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Thursday, 2 May 2013

An Open Letter to Gok Wan

Dear Gok,

I am writing this letter on behalf of all the mamas out there.

We need your help!

Our figures have changed since having our babies. We have new curves and some things are heading south. Our lifestyles have changed and we are on our feet a lot more and dressing for ease and comfort is suddenly an important factor we never thought we'd have to consider.

But we don't want to go all mumsy. We aren't ready to throw in the fashion towel just yet. We want to keep our sense of style and dress to enhance our new body shapes.

However the sleep deprivation has got to us and we are lost. We aren't sure what we should be doing anymore. We need a leader. We need someone with talent and passion and flair to show us where we are going wrong and to teach us how to do it right.

Which is where you come in, we hope.

Please will you restyle us?  

Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
Modern Mummy
For and on behalf of Mamas everywhere


Together with Hannah from Make Do & Push, we are hoping to persuade the lovely Gok Wan to dish out some style advice especially for us mamas. 

If this is something you would love to see, or be a part of, please leave a comment below and/or tweet us {using #gokmummystyle}. We are waging a war against mumsy fashion and we need an army behind us!


  1. Im in. Almost back to pre baby shape and realising clothes either don't fit/suite my new shape, no idea what the hell is practical and stylish and yep the food mush puke issues!!
    Lets hope he listens!!

  2. YES! Jeans that hold the baby tummy in while still being skinny on the leg, don't give you a builders bum when you bend down to pick up your child and manage not to split on the knees after a few weeks of crawling around the floor picking up toys! I want to look like I fit in when out with my skinny non-mummy friends!

    1. If you ever find these jeans PLEASE let me know!! x

  3. Sounds like my idea of heaven!! Xx

  4. LOVE THIS IDEA, You have summed up my life in this letter lol!!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks lovely...... no reply from Mr Wan yet, boo hiss x


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