night. It's not very relaxing as it is, and it definitely isn't a room you want to spent more time than necessary in.

If I were to win this competition I would choose the salisbury bathroom suite and I'd use the spending money to get the walls re-plastered and to buy an over the bath shower (something our current bathroom is lacking and which I miss A LOT).

Check out my Bathroom Ideas Pinterest board here for lots of super inspiring bathroom ideas. xoxox

Monday, 22 April 2013

The Modern Mummy Guide to Selling at Nearly New Sales

Sorry for the radio silence last week..... I was super busy preparing to take part in my first ever baby nearly new sale at the weekend. It was BRILLIANT!

I have been having a major spring clean recently so I decided it was time for me to get rid of the clothes and other baby paraphernalia that Evie has already grown out of. It was either that or send it up into our already full to bursting loft. I also wanted to earn myself some extra pennies to put towards The Wedding Dress, so taking part in a sale was a brilliant way to de-clutter and make some money at the same time.

Those of you that have never been to a nearly new sale before, as a buyer or a seller, have been missing out... They are amazing! There are lots of national organisations that hold these sales - as do local individuals (on a smaller scale) - and they are a great place to get rid of things that aren't being used and are taking up space at home. Plus, of course, if there is anything you are looking to buy then you might find some bargains too! The general rule at these sales is that all items must be in excellent condition and people must only sell things that they would be prepared to buy. 

Nearly new sales are hugely popular; there's no denying having children is EXPENSIVE so opting for some second hand items is a great way of keeping costs down!

 Photo courtesy of Mum2Mum Market

If you're thinking of following in my footsteps and selling your own wares at one of these events then here are my top tips:

- Be prepared.
You generally only get an hour (max) to set your stall up. This sounds like a long time but it really isn't. Have an idea of how you are going to display things before you get there - clothes in age groups is always a good idea, tie sets together (eg outfits and hats, scarf, gloves combos etc), place toys together and maternity products together too. If you are selling a pram or a moses basket that has extras eg sheets, footmuff etc then make sure everything is there before you sell. It may be obvious but make sure everything is CLEAN!

Price your items up beforehand. Use sticky labels and tie on tags that won't fall off and get lost.

Popular makes such as Next, Gap, H&M, Mamas&Papas, Monsoon are worth advertising! Stick a sign up telling people they are there!

Brace yourself for when the sale opens. People FLY in and grab EVERYTHING! Make sure you have a bumbag/money box with lots of change. Its also nice (and handy!) to have a friend helping out too. Two pairs of hands makes the trips to and from the car when you're loading/unloading much easier and means you can easily nip off for coffee/loo breaks too.

- Be realistic.
Don't overprice your items. You only get a couple of hours to sell and you don't want to be marking things down in order to shift them. New baby clothes are the least popular - lots of first time mums want to buy new, and with prices so low on the high street they aren't going to spend £5 on three 2nd hand sleepsuits when they can pick them up brand new for the same price in Tesco (grrr). That's not to say they don't sell at all - they still do.  I found that vests sold for around 20p-50p each and sleepsuits for 50p-£1. Trousers and cardigans went for around £2 each and coats, dresses and shoes around £4 each.

Toddler clothes are a different matter altogether - they are really popular. Good quality items re-sell very well when they are in good condition. I'm hanging on to all Daisy's for Evie so had none to sell but I picked up some super cute Boden dresses for £3-£5 each!

Toys (especially wooden ones!) sell very well indeed. Ditto some baby paraphernalia like Bumbos (mine went for £15 which was the same price I paid for it at TK Maxx three years ago!) and easy to store playmats. A lot of my customers were Mums buying duplicates of things to keep at Granny's house! 

If you are selling large items like prams, high chairs, bouncers etc make sure they are set up so people can see that they are fully functioning and be prepared to give demonstrations! Some sales sell large items on your behalf and charge a small fee for this. 

- Go for simple.
Make things easy for yourself. Don't individually price items. Group them together with others that you are selling for the same price and display that price really clearly so that you're not being asked 'How much is this' every couple of minutes. 

