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Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Britax Affinity Stroller: A Review

Being a self confessed pushchair addict, I was very excited to be asked to review the new Britax Affinity earlier this month.

The Britax Affinity is a super stylish, luxury travel system with a huge number of brilliant features, making it one of the most parent friendly prams on the market at the moment. 

From the word go, everything about the Affinity is simple. Simple to put together, simple to use, a beautiful, simple, chic design. 

It is sold in a basic grey colour, with a newborn insert and raincover, for £360 and it is up to you to choose a colour pack to go with it (which comprises of hood, seat cover and shopping basket cover) for an additional £48. I LOVE this feature - the colour packs are so affordable that you can easily purchase a few and swap colours whenever you fancy! For the first time (in my knowledge) you are also given a choice of chassis colour and can select either black, white or silver, depending on your preference. Additional accessories include a carrycot, a footmuff and a matching changing bag and, again, all of these are super affordable (£110, £48 and £40 respectively).

It takes less than fifteen minutes to assemble, and all the parts just click into place with no tools necessary. The instructions are clear and concise although there are also videos available online to demonstrate things and give you extra tips, should you need them.

Once put together, the Affinity is a very sturdy pushchair. There is nothing flimsy about it, even the hood has structure to it, which is something I really liked. It’s chunky and solid and feels really safe – I would have no problem whatsoever using this pushchair for a newborn, especially with the cosy fleece newborn insert that comes with it. Although you couldn’t use this pushchair as a moses basket (ie overnight), it reclines fully horizontally which makes it perfect for napping babies, plus it also has three other more upright positions – and, of course, it can also be parent or forward facing.

It has leather handles (and matching bumper bar) which might sound a bit pretentious but makes a huge difference in the comfort stakes and is actually one of my favourite features of the pram! I walk a LOT and with other prams often find I get hard skin on my hands from gripping so hard. That most definitely will not happen with this stroller as the leather handles are cushioned and very soft! The shopping basket is huge, one of the largest I’ve seen on a pram. You can easily fit three shopping bags in it, and it is very easily accessible too, whether the seat is in a parent or forward facing position. I also liked that the colour pack included an insert for the basket so that it matches the rest of the pram and isn't a plain black or grey.

The frame is extra lightweight (only 11kg) and can be folded with the seat in situ, which is a fantastic added bonus, and the brake is, without any doubt, the best I’ve ever seen on any pram, pushchair or stroller. It is a very simple (quite large) pedal next to the right wheel which is very easy to find and use, and moves from on (red) to off (green) with no repetitive kicking/frustrated use of hands required! The built in front suspension, adjustable rear suspension and air filled rear tyres make the Affinity a particularly smooth and comfortable ride and means it is also easy to manoeuvre, even when you are in a hurry. It really is a pleasure to push.

My only (slightly) negative comment? The seat seems rather small. Evie is only six months (although, to be fair, at 23lbs she is a pretty chunky six month old!) and her head is already close to the hood, and her body close to the bumper bar, when she is sat in it. Daisy (aged 3) wouldn't fit in it at all, although she is quite tall for a 3 year old. The pushchair is meant to last until a child is 4 years old but in our case I am certain Evie will outgrow it before then.

Aside from that, this really is a super pram, and is perfect for style and safety conscious parents that is out and about with the buggy a lot.

We were given our Britax Affinity for the purpose of this review.


  1. Oooo lushness but err how big does it make evie look???? Xx

    1. Well she IS 23lbs worth of scrumptious chubby baby :) x

    2. She is super cute you do make gorgeous girlies :-) xx


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