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Sunday, 30 June 2013

MoneySupermarket's Big Night In

According to MoneySupermarket, staying in is the new going out. I could have told them this years ago - since having kids I can count on both hands the number of nights out I've had. Yes really.

But even my non-parent friends seem to be staying in a lot more these days and I can't say I blame them. When I was in London for BritMums Live! last weekend I paid £8 for a small glass of wine. SAY WHAT! No wonder the majority of Great Britain is opting to spend Saturday evening at home watching talent shows on TV rather than donning gladrags and heading out for a night on the tiles!

MoneySupermarket have launched a 'Big Night In' competition to give bloggers a chance to show them just how much fun you can have with £50 - without going out. And that's exactly what the Modern Mummy Family did last night.

Spending quality time together as a family is so important to us. Himself works hard all week and I write most evenings - so come the weekend we love nothing better than to do stuff together. 

We often have home cinema evenings, when D is allowed to stay up late and we close the curtains to watch a DVD with sweets and popcorn, but thanks to MoneySupermarket (who gave us £50 to spend on a night in), yesterday we decided to go all out and have a full blown part-AY!

Now £50 may sound a bit excessive to spend on a night in - but if you wanted to recreate this evening (which I wholeheartedly recommend you do - we had SO much fun!) then there is a good chance you will already have some of the things needed and you won't need to spend as much. If you plan to have family evenings like this regularly then forking out for things etc won't seem so bad if you know you'll get lots of use out of them!

Anyhoo - this is how we spent our money!

£15 - Guess Who? the board game.
£11 - Cocktail decorations 
£8 - Cocktail ingredients 
£10 - Pizza ingredients (we already had some of these in our fridge)
£6 - Dessert

And this is how we spent our evening!

We decorated our kitchen with bunting for the occasion, then drank fruit cocktails, made (and ate!) our own pizzas (Evie too!) and had lots of goodies for pudding. Then we teamed up to play a brand new board game - Guess Who? - and Daisy and I beat Himself and Evie 3-1 (naturally!)

It may not sound like the most rock & roll Saturday night on the planet but we all had a blast. The simple things are always the best xoxox


  1. Looks like you had a great time - I'm a big fan of homemade pizzas (we make faces on ours) and Guess Who, although our 6 year old usually wins, so her parents are obviously pretty useless!


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