Bundle things up - no one will want to buy a single plain vest for 20p but they may go for a bigger bundle, and 5 for £1 is still a mega bargain. 

Keep a list of the prices of larger individual items if you are selling lots.

- Take a clothes rail (or two).
Don't presume that a clothes rail is included in the price of your stall as at 95% of sales they are not. If you don't have one, borrow one. People are much more likely to browse through a hanging rail of clothes at eye level than bend down and rummage through a box on the floor. It's much neater too and doesn't require any mid-sale maintenance or tidying up!

Most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELF! Chat to your fellow stall holders and customers and have fun and the time will fly by!

If you are interested in selling at (or going to!) one of these events then Google is your friend! Research what is happening nearby and be prepared to book a table a couple of months in advance.

Happy selling! xoxox

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Daily Outfit ♥ Black & Gold

Black & gold stripey jumper - M&S
Leopard print scarf - Accessorize
Seamless leggings, £14.40, Seraphine (maternity and oh so comfy)
Black kitten heeled boots with gold studs - Kurt Geiger

Monday, 15 April 2013

The Lin & Leo BabyBag: A Review

The day the new Lin & Leo BabyBag arrived on my doorstep, my life changed.

That sounds a bit dramatic, doesn't it? But it's true. After three years of sticky fingerprints and opting for 'practical' over 'beautiful', all of a sudden I realised that it *was* possible for luxury and parenthood to go together!

With two babies under my belt - and a pre-baby handbag obsession - I've had my fair share of changing bags. I've had masculine ones that the other half doesn't mind carrying, I've had overtly girlie pink ones to make up for the boring Daddy style ones, I've gone for totes and messengers and backpacks and record bags and smaller purses. I've loved them all for different reasons but none of them have ever been The One.

I've found that the majority of changing bags are either covered in patterns that I'm not particularly keen on, or made of materials that aren't very special. If you wouldn't carry a wipe clean polyester handbag on your arm, why should you carry a polyester changing bag?

And then there was Lin & Leo!

Makers of beautiful leather bags, with all the handy compartments of a changing bag hidden away on the inside and a stylish exterior that looks like a designer handbag.

The very lovely people at Lin & Leo sent me a gorgeous BabyBag in luxury new fossil leather, with branded metal work and branded luxury jacquard lining and matching changing mat. This gorgeous black version is going to be launched alongside their new revamped website and I just know it's going to fly off the shelves.

On the outside, it has two zip pockets and two poppered pockets - perfect for keys, phone, purse and other things you need quick and easy access to. It also has two short handles and a removeable and adjustable shoulder strap. This means that not only can you carry the bag however you'd like (on your arm, across your body etc), you can also hang it on every style of pram or stroller going.

Inside the bag are three large pockets, perfect for nappies, wipes, muslins and creams etc, two bottle pockets and the main body of the bag is big enough to carry the travel mat, a wet bag with changes of clothes and heaps of other baby/toddler paraphernalia. Despite only being 28cm x 38cm x 15cm, it really is super spacious. On an average day, inside mine I carry:

A drink for Daisy
A bottle for Evie (sometimes two)
Two spare cartons of formula
Two teething toys
Two ready prepared gNappies
Cheeky Wipes clean & mucky travel bags
3 bibs
2 muslins
A wet bag (containing a change of outfit)
Changing bag essentials - antibac handgel, bonjela, M&S Pure Wonder Balm
My purse, phone & keys 

And the best bit? This isn't just a baby bag - it's a bag for life. There is no way you would want to put this away at the bottom of your wardrobe once your babies become little people. It's far too beautiful. So I say don't! Keep using it! It really is the ultimate mama bag and will last forever. Enjoy xoxox

The classic black BabyBag retails at £175.00 and will be available very soon.
Check out the Lin & Leo website for other designs and colours here.
Lin & Leo are also on Twitter here and Facebook here.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Modern Mummy Loves....

H A P P Y   F R I D A Y   E V E R Y O N E!

Here are all the things that Modern Mummy Loves this week....

