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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April - Time to Start Spring Cleaning

Right. It's April. I don't care that it's still snowing and that the temperature is still in minus degrees, THE CLOCKS HAVE SPRUNG FORWARD AND I  WANT TO START SPRING CLEANING.

Ahhhhh Spring cleaning. Call me old fashioned but I really do enjoy going all out once a year and sorting through everything I own and scrubbing everything from top to bottom.

It's not that the house is a tip for the rest of the year - far from it. I love a clean and tidy house, although I must confess to letting standards slip a teeny tiny bit from my OCD tendancies ever
since I've had children. But once a year I genuinely enjoy devoting a good few weeks to making sure everything is in order - and the onset of warmer weather seems the perfect time to do it.

This year I'm feeling even more inspired to keep on top of the cleaning. The last year has been a hectic one, with the arrival of the latest addition to the MM family as well as moving to a new town - and after living on a building site for the last six months I'm gagging to carry on with turning our new house into a home. 

I want to get rid of the building dust that keeps reappearing once and for all.

I want to declutter more than you could ever imagine - to make room for new stuff and also to make some extra cash to put towards The Wedding Fund. I forsee multiple trips to the dump and lots of car boot sales.

I have an overwhelming urge to reorganise my cleaning cupboard and replace all the old cleaning solutions and brillo pads with lovely new stuff.

Ditto, I'm gagging to pull everything out of the larder and put everything back in some sort of order!

I keep trying to persuade Himself to treat me to some new cleaning gadgets; a dyson vacuum is top of my list right now.

I want to get out in the garden and weed and plant and pave our new patio and build our new summer house and pizza oven and make it all look beautiful before the summer.

I want to write a list of the things I want to do in each room and work through the entire house in a really efficient and methodical way.

Basically I want to start as I mean to go on and just keep on top of things so that my annual Spring clean is more of an annual re-organisation.

Do you do a big annual Spring clean or do you work hard to keep your house immaculate all year round? Are there any domestic goddesses out there with any brilliant tips to share? xoxox

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