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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Wedding Planning: 4 months to go!

WELL. The countdown is well and truly on now. It's only FOUR MONTHS until the big day and I am officially turning into Bridezilla

Aside from continuing with my pinning frenzy, this past month has seen me tick a few pretty important tasks off
the wedding list, including finding (and purchasing!) The Dress (WAAAHHHH!), ordering our stationery and booking our photographer. My gorgeous friend, Sarah (of Sarah's Lovely Buns fame) has offered to make our wedding cake too, which I am ridiculously excited about! I've also arranged to go to the flower market the morning before the wedding, have booked the most amazing 14th Century Inn for our wedding night and have recruited all of our friends and family into collecting miscellaneous items for my DIY table decorations! It's all starting to feel real now, which is pretty darn exciting!

Our next big thing is to arrange caterers. We originally wanted to have curry - our favourite food! - but we are aware that Indian food is an acquired taste and might not go down too well with some of our guests. Our wedding is going to be very informal so we aren't keen on a sit down, three course meal - plus we are on a fairly tight budget and there is no outdoor space which rules lots of stuff out - so aside from an old fashioned finger buffet, we're a bit stumped for ideas. I'd love to hear all about your wedding breakfasts for a bit of inspiration! 

Aside from the food, next month is all about sending our invitations out, continuing with the making of the decorations and letting my bridesmaids arrange my Hen Night...... watch out, men with beards! 

Although I'm going to keep the finer details of our wedding top secret until after the big day, over the upcoming four months I'm going to be writing lots of wedding related posts, including DIY ideas, style features and reviews. I hope you'll enjoy them xoxox



  1. I've been to a few weddings where they had curry, and they were amazing. Agree that not everyone might like it though (which is a pity). Good luck with the dress hunt!

  2. Eep! So exciting! We had bangers and mash (which i think i told you before...) and an ice cream van. Perfect for our informal day and we sourced 3 different flavours of locally made sausage too - to make it a bit classy ;-)

    Good luck with the finishing off - cant wait to see more!
    Sarah x

  3. We had a traditional formal wedding so therefore had a sit down 3 course meal. But, for our buffet in the evening after much drinking and dancing we had fish and chips in all little miniature portions and of course wedding cake! For my friends wedding they had a buffet for their main food and it was delicious traditional Indonesian food along with a few alternatives (for those who don't like 'spicy' food) hope it helps. I loved wedding planning so much! Xx

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  5. Bridezilla totally sounds funny! No worries, you're not alone. It happens to most brides planning their own wedding. It can be absolutely stressful but when you're almost done and just waiting for the big day, everything will just be worth it. Good luck with the dress hunt. You are going to be just beautiful!


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  7. I'm impressed! Even with just four months to go, you were still able to pull off a funny blog about your wedding plans. You don't need to worry. Stress and becoming a bridezilla is normal after you get engaged and starts to plan the wedding. You'll get through it and you will be stunning on your big day.



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