Rocket & Jam

First up, let me introduce you to Rocket & Jam. Formerly Sock Monkey Junkies (who I've featured on the blog before - here),  Rocket & Jam is a little business in the North East of England that makes and sells things that are a bit different. Famous for her handmade sock toys (which conform to BS EN71-3 Toy safety regulations and carry the CE mark), owner Lisa has recently branched out into hand made bunting, patchwork baby & dolls quilts and baby bibs too.

Evie was sent some of these bibs this week and we adore them. They come in two sizes - the smaller are perfect for bottle feeding and the larger are brilliant for weaning as they cover more! They are made from excellent quality cotton, have a thick fleece backing for absorbency and they also have a strong popper at the back of the neck. I love the vintage shape and with a huge array of material to choose from something will definitely take your fancy.

Bibs retails at £8 for a set of two and you can check out the Rocket & Jam online store here. You can also find them on Facebook here and Twitter here. There is a 10% discount up for grabs for all Modern Mummy readers up until the end of April too - YAY! - so get shopping and use the code MM10 at checkout!

The Yeo Valley Great British Farmhouse Cookbook

The people at Yeo Valley know me too well and sent me their fabulous new cookbook this week. The Great British Farmhouse Cookbook is everything you could ever want from a recipe book. It contains recipes for soups, pates, casseroles, pies, crumbles, breads and chutneys (amongst other things!) all of which are beautifully laid out on pages alongside interesting farming facts and stunning photos.

It is written by Sarah Mayor - the daughter of Roger and Mary Mead, who bought Holt Farm and started Yeo Valley back in 1961 - and she writes a brilliant introduction about her childhood on the farm and her passion for good, organic, seasonal food. (Sound like anyone you know?!)

The thing I love most about this book is that it starts from the basics - and when I say basics I mean it even teaches you to make the ingredients for some of the recipes - like yoghurt and butter. It's pretty darn cool to be able to say you've MADE butter - Daisy and I are going to give it a shot this weekend and I can't wait!

It has jumped straight into my top five cookery books (and, trust me, that is some accomplishment as I have LOTS) and is available from all good bookshops for £20.

Personalised Gifts Boutique

I'm a huge fan of giving personalised gifts on special occasions and the Personalised Gifts Boutique is definitely one of my favourite discoveries this week. It is a small online company run by husband and wife team, Sophie and Jonathan, who are also full time parents to two young boys.

From stationery to story books, posters to bottles of champagne and even huge and luxurious beauty hampers, this company has something for every body and every occasion - and lucky Evie was sent a personalised pink ballet shoes poster for her bedroom, which we are currently decorating.

The artwork is digitally printed onto high quality paper and fits a standard A3 mount. The prints are unframed and delivered in a cardboard tube for protection, having been rolled and beautifully wrapped in tissue paper.

At £25 a print, I think one of these posters would make a perfect new baby or Christening present - there are a huge selection to choose from for both girls and boys. I can't wait to get Evie's framed, and I'll make sure I show you all a photo of it once it's hanging on her wall!

If you do one thing this weekend, make sure you have a look at their website here.

Vertbaudet Kitchen Play Set

I'm a little bit in love with this new kitchen playset from Vertbaudet. Comprising a pretty embroidered cotton apron with ties, silicone heart shaped cake moulds, a pot holder and an oven glove, this would be ideal for children with their own play kitchenettes. I know Daisy would adore one! It retails at £35.

M&S Pure Mum to Be & Baby

This Spring sees the British Institution that is Marks & Spencer launch a new natural beauty skincare range especially for mums and babies. Pure Mum to Be & Baby contains 95% naturally derived ingredients with no parabens or artificial colours or fragrances and is dermatologically tested and midwife approved! 

I was sent a selection of goodies to try out this week which included two products I am completely and utterly in love with - Wonder Balm (£6) and Bottom Butter (£7.50). The Wonder Balm is a changing bag must have - it's small, so easy to carry around, and brilliant for everything from nappy rash to cradle cap - and I've even been using it on my lips! The Bottom Butter is a rich and luxurious cream which knocks the socks off other products on the market. Natural and affordable, I would definitely recommend giving it a try. It also doubles up as a fabulous night cream, leaving your face as soft as a baby's bottom!

Other products in the range include Baby Hair & Body Wash (£6), Baby Massage Oil (£7.50) (both given the Modern Mummy seal of approval), Body Lotion (£6) and a selection of treats for mums to be.

The Pure Mum to Be & Baby range is available exclusively from Marks & Spencer stores nationwide and online here.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my finds of the week! What products have you discovered or reviewed recently? Why not link up below so that others can read all about them!

Linkys are a great way of discovering new blogs and making new friends and hopefully this one will introduce people to new products available on the market too. You can link up as many posts as you'd like - help yourself to the Modern Mummy Loves badge and join in! xoxox

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Natural Ginger Beer & Lemonade Recipes

This is a super easy, super healthy and super refreshing juicing recipe - and it's just perfect for the Spring days that seem to {finally} be upon us! 

2x apples | 2cm ginger | Sparkling mineral waterer
Juice the apples and ginger and top up with sparkling water. Serve over ice.

If you're not keen on the fiery kick of ginger then try substituting it for half an organic, unwaxed lemon (rind and all) and make some zingy lemonade instead. 

Enjoy xoxox

Monday, 8 April 2013

Tomy TF500 Digital Audio Baby Monitor: A Review

At the moment, our evening routine goes a little bit like this:

6pm: Bath for both girls
6.30pm: Pjyamas, warm milk (for Daisy) and storytime 
7pm: Daisy's bedtime
8.30pm: Evie's last feed
9pm: E falls asleep downstairs and stays with us until we go to bed.

It's now time for us to get our evenings back!

Step one is for us to move madam up to bed once she's fallen asleep, so at about 9pm. Then we are going to try and put her to bed straight after her bottle at 8.30. Finally our plan is to gradually make her last feed earlier to coincide with Daisy's milk time. Then, with any luck, we will have two snoozing girlies by 7.30 each night! (*cough* Yeah right!)

One product every mama needs for bed and nap times is a baby monitor, and we were recently given a TOMY Digital TF500 to review.

It's brilliant - simple to use, with crystal clear digital sound and the added bonus of a remote controlled nightlight - and it's small, lightweight and pretty stylish too.

Its features include:
• An interference free connection and 100% privacy - guaranteed
• A 350m range (tested by me walking down the road!)
• Sound level light display which is super handy if you need to turn the volume off
• Rechargeable parent unit (rechargeable batteries included) with a belt clip for hands free convenience (handy if you're to-ing and fro-ing doing jobs around the house)
• Low battery and out of range alarm for extra reassurance
• A pager to help locate the parent unit if misplaced

The brightness of the nightlight is adjustable which I found brilliant - at its highest setting it's bright enough to see to your baby, to feed etc, without having to turn the main light on. Set slightly dimmer, it's the perfect nightlight - very calming - and it can be used independently from the monitor, which means it can continue to be used as your child gets older and no longer needs monitoring.

The best bit of all is the price. This monitor costs just £36.99 which is excellent as far as monitors go, especially for one made by a reputable company such as TOMY.

It is available from TOMY here and most definitely gets the Modern Mummy seal of approval xoxox

DISCLAIMER: We were given a TOMY TF500 for the purpose of this review.


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Daily Outfit ♥ Getting Ready for Spring

Denim shirt - Joules
Chunky knit cardigan - Fatface
Scarf, £29, Crew Clothing
Seamless leggings, £14.40, Seraphine (maternity and oh so comfy)

After the popularity of my maternity style posts and Daily Outfits feature, I've decided to carry on with them - this time focussing on comfortable but fashionable outfits ideal for busy mamas on the go. Pieces that are affordable and easy to wear are key here - just because you're late for the school run, there's no need to compromise style. Click here for a directory of all Daily Outfits published to date xoxox

Friday, 5 April 2013

Modern Mummy Loves....

Hello people, and a very happy Friday to you all!

I've had a wonderful week of shopping (mostly of the window variety), product reviewing and Easter egg eating. We also started weaning Evie this week and our wedding plans are progressing nicely too. We have now booked the fabulous Claudia Rose Carter as our photographer which is very, very exciting and I visited Circa Brides in Richmond in my quest to find The Dress (I think I've found it too but shhhh! Don't tell anyone!) I've also started thinking about colour schemes and table decorations and am visiting a florist next week to talk about flowers. Eeeeeeeeee!

But enough about Bridezilla!  

Here are my favourite products of the week xoxox

Tommee Tippee Explora Food Blender
So this week we started weaning little Miss Evie properly! We've given her a little bit of baby porridge already but have now started with the fruit and vegetable purees.

A product that I have started using - and LOVE - is the Tommee Tippee Explora blender - a small but perfectly formed food processor that enables you to make the perfect portion sized meals for your baby. It has two speed settings so you can use it to blend fruit and vegetables into smooth purees or a slightly chunkier texture and is easy to store and dishwasher proof to boot. Of course it isn't limited to blending baby food - its a great size for whizzing up fruit for single portion smoothies and sauces too! And it's a bargin at £19.95 - available from all good baby shops on the high street and online.

Ugg Australia SS2013 Women's Collection
This week I was invited along to preview Ugg Australia's new Spring/Summer range. We all know that the original Ugg boot is every mama's best friend - they are comfortable, cosy and easy to slip on for the school run when it's chilly. But when the weather gets warmer (if it ever bloody does!) mine usually get shoved to the back of the wardrobe and replaced by flipflops. That won't be happening this year!

The Spring/Summer Ugg collection is unbelievable. And to think I thought Ugg only made the sheepskin boots we all know and love! Inspired by the bold colours and ornate prints of Marrakech, the SS13 range has something for everyone.

Wedges, gladiator sandals, flats and espadrilles - these shoes are made from suede, leather, beautifully patterned textiles, wood and jute and have an exotic and luxurious feel. My faves are the black stripe Delizah (see photo) - these are the ultimate summer mummy shoe. Comfortable and easy to slip on and off, flat for speedy walking when you're running late, and available in five different colour options, these have got to be the shoe of SS2013.

If you're one of those crazy mamas that still like to wear high heels then fear not! There is plenty of choice for you too! I fell head over heels in love with these leather peeptoe wedges, although there is no way on God's earth I'd manage to walk in them. The woven leather is divine.


This week I also discovered me&i - an online company that sell the coolest Swedish kidswear ever. They very kindly sent Daisy a moody frogs tunic, which she wore to the end of term Easter celebrations at nursery and which got a lot of attention from her friends and their mums! This tunic is hot pink with lots of moody frogs all over it and will make the most fab light summer dress or, while the weather is still wintery, can be teamed with a long sleeved t-shirt and tights underneath. It's made from 95% cotton (5% elastane) and retails at from £19.00.

How cute!?

Check out their other dresses and tunics here. I'm in love with them all! Their t-shirts are awesome too - lots of bright retro patterns like this Traffic design and this Footballs & Shoes design, which are my favourites for boys.

If you're a fan of good quality, comfortable, bright, (mostly) unisex clothes, then definitely pay the me&i website a visit.

Benefit They're Real Mascara.
Now I realise this isn't an entirely new product but Benefit managed to persuade me to change mascaras this week which is a pretty big deal!

For the last five? six? more? years I have been entirely faithful to my beloved Bad Gal in black. I loved it and had no desire to try anything else. 

This week, in a moment of madness, I switched to They're Real and OH MY GOD it is honestly the most amazing mascara I have ever come across. I loved the look of Bad Gal but since switching, people genuinely have asked me whether my eyelashes are real. Now I'm not blessed with thick, long lashes - far from it. The word 'piggy' comes to mind when describing my eyes. This mascara is honestly fantastic and makes your lashes look amazing and your eyes look huge - if you're thinking of changing brands or want a serious recommendation then get yourself some of this stuff!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my finds of the week! What products have you discovered or reviewed recently? Why not link up below so that others can read all about them!

Linkys are a great way of discovering new blogs and making new friends and hopefully this one will introduce people to new products available on the market too. You can link up any post - whether its a personal weekly round up or your favourite product review. Help yourself to the Modern Mummy Loves badge and join in! xoxox